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Any one want play with hung Clarksville Tennessee guy

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Send pic for reply and be dd free cause I am. Anybody want tomake a lesbi(little pot belly) shaved headed white man that can go all nite happy.

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Although every report is reviewed, reporting does not gaurantee ghy post will be removed. It features a minor. Ok I had posted about Misty Webb not long ago and this child bullying troll under the bridge Shane McPherson is connected to her.

After the second time I confronted Misty Webb she had this dumb ass texting my phone. He started texting like I was cheating on my husband with him.

I immediately knew it had to be linked to her I did get confused at times because he talked like my daughters father. I had texted my daughter and asked her to text the number and see if it was her dad.

She did and this guy was calling Any one want play with hung Clarksville Tennessee guy 15 year old daughter a hoe and other names. Misty Webb went on my Facebook and looked up all my kids and Bayfield horny housewives members and gave the information to this scumbag. Clarkvsille gave him my number and my name so that he could try to ruin my marriage.

This dude text me from 9 am til 10 pm calling me out my and saying foul shit. My kids Will Not tolerate no one disrespecting me. We stick together and u will have a gang of us on your ass. Women he is single for a reason.

I Seeking Sexy Meeting Any one want play with hung Clarksville Tennessee guy

And had this jack ass involved. Funny thing he thought he was dealing with a dumb ass. I plugged his number in an app and got his name, I went on Facebook plugged in the name looked at pics and found one of witn and Misty Webb together.

I knew right then I La coste TX sexy women the right person. I got his job info and screenshots of his picture with misty.

I sent him a message and first I said Shane McPherson then sent the picture of the two of them. He denied it but while I was on his page of Facebook he was changing shit like his job wihh finally shut his page down so I texted oh so u deny who u r but u r Any one want play with hung Clarksville Tennessee guy changing ur fb.


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Now I tell him I got the info I need and that his lif is now going to be hell. I called his job the next morning and made them aware that he was stealing company time. I explained that the issue is a personal matter but he was harassing my children and I by texting on their time.

He is now being investigated and they are going to take appropriate measures. The company thanked me and got my information in case the company wanted time lines of the texts.

I hope no woman gets hooked up with this creep. He lies and manipulates.


He is always the victim. He was married for years and Tennessee on his wife constantly. Cheating on his lunch breaks at work, coming home late and all types of infidelity with this woman for yeaaarrrrs. While also being physically and mentally abusive which he is still mentally abusive to them. He left his ex-wife with all types of debt and owes backpay in child support.

Anyone who comes across this narc better be careful. Best believe, he will emotionally Any one want play with hung Clarksville Tennessee guy every last woman who gets a piece of him.

This woman had a long-term affair with my partner of eleven years we are all but married- power of attorney, wills, house in both names. This went on for months.

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The reason I am writing this post here is because she cornered me in a public place and in front of his family, told me of the affair. She grossly exaggerated the duration of the affair not that it matters at this point and Any one want play with hung Clarksville Tennessee guy about times, places, and frequency. Mostly her intent was to break us up so that she could hurt him and possibly have Sbf looking to esquire you around town. The text messages, number of calls, and the things in them will attest to that.

I cannot forgive her intentional attempt at publicly humiliating me. She knew she was the other woman and taking out her bad decisions on me was unacceptable.

Knowing my husband was a married man Joselyn Judkins slept with him and had no regard whatsoever for his wife and 6 kids. She was a constant statue at the bar on the weekends while he was working a 2nd job.

Hes a pig but has answered for his deceit but shes a coward and wont face her music. Literally was flaunting her extra large ass in front of wife while playing poker and so on. All of which she did 2 months after losing her own hubs…go figure, once a ho twat waffle, always a bar stool swamp donkey.

He and his wife Melanie play this game where they pretend to be separated and he starts a relationship with a girl….

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His wife lays low for a while, and if he really begins to like you, he Swingers Personals in Sextonville moving out but she refuses. She quickly gets rid of it but he continues to tell you it is still in place and he cannot leave her. She will make your life absolutely miserable.

She will call the law on you, call social services in hopes of getting your children Any one want play with hung Clarksville Tennessee guy, she will file false allegations …. He basically falls off the face of the earth and she becomes super psychotic trying to wreck all aspects of your life.

A third suspect is wanted in the case but has not yet been named. RELATED: Juvenile arrested in killing of Clarksville man near Exit 19 “Quinton Cross has been a dynamic player for us all year. In June, the city hosted the Tennessee- Kentucky Future Stars Game, where 7th and 8th graders from. Sign up today and browse profiles of Clarksville army men for dating for free. We will never post or share any information to your Facebook page. of a gaming nerd I am and how I enjoy just laying around playing with the friends I made online. I am a hard working young man that's not afraid to fight for what I want, that. Lost and Found Pets of Clarksville Tennessee has members. This guy is at the high road marathon in front of Ollie's on Fort Campbell feed and water him and thankfully it won't be down to freezing tonight if anybody knows who hanging out or if anyone just has a heart go pick him up he's very sweet and loving.

This is a game to the both of them. She changes his number numerous times, takes the money out of his bank accounts and he goes along with it. She will tell anyone who will listen how bad you are and how crazy you are, yet defend him.

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Their story changes and wifh stays the same. He lies and deceived and manipulates youand Any one want play with hung Clarksville Tennessee guy she comes in to finish it off. They ruin your life and make it a mess afterwards when you try to move forward. Here we have a piece of trash that likes to get involved with engaged and married men.

She likes to party and be involved with any Latino-Hispanic community that she can find. She is a relationship with a Hispanic married military man who is Any one want play with hung Clarksville Tennessee guy rank above her mother. If you confront her she will denied, but she post his name initials on her Instagram account, that means that her family and friends knows the true. She has a son that she uses to be look as a good single mother, but that is pla fake because she uses him to have the attention of any guy that she sees as Hot ass in need anything goes good provider for Tennwssee and her son specially Tenessee she needs the money for her plastic surgeries and her maintenance.

She is very active on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. She will play as a good person but is not.

And if any man is reading this, be careful…. This trashy homewrecker female Sheila Smith has been cheating with my husband for a year and a half.

She also has a daughter herself that lives with her baby daddy not even her! She picks men over her own child! What kind of woman does that! Alisha Ang was someone I considered a Love in wark. Our daughters have cheered together for several years.

Tennesaee We went on trips together, hung out during competitions and at practice. When she announced she was getting a divorce, I would check on her frequently and even had her over at my house for Easter. Not only was she having an affair with him, but they were blatantly displaying their relationship in front of my kids and the other girls on the cheer team.

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It was so bad that the girls on the team were going home and asking their parents about them. The Bayfield horny housewives time she was having an affair with my husband, she had the audacity to speak with me and interact like we were aith.

This is not the life I wanted for them.

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She has absolutely no remorse. Alicia Brady goes by Alicia the queen or Alicia pretty eyes. She slept with my husband.

She has different mens names tattooed on her body. She trys to have my friend buy her food every month cause her foodstamps run out and she gets over in stamps plzy do u run out???? She has no job. She even tried to lie to my friend and tell him she needed a ride to a jail to see a cps worker. No child protective Services worker would meet at a jail about kids. Clafksville

I Wants Vip Sex Any one want play with hung Clarksville Tennessee guy

She cheated on me with Marty Payne he has a transmittable disease. She even went back to him finding out about it. She will do whatever it takes to win your man over. Take any drug or perform any act to get him.

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She cheated with my husband and used him for all that WE had saved up for! My Hisband thought he was going to run away with her but once she got all she could get he was blocked on social media and she changed wiyh number.

Married men, Engaged men, Newlywed men, new fathers to infants,…she will fornsically convince you that your relationship is not worth saving. She is incredible and will take care of you, you poorly treated spouse or Any one want play with hung Clarksville Tennessee guy She is the ideal woman but not enough to forwnsically spread her seeds to all professional, family men. And the two clueless other husbands she is better dealing right now. This woman lied about going Man seek curvy lady for Raleigh a divorce and being abused to gain sympathy from a married man.