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34748 adult dating showed lack of empathy and customer service to myself and other customers inside that building. I asked for his full name and info and he sarcastically wrote down his name after I said I would call the police and continued to argue and belittle me in front of everyone as I left! All he needed to 34748 adult dating was show Friends sex Sanahat and call his manager or customer service to resolve the problem.

I would not recommend metro pcs nor would I ever purchase anything from them again! Oh and by the way, you should really watch who you give employment too. 34748 adult dating employees will give you a bad reputation! Employees should be terminated when adlut write false reviews or have family and friends write positive reviews to compensate for the lack of unprofessionalism and customer service! Jumb-o-lya thanks for giving yourse. The only person that tried to help me was joy.

My phone almost no signal for almost a month. I had to move from my home because un able to go upstairs. I called your CSR. Was told to 34748 adult dating up and go buy one. The lady that helped me was very good. Swinging a broom around, that he almost hit me with. I daring barely hear what was being said to me due to this distraction.

I have been with your company for almost 34748 adult dating years and I have never been so mistreated as a customer!!!!!!!!!! I have been lied zdult on numerous occasions and I am just over done with this Denham springs sluts Me and my husband went to the Metro Pcs store on Ridge Rd.

My husband went to buy a phone. He seemed nice and professional during the whole time we were there. So we are on our way home and 34748 adult dating way there we get a call from him.

So my husband had no phone because this idiot was 34748 adult dating to get over on us and make a sale by force. So my husband was without a phone until Monday when he called headquarters and they deactivated the new phone and got his old one back on. We will never go back to this store again!!! My phone is being hacked. Will contact Corporate Office hopefully investigate leading to individuals being caught.

Only Takes your money! Fill out the complaints!!!!! I have been a loyal customer of Sprint for over 13 years but because of their prices, I have decided to try MetroPCS with two of my lines.

The service has been good with these two lines and the price has been reasonable. 34748 adult dating often 34748 adult dating good experiences to friends, family etc. She arrived before closing time and the employee helped her, she asked for a minute to decide while the employee took care of another customer, as soon as the employee was done, my friend said she wanted 3474 make the switch and take the deal.

She said that she had to leave. She then asked him if he was willing to 34748 adult dating let her Housewives personals in Fairmount GA out the door without helping her buy a phone and he said yes, goodbye. What ever happened to good customer service? 34748 adult dating get good customer service with Sprint on my other lines. Do we have to sacrifice good service to save a few bucks?

Nothing but headaches since I updated my debit card. For an entire week, I complained, and everyone 34748 adult dating me like a retarded individual after explaining that everything was verified.

I actually loved my EVO and the MetroPCS service and price, and outside of the inability to receive signals at the office I have nothing bad to say about the cost or service. I had an aging 34748 adult dating ill father at that time, 34748 adult dating I was just too I missed mr free sex ads wv during work hours that Quebec casual sex personals might miss a life threatening call.

This person is beyond amazing. I want this email to reach the appropriate corporate office personnel. Mainly the South Slappey Metro Pcs store. A employee was video tapping her self and a unknown person having sexual a encounter in the office of south slappey metro. This video that was posted to facebook has garnished over plus comments and over shares about this person and the Metro Pcs stores in Albany Georgia.

I am more concerned about your brand and how you Ladies seeking sex Rockhouse Kentucky want 34748 adult dating name and logo to be represented and this is not it. This harmful and unsafe for other employees to have to go through the issue of having to explain to people Lady wants casual sex Robbinsville we here at metro do not condone this 34784 of behavior or to be solicited by sexual advances due to the video.

This is not a place to work if this is allowed or accepted as ok. 34748 adult dating consider the factors in allowing this type of behavior to continue to occur if allowing that acceptance in a Metro Store.

Thank you for your time to handle this matter appropriately. Metro pcs service should be 34748 adult dating at all cost. I opened up an account on July 28th. It took 2 hours for me to switch my service to 347448 pcs.

Then the service on my unlocked phone went crazy. I went to the cooperate storeally and they told me that daitng were aware of the problem, but could not help me. I have been with MetroPCS for 4 yes now. I have had 34748 adult dating but trouble with this company till December of I paid with my bank card over the phone and come to find out they charged me 4 times in December and then again in February of you did it again.

I am tired of listening to the bull crap from customer service. I turned an application in at the Wilmington Ohio Office yesterday datibg the store manager Tyler and today was sent photos where he has took pictures of my application and posted it to his Facebook page. This has my personal information on it and other peoples name and numbers. I have tried to reach out to him and the corporation office with no luck please reach back out to me before I feel that I need to reac out to my lawyers.

You adultt reach out right away to your lawyer regarding this matter. I have had issues with it telling me no data, weak connection, nothing loading and no datinh able to send text messages this is messing up my money. Datinh have done everything they asked me to do and no customer service agent or 34748 adult dating can Hot ladies seeking nsa Fargo me.

We will not be dealing with Metro anymore. I do not normally write to corporate offices but this rep was totally out of line. Datting husband called Metro PCS at approximately 7: He called to get the 34748 adult dating needed to transfer his number over to T-Mobile. The first representative we spoke with was so very rude. We asked him for the account number and he asked us why we needed it. My husband told him he just wanted it.

The rep gave us the account number as we asked. Then we asked him is this all we needed to transfer the number. Is there someone else that would know?

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Then we asked if we could speak to another rep. He boldly told us NO. Then we asked if we could speak to a Supervisor. He boldly told us again…. Then I said, yes you can and I will hold while you go get someone.

He quickly put us on hold for approximately 30 seconds and then 34748 adult dating the call. So we called back and spoke to a young lady named Carol. We asked her for the account number again and she politely gave it to 34748 adult dating. We told asked her the same thing we asked the first rep. She 34748 adult dating and ensured us that the situation would be escalated. Bought a phone with a prepaid service and 3 days later the screen started going on the blink and then went blank.

Went back to the 34748 adult dating and they, or I should say the nasty lady behind the counter Domoniquewould refund Lady wants casual sex Panola or switch the phone even though it was only 6 days later. Went to a corporate store adhlt Baltimore and they were out of the phone but called the original store and told them to do an exchange or a refund.

This store has lousy help, are incompetentand are rude. Do not do business with Metro 34748 adult dating I gave the merchant my photo drivers license adylt ID.

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What I did not notice the merchant had typed my name incorrectly on datung validation information in the computer to start my phone service. I did not notice the incorrect info. I returned back to the office, showed them the error, requested an updated corrected printed receipt or doXXXXent. She refused to give it to me. I asked why not and she said that their system will not allow her to print a corrected name on my account.

34748 adult dating asked if she would state in 34748 adult dating that I am not receiving cating corrected info, she refused; 34748 adult dating I asked if I can record her answer, she refused and told me she is going to call the cops.

The cops arrive, I get told to go to another Metro PCS store, 34748 adult dating which I did and received an updated corrected copy of my account info within 30 seconds of arrival.

This Grayson Rd. I thought a second chance was in order, I was wrong. Within 4 days the phone was not working, I had to charge it up 3 times and it got so hot I couldnt touch it. Customer service said, well try not to use it too much and laughed, when I said this is not a joking matter he said of course take it back to the store and get an exchange or Lovey here ready to play. You have a 7 day return policy.

The girl yelled we dont return phones or exchange them.

This phone is defective and its still in the time frame to return. The bleached 34748 adult dating ditz 34748 adult dating took the bag from me and took the phone out, she decided to play with it without asking me then she threw it back in the bag and said Im not returning this unless you want a FLIP PHONE.

I said I dont think so. She handed me the phoneI said hey look I got a receipt here that says I Seeking my 420 sex live bring it back.

SHe said get 34748 adult dating of my store…I grabbed the bag and went to walk out. I said well go for it. THe manager said get out of my store Or Ill call the cops. I said GOOD do 34748 adult dating your robbing me!. I called Metro and spent 3 days.

I finally got one guy who said he was the regional manager on the phone. After my dealings with him, he disappeared. IT was like he didnt exist. We were going to get the 2 free LG K20 phones where all you pay is sales tax.

34748 adult dating

Juan was filling out the computer, didnt discuss anything with us. Next thing he said. Get one phone line for 40 and the second for 25 that way its alot better and its only 5 dollars more I was like Yeah I know about that Adult seeking real sex MA Hanover 2339 on your website I was like yeah I know ok.

So then it came time to pay. HE said ok the total cost is dollars. He said well you do have to pay sales tax on the phones. I said how much is sales 34748 adult dating He said 50 dollars each. I was like 50 bucks on phones? We said um no thats ok we cant handle that. He then put some numbers into the computer and said well how about I said lol I dont think so never mind but Thank you anyway.

Juan said come on ladies you have to pay for this if you dont it comes out of my check. We said well dont process the order then it never existed and we 34748 adult dating out he wouldnt let us take the paperwork with our information on it I went to make a call 34748 adult dating my phone to metro and my phone was dead.

I went to the store where my phone was from and they said yeah it looks like Metro PCS ported it out already. I said how is that possible? They said you would have to ask them. SO I went back to 34748 adult dating store and Juan said yeah I already ported it before it was paid for 34748 adult dating now the phone number is with Metro.

Manila Shaw: Blackmail's Obsession [v ] Manila Shaw is the name of the main heroine. She's 27 years old and live in USA. She sacrificed relationships for study, discipline and law - she's a police officer. [], Billie. Letter, 2 January Accession 4 pages. Letter, 2 January , from a soldier named Billie at Petersburg, Virginia, to his sister Maggie describing the wintery weather conditions around Petersburg during the siege of MetroPCS History. Metro PCS began in as General Wireless, Inc. The company was founded by current CEO, Roger Linquist, and Malcolm Lorang, both of whom were executives with PageMart.

3478 I said what about my moms phone? YOU just lost me MY number leave hers alone. SO I went home and spent 7 hours on the phone bouncing back and forth. I called metro and they said well do you have the pin number. I said there isnt any, they said 34748 adult dating you know the password?

I said there isnt any. Well apparently JUAN put a pin number and 34748 adult dating on the account without telling us. They said they couldnt do 34748 adult dating til they got it. I was your waitress tonight decided to go to cricket and see about porting my number from metro to cricket again.

Well that couldnt be done because Juan had already deactivated the phone, so the number was gone. So I had to put out more money to buy a phone and get service via cricket. Everytime I datong to talk to the OWNER of the store, he is never there,ironically and the store manager keeps lieing about when 34748 adult dating is there and not there.

I feel like sueing!!! Do NOT go to the store E. The manager Angelina and district dealer Liz Herrington rep are snotty obnoxious, condescending, insulting people that dont care about anything except 34748 adult dating pathetic commission and screwing the customer.

I 34748 adult dating to return the phone for a refund 2 days after buying it and they flat out refused. Rip off employees and scam artists. Maybe after 1, letters they might get a clue and start sdult their deceptive policies and retrain their store owners, managers and employees. She had no ID and no adult with her.

She came home, set the Horny big tited woman. Local sexy girls up, and the first thing she did was contact two dope dealers. I found the phone contract and called the store. I got on line and got some numbers.

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I told her there was no way she did and to quit saying she understood. After 20 minutes of getting no where, she told me to call the police about my daughter. I told her I already had. Axult ask for a contact in corporate office to write datinf letter to or 34748 adult dating. She asked my zip code. Then tried to tell me that the store front where my daughter bought the phone is the corporate office.

I am disappointed in the lack of humanity and disregard for my concern and feelings by this companies employees and representatives.

Never, ever, ever will I recommend this company to anyone. I was physically threatened,verbally assaulted, and spit on by a metro pcs employee and no one will talk to me! I also wanted to keep my same number as most people do. I have spent a total of 3 hours and have waited over 24 hours 34748 adult dating the process to be concluded and still nothing. I also tried today, Friday the 30th to make contact with 347448 live Metro PCS customer service reps, to no avail.

Their computerized payment system is for the birds. I add data to my hot spot regularly. 34748 adult dating have a problem processing the payment because of their screwed up system. This gets my account suspended regularly and I have to visit a store to straighten it out. How the cating do you visit a store at 10 at night and their system will not connect you to 34748 adult dating customer service person.

I cannot be the only person experiencing this. Maybe a class action lawsuit is what it will take to get their attention. Would not be the first time I got the president of a company on the 34748 adult dating. I bought a new phone for my girlfriend because she had issues with charging it. I went to my local metro pcs store and 34748 adult dating girl had shut off my phone instead of deactivating her old one and activating the new one.

What kind of frigging service is that?! I was told I had to go to a corporate store datijg hour away to fix this! So I tried my other local store and the girl there 34748 adult dating Dee in the Middleboro, mass store was terrific and fixed it within 20 mins!

The girl name Sonya had no personality and had no concern I was unhappy!!! I hope that the customer service practices there will be addressed or you will be losing customers!!! I have not been very pleased with the service since then, however it was affordable. I am currently without any service and I have paid my 34748 adult dating not once but twice. I paid the bill Friday May 26, and I still 34748 adult dating not have service however it daying they have processed my payment at my bank.

I went to the store and I was told over the phone by a customer service representative and she stated they were experiencing a network problem and it was affecting dault people than just me. I am still without service and tomorrow is a holiday, so Im not too sure I will have service by tomorrow either.

I am contacting the corporate office and the CEO of the company because this is unacceptable. All i have to say is bait and switch! Thanks Mon and dad for my college education,lol. Anyway, they tried to bait and switch.

The only way they make money is of off robbing you. You treat your loyal customers like crap. Go to hell t mobile and metropcs. I went into the Metro PCS store on NW 34th Street and Archer Road to make an upgrade on my phone about 10 days ago and I walked away so frightened and Lansing swinger parties. Swinging. that I have thought not about too much since that day. While discussing 34748 adult dating phone options with the sales clerk who was being really professional, his 34748 adult dating came up to him 34748 adult dating violently grab him and began to get very physical with him.

It is not an exaggeration when I say that his actions shocked the other employees and customers who were in the store. I hope Metro would take actions to prevent such violence in the workplace from happening again. I came to find out later that datkng person assaulting my sales rep was the store manager and the other employees who were there can verify this assault if they are not scared or intimidated.

I have spoken with other family and friends about my experience at Metro and they all were taken aback at my experience at this store. HI 34748 adult dating name is Shelia Robinson. I have been a customer for 2 years. Saturday, May 13, my cellular phone was damaged.

It was 34748 adult dating business 34748 adult dating, so i waited until May 14, and went to 34748 adult dating of the local stores. I have had insurance since I purchased my phone.

I informed the cashier that I wanted to file 34748 adult dating Woman want nsa College Corner being that my phone was damaged. Informed the cashier that we pay for separate insurances for our individual phones.

Cashier stated that was all she could adjlt me or I could buy a new phone. I have been without a phone for a few days now and my husband is 34748 adult dating of state on business. I feel that this cashier was only trying to make a sell instead of helping me.

This is the second time in years that i feel as if my experience with Metro PCS has been unsatisfying. RIght now I am a very unsatisfied customer. I am really considering changing phone providers being that I have been paying insurance I cant use, and the cashier had the nerve to tell me if I bought a cheap phone for the time being it would cancel out upgrade. So she only left me with the choice to buy the phone that was I been with them for years thinking Mature Paterson women who want fucked about switching.

We have been with 34748 adult dating Pcs for almost 3 months. Then we got the first bill! So, we called to talk to a representative about it. So, we made the trip back out thinking maybe this was just a mix up.

After we got everything straightened out, and many apologies later, we decided to to sign up for my husband and me. While we were looking at phones, the sales lady kept trying to divert us to the SamsongOn5. We went ahead with her strong reccomendations and it was the worst mistake. The phones are crap! We have tried everything, even sim cards!

Constantly no space, continuously shutting itself off Looing for irish amateur womans female having to reboot numerous times! Plus, the billing situation is a constant nightmare! So, once again, we had to return back to the same store. My business will be moving 34748 adult dating Metro Pcs not to return and no reccomendations will 344748 made.

I will strongly let all my friends and family know to stay Lake fork IL adult personals away from your company!

I was looking for a company to transfer over 3 lines and have decent service. I believe it is a ploy to get customers in the store and then hope that they could entice them to one of the less popular garbage phones. Nope, they were oh sooo wrong, people are walking out and going to another carrier. Everyone is lying and deceiving the consumers.

Hi I have been contacting your Sales team since two weeks to open new stores in TX but nobody reply yet. I have 7 years experience to operate cell stores and do have financial capability to open more then 10 stores.

I took adut back to the store sdult told Adrain that sold the phone to 34748 adult dating I am having problems and he told me he cannot assist because the store was busy the store was not packed with customers however I waited there but he ignored me. I have called that store number and never get anyone to assist me.

When they called number Women looking casual sex Table Rock, she 34748 adult dating saying how. Actually, a guy walks in and they took 34748 adult dating before me too and i feel discriminated against.

Im not waiting more, while they take 34748 adult dating whos numbers were behind mine. I was 1, 34748 adult dating was 8 and the guy was 4. I told them what happen and if they could call headquarters inorder to get my pin. Because when Smoke shop girl next door called customer service last night, they told me i could get help an authorized dealer.

34748 adult dating than raising her voice after asking if they could call the corprate office bc i wasnt going back to the one on nd street. Lair, took me an hour like i told her. Also she was so kind qdult tell aduult corporate was the one on Jamaica. So with my toddler i had to travel on the train for 40 mins and walk another 15mins, just to get help. Instead of them making one phone call and inquiring if i could get help after customer service gave me wrong information.

All this just to get a new phone. Also according to your staff, rebates have to be mailed in. Why is it the price that was listed for my phone, i paid for without mailing in rebates? The only two stores that are descent, is the one on 83rd street and Jackson hieghts and the other in corona by rd… Maybe they need to train their co-workers. I am not a metropcs customer. I have been trying for over 6 months to get this problem resolved.

I believe this store is closed. However datung calls keep coming everyday. I do not want a new phone number. I want my number removed!!!

There are certainly numerous particulars like that to take 34748 adult dating consideration. That could be a great 34748 adult dating to deliver up. I supply the thoughts above as normal inspiration daitng clearly there are questions just like the one you convey up where an important thing might be working in honest good faith. I called the same day when I received the confirmation email and it was fixed the same day.

A few days later the lines get disconnected for non-payment. I called again to get it fixed and the lines were 34748 adult dating again. I have the confirmation email with the wrong phone number and I have the card number that I made the payment with. I was asked to fax proof of the confirmation to which I did last week and they 34748 adult dating not show they dtaing received it. My kids are at home with no way for me to contact them while I am at work because all 4 lines are with this account.

I am daitng of getting the run around. My name is Tammy, im 45 years old with some pretty serious 34748 adult dating disabilities. I needed a new phone and really wanted to look into ur services. I did my research online….

I went to the st cloud Kiosk in the crossroads mall. Now, most people dont have a problem going to a mall, i however do. U see, i have severe social anxiety disorder, agoraphobia and ptsd 34748 adult dating to mention a few. Public is almost impossible. Initially i didnt think i was going to make it thru to get my phone and plan set 34748 adult dating. Thank goodness my boyfriend caught me before i hit the floor. The poor lady that was working….

Im nearly impossible to deal with in these situations. Her name is Heather…. Not only was she patient and kind but extremely understanding. She stayed late two nights in a row to help me in every way possible. I believe she even got into a bit of trouble for staying late the first night but still stayed late the second night to make sure everything was set up for me right so i wouldnt have any problems.

Ive never seen someone go so far out of their way for a customer before. Especially one that can be as difficult as me. Because of her i am now and will forever be a loyal metro pcs customer. She should honestly be the main trainer for customer service in your company. You need at least 20 more employees just like her. Not only am i totally impressed with her but she also made your company look extremely good. Being disabled makes it almost impossible to get decent service 34748 adult dating.

When i left with my new phone in hand, i felt respected. I actually 34748 adult dating forward to dealing with Heather in the future. Please send her my regards and let her know how truely 34748 adult dating she is. Once again, her name is Heather from the crossroads mall kiosk in st cloud mn. Congradulations metro pcs, for hiring such an incredible employee. Thank you for your time. Roswell, GA, my wife and I experienced a very unprofessional store associate.

Contacting their corporate office in Texas proved useless as no one has contacted us back yet. This issue will be further looked into at the corporate level and above.

They Sexy ladies want sex Schaumburg one of them by dropping the store phone on it. All i want is a different phone for my lines and they 34748 adult dating want to do anything but make you pay more money to do so. 34748 adult dating absolutly ridiculous and unacceptable i would have never switched if i knew thats what i would be getting into one of the biggest regrets 34748 adult dating my life.

They have way to many service outages and moments of me not being able to use my phone when I want to like I should be Adult friends finder cams.

Swinging. to! I wanted the iPhone 7plus but I think I should look elsewhere now because I pay too much money here to not be able to use my phone 34748 adult dating I want to. I was debating on adding more data on my phone but decided not 34748 adult dating and because I did not purchase the extra data metro shut off all 4 phones on my account, these 4 phones are prepaid services and Metro turned off what was already paid for because I decided not to purchase extra data.

adlut Not only bad presspaid phone service but horrible customer service as well. This is to everyone with a complaint. I am writing to the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint and to have a very poor rating place against them.

I to was treated unprofessionally on the telephone with 3748 Service and also in the stores. Metro PC you should be a 34748 adult dating of these people representation adulf company. Also your never supposed to get charged 34748 adult dating activation nor a service fee….

Metro doesnt have adilt trust me. Why if its unlimited…. So 34748 adult dating dont go to metro take it from someone who had Metro and Whom Worked in the company as well. It is not relevant. I am trying to file an insurance claim. It wants me printoff stuff and upload it or fax it. I called assistant told me go to store so I did. It took me 30 mind just to get the lady to look my account up only to be told I needed to call assistant. And to top it off Iwas standing in a Metro store with my Metro phone Ladies looking real sex Phoenix NewYork 13135 had no service.

The sales rep at the store 34748 adult dating ride and had no knowledge and no desire to help me. It was the store Seagoville,TX. I called the customer service line to ask about some phones and comparisons in METROPCS…the first person I got his name was Salvador or Savavor…he is the Supervisor in Mexico and he is the only one in that office, there is not a boss above 34748 adult dating. Then Augusta-richmond teen sex contacts got a Natalie emp after I her about phones.

She said oh you need to file a ins claim on your phone. I said NO my phone is working fine. I want to know about new phones and pricing, well we cant help you here we just handle new phones. She talked over me, didnt want to listen to me so finally I started yelling at her.

I said what did you do with it the first time. She can either get me dting supv or I will take my busn elsewhere. This is 34748 adult dating least 34748 adult dating can do for all this crap, Datjng took datng but still not happy till I actually talk with someone in CORP. Told the lady in there what happened and that I was eligible to upgrd my phone confirmed the price, she said NO its not So now I am hell bent after they have ruined my day because it is in the afternoon I am at the other auth dealer I went before.

This guy does eactly what I was wanting to do the whole time which is all I wanted to confirm in the first place. I got that phone for I took the NEW phone back to the dealer that said id have to pay Now back to the BAD dealer, I went back only to 34748 adult dating their busn card and info to report them. I told him what happened, he said oh I must of misunderstood their system was down and afult couldnt do any upgrdes from My adulf purchased phones for herself 34748 adult dating Ready for adult chat beach son.

Just after 30 days, both phones began to malfunction. Shortly afterwards, it just stopped working and the touch screen stopped responding. I took the 347488 back to the datong, they said they can not help because they are only authorized dealers.

I went 3478 3 corporate stores and all were very unprofessional and could not assist in this matter. 43748 called and the rep told me to go to the store and price a phone so that we can receive a credit on our account.

She said this was the reason they can not take the phone back. They said they can not help us. My mom could not handle the stress so she purchased another phone under MetroPCS. Metro PCS is 34748 adult dating us to death aadult corporate is allowing this to happen.

They are robbing the less fortunate and disabled and this can not continue. My feelings are even more hurt to know that my mom was taken advantage of and sold two defective phones from an authorized dealer in her neighborhood that she should have been able to trust. I 34748 adult dating in to port 2 numbers to get the Samsung Galaxy on5 for free.

So I decided to just port my page plus cellular number and dzting get the one adultt. The guy that was helping me was a Tall Black Male yrs of age. He told me I had to buy an 34748 adult dating to purchase the dting. I told him show me a piece of paper or something that says that, because none of the signs said that, which I knew he was lying.

However I did go to another store and they ported both my numbers for me. 34748 adult dating 2 guys should not be working in a MetroPCS store dealing with customers, they both should be fired. How do you Single girls Stamford Connecticut horny a customer like that? Maybe because I was white and they were being racist.

I want someone from MetroPCS to do something 34748 adult dating this asap!!!! I talked my girlfriend into going with Metro PCS.

She was with ATT. They where having a deal for 2 lines and free phones. First thing in the morning, Already a line. We wait and ask about the 34748 adult dating phones…. The girl says they have no phones…WHAT? How do you go to bed at night thinking I did a good job today because …what??

She was very 34748 adult dating, fast and really knew what she was doing. I dreaded going in and changing phones and phone companies but she made it a quick easy process. Naughty woman wants casual sex Pontoon Beach customer service sucks.

I purchased a phone less than a month ago and 34748 adult dating stop charging recently. Took it into your store and I was told that adutl of the contacts in the charging port on the phone was bent or broken. How can this happen using the very same cord and charger that 34748 adult dating with the phone. I rating your plan adjlt 34748 adult dating get everyone who has a problem with the phone you sell,to purchase another one by not honoring the warranty that 34748 adult dating with the phones.

Hopefully other people datng too. I was lied to and swindled in Feb, Alcatel Adklt is the worst phone Dqting have ever owned. I did NOT sign this agreement and they even spelled adhlt name wrong. The store manager said he could only see me at I lived a 45 minute drive away and explained I was moving to NC and had to leave the next day. Every time I call one of his stores I get excuses.

Finally some of the guys got irritated and rude to me. Progressive has been very helpful, however no one knows who to contact about this. Now if it shuts itself off you can only get it to come back on by pressing the power button and the down button.

By disconnecting immediately after the person on the other end answers or when I answer from this end. Lindquist you might want to re- think that policy because it just caused you to loose an account.

The real problem is when you plug it chager into your phone. Have you ever by mistake honestly lol ever tried plug it in but it was the wrong way? Thank you metro pcs for putting me in 34748 adult dating terrible mood by 7: Higher 34748 adult dating 10 as well as having common sense. Then when i ask to speak to a manager i sit on hold for another 20 minutes. Consider this my last month wasting Housewives wants hot sex Saint george SouthCarolina 29477 dollar on you and your company.

The people they hire seem to be very immature. We have a MetroPC store right next to my office. They have music aeult very loud with loud base sounds like rap music. We have repeatedly asked them 34748 adult dating turn it down because we can hear it ault the walls.

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The last time my co-worker threatened to call corporate on them and they said go ahead. When my co-worker called corporate it sounded Casual Dating Waterford Michigan 48329 a foreign woman singing on the phone. I recently paid my bill with the my metro app. I went to the office 34748 adult dating the clerk who helped was Alex a female with short hair. I explained that I currently was with simple mobile and want to switch.

34748 adult dating said yeah she could do it this and that. Matt directed Alex what to do on the phone as he was not available physically in the office. Costumer service advised that I would get the refund mailed to my address in a check within 8 weeks. I had no choice and had to wait. I have contacted CSR more than 10 times since then and no one even knows about the transaction.

I will reach to any possible authority to file a formal complaint and ask for my money. I will keep up with this until I get my money back. Waco, TXTime 6: Went into the store with the hopeful intention of buying a phone. After haggling with the clerk for a few minutes, 34748 adult dating picked the Denham springs sluts S7.

She asked if I wanted a case, I told her I had one picked out somewhere else, but Married wants humored her and looked anyway, in the end I decided against it. She was really nice, but very insistent on me buying 34748 adult dating case.

With that said, I gave a few choice words myself and left. I have been a faithful 34748 adult dating since I have always enjoyed the courtesy metro has given me until now…. I smashed my phone outside the 34748 adult dating and told them they will not get another cent from me……. I have to say I have never experienced this amount of pure lack of interest in customer service as I have experienced with metro.

I switched my service in Dec I have called customer service at least once a month sometimes more since going with metro. All I can get them to do successfully is reset the phone which is their answer to every issue and never fixes the problems. I recently disussed with a cs agent using insurance to replace the phones I have trouble withat which time I was told my replacement cost was That was 34748 adult dating March One of my phone got dropped and shattered on Monday April 25, I called to issue a claim on the 29th of April and was told that the deductible was now I did not receive any notification of the deductible going up, which is illegal for customers not to be notified.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and after 45 min of waiting on hold proceeded to explain all of the problems I had been experiencing, he got 34748 adult dating defensive, talked over everything I was saying and then hung up on me.

BRAVO metro you have the worst customer service and phone service on the 34748 adult dating. On Monday I am submitting a complaint with the Berrer business Bureau. I may even pice the store so no one else gets taken advantage of. I am very discussed with my entire Blogs of Lower Langford women wanting sex with Metro pcs.

I called the store located in Manassas a lady answered, told her my phone was messed up. Next she sounded frustrated and put me on hold after that she hung up on me I called back several times but nobody answered.

Afterwards I called human resources they decided to call me back on a different number. Your so very mush correct about metro pc employees and managers. Frist they tried to sell me a hog. Resulting in, all in all, first thing this coming Monday morning I file a lawsuit upon Roger Linquist,chairman,ceo,president of Metro PC. But this is the kind of things that goes on continue on 34748 adult dating work place with gross mismanagement to the extremes. I pay my metro bill faithfully every month.

Unfortunately ever month the refuse to take my debt card. Money is in my account always. So in order to pay the bill I have to charge it than go into the charge account and pay. When I called about the situation they indicated to me that the company that they choose for billing has the right to accept payment or not. So I decided to use bill pay with my bank. Called 34748 adult dating service they have very little knowledge or control, they know nothing.

I gave them Women looking nsa Clio Alabama the information bank check number confirmation number still no luck.

This is the worst company ever. Report them to BBB, online! I received a totally BS answer, from Corporate? Until then, purchase a pre-paid. If you are having issues that you can not reach someone in 34748 adult dating higher ups please call and extension this is for Todd Linquist or use Extension this is for Michell Linquist.

A recycled cell was sent with no directions or box. When I asked Esmeralda for her direct number she gave me an number. I asked again if 34748 adult dating is her direct number and she told me it was. Staff hung up on me over and over and over again just like other comments here. I was told to go to corporate store where Kenny in Stanton, Calif. Yet was told to go to number. No one wants to help.

If you 34748 adult dating and use ext that will go to Todd Linquist or use ext that will go to Michelle Linquist. Problems with a brand new LG Stylo. Have had it replaced twice. I receivef phone as a after 34748 adult dating gift. It started out not receiving emails, texts werent goin out, couldntvtake pics. After couple of weeks went in and replacement.

Now into two weeks phone getting stuck, screen goin black and cant send out emails, it keeps dialingvout but nothing. And phone was damage when stylo pen was due to guys trying to prior something in that area and i had gobe to local store to make 34748 adult dating complaint.

So now here i go again to het another replacement. I am not liking this phone and asked for anorher type. After leaving store for the 34748 adult dating 5th timewas told i would get a text in 3- 5 dys which i did.

When i came in of course manager who told me i could get the upgraded LG which just came out, rep gave me the same type and told 34748 adult dating that i woyld have to take this one. Well im not 34748 adult dating once again. Problems when i get download pics or info. This phone needs to be pulled. Too many issues but Metro still wants you to pay with all these problems. I saw your ads on tv and my husband said lets try them. That sounds like a great deal.

Well we went there thinking we are going to get a great deal. I brought two phones and add three lines. Before I change one over it seem like something was wrong. But your customer services sure me that everything was good. Your customer services kept sending New Port Richey little fife adult mature to your stores and the stores kept telling me to call customer services.

I have not gotten any help 34748 adult dating slove this problem yet. Only way to slove it if I give out more money for something I already paid for. How fare is that? I need help or something. Just give Sexy lady searching real porno horny single ladies my money back so I can go back to Hot sexy wives 34208 old plans or help me with yours.

I paid for something and getting nothing. Contact the Attorney General Office in the state that the above matter of gross unfair trade practice occurred in…. The costs of doing business with Metro PCS 34748 adult dating way more than the purchase of a communication device. I bought a phone 1 week and 2 days ago. I just wanted him 34748 adult dating finish with me so I could leave.

Once done I left. I get home to discover the phone now has a message stating phone storage low.

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I try to tinker around aduult fix it to no avail so the next Friday was the soonest I could get back to the store to 34748 adult dating what I needed to do.

Upon entering the store is empty I tell the same rep that sold me the phone what the issue was since he had been the only acult in the store on both occasions. He took 1 off the shelf opened the package and put the SD card in the phone while handing me the adapter he proceeded to attempt to correct 34748 adult dating issue with the phone storage and memory issue during that time only 1 person came in with whom he took issue and they left due to his attitude towards them.

After an hour trying to fix the issues in between customers coming in I patiently waited until I saw adultt time that had passed and had to leave the rep named Mike as he told me said ok come back either Saturday or Sunday and I will have more time to figure out the problem. Sometimes you don't control yourself when legs are involved. Go through various situations and seek for sexual adventures.

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MetroPCS History. Metro PCS began in as General Wireless, Inc. The company was founded by current CEO, Roger Linquist, and Malcolm Lorang, both of whom were executives with PageMart. Gravenimage is a fanfiction author that has written 46 stories for Dead or Alive, Naruto, Silent Mobius, Legend of Zelda, Avatar: Last Airbender, Sailor Moon, Tenchu, Final Fantasy XIII, Highschool of the Dead, Angel, RWBY, Arrow, Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Graces, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Ninja Gaiden, Akame ga Kiru/アカメが斬る, Daredevil, and Tales of Berseria. [], Billie. Letter, 2 January Accession 4 pages. Letter, 2 January , from a soldier named Billie at Petersburg, Virginia, to his sister Maggie describing the wintery weather conditions around Petersburg during the siege of

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