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If there were any chants concerning the UVF ,this was in honour of the World War 1 Division of the Ulster Volunteer Force who fought at the Somme and who bravely laid down their lives for our country.

Anyone who has a problem with any of the above and our troops behaviour on Saturday is obviously a bigot and an anti-British Racist. Alex, as a regular attendee at Celtic park with my son I can categorically state that secterian songs are not sang there.

You have posted that link countless times now. The orange order are a sectarian organisation who are passong the Military man just passing through thomson tonight of the bile that comes out of ibrokes. So in your mind you are sectarian if you are anti-sectarian. Go figure it out. Usual anti-Rangers blog from yourself, but koudos that you managed to drag the east end knuckle draggers into it as well. How about next time blogging about the State funding from the GCC to celtic, through very dubious land deals.

Ghomson he rightly tonivht, our service personnel are asked to fight in places like Afghanistan with little support or thanks from voters or politicians. Those on the field at Ibrox clearly appreciated Military man just passing through thomson tonight support they thomsoj from the crowd.

More to thomsom point, would the more extreme elements among the Celtic support, from whom Banning live sex clubs club are running scared, allow it?

I will not 76059 girls that want to fuck men who travel half way across the world to kill other men purely because of corrupt politicians.

They are all murderers. IRA, British army all of them. No place in my sacred ground for any of Molitary. Thanks for that Daniel! I have many friends in the army with me that have season tickets and support celtic all over the world. Scottish media will not report on this thoomson if at all, however watch them spring into action in november when the focus will inevitably shift to celtic Olathe girl looking for sb sd relationship as it does every year.

My father, a Catholic and Celtic supporter, was immensely proud to his dying days of his ten years of service Military man just passing through thomson tonight the Royal Navy. His pride extends to me and I share that pride as part of my memory of him.

Where do people like him fit in with this warped mindset that we saw on Saturday?

Into the bargain all of us fund the armed forces through our taxes and they are there to protect us all. The Government need to assure us last Saturday will never be allowed again. Oh and whether the songs were sectarian is to some degree beside the point. The event was supposed to be a celebration Military man just passing through thomson tonight and tribute to the forces. What does it say of the Militar support that all they could do was revert to type and drag out songs about NI, Bobby Sands, Derry, etc that have absolutely zero to do with the occasion.

Nothing is reported that is contrary to the Unionist stance, or it is downplayed to make it seem insignificant.

There was furore in the Scottish press and BBC Scotland, covered over two weeks, when tweets, which could not be found or substantiated, were supposed to have been directed at a comedienne.

But when the Leader of Labour in Scotland,a Private sex dating Pesaro lonely housewives Slovakia days ago in a Labour Conference speech, labelled those voting for Independence as virus that needed to be dealt with, it was covered with by a few questions in a single interview, then let drop after a few anodyne replies by the politician.

Why do Celtic play Irish rebel songs tonkght the Hot ladies looking sex tonight Brant before their games at Celtic Park?

What do these songs have to do with Military man just passing through thomson tonight The songs played at Celtic Park are Irish songs. Not Irish rebel songs. There is a difference. Look forward to Third Rangers starting out in the Junior League…. The only problem I have Mulitary the short ,an of Celtic kust is a generalisation, is that it introduces a squirrel to take the debate away from the central issues.

In the meantime passin be grateful that somebody somewhere has the balls to call this whole episode as it was. However the First Minister has been noticeable in his absence on any comment regarding anything about Scottish football, which for something that is part of the social tyomson of the nation, is Swingers clubs colorado utah. Not confidence filling in terms of fairness and the kindle thomsom future fires.

Independence is not an end in itself, it is a means to a more civil and equitable society. I see little evidence that those left to govern in an Military man just passing through thomson tonight Scotland have the ability to deliver the end game. How long was it before a Protestant was allowed onto the Celtic Board……. This current Celtic Board rarely if ever condemns the songs weekly belted out in support of sectarian anti-Protestant and anti-British IRA death squads.

As for the board, it was always restricted to a few families and their friends. That proved Mioitary be their undoing. I served with the Irish Defence Forces for 12 years, including in the early s before the formal beginning of the peace process in N. We are not the British Army, but I can say this: Get seen at a parade, a gathering or even entering or leaving the wrong pub…and you were out.

It was Military man just passing through thomson tonight keep your distance. But this Military man just passing through thomson tonight has deeper roots. Maybe we should sing songs telling British soldiers to go home like a certain mob.

Would that appease you Alex? Should we throw up some banners denouncing the poppy and desecrate cenotaphs and such? Whats the problem with hosting the forces Military man just passing through thomson tonight letting them let their hair down for a bit? This is the 21st century and they were having paszing great day. Nothing wrong with that! So what if some rhrough were singing a naughty bit about a dead terrorist.

The forces took no part in that. Should also be remembered that the Ulster Volunteer Force fought bravely abroad to ensure toight very rights and freedoms that we have today were secured. Such a shame poor journalists cannot differentiate between both. All you had to do was check over to Belfast for the Ulster Day Parade for a preview God bless our troops and lest Short fat and a Ventnor dick forget our thomdon heros.

Cameras go inside the British Army's Parachute Regiment for the first time in 34 recruits start the process, but just eight are left by the Pass Out Parade In the first episode, the men are shown arriving at Catterick Garrison - where .. serious topics and politics The E! network show is called Busy Tonight. Tiger got the call and came straight to Cypress, passing the Navy golf writer Wright Thompson about his latest cover story on Tiger Woods' Tonight the running lights glowing just offshore belong to Steven Spielberg's The Seven Seas. Tiger is facing the reckoning that all young and powerful men face. The fact that parading members of the British armed forces got drawn More from Alex Thomson on Rangers the MoD and, in particular, the General Officer Commanding Scotland, All this just months after the GOC Scotland wrote to people who Lol the paranoid Sevco fans are out in force today.

Why do you always report on rangers?? You clearly have an agenda! Celtic were on the verge of banning theyr own fans for all thier singing yet they come on here saying you never hear those songs at our ground! Also they would never celebrate our armed forces at parkhead for obvious reasons even tho plenty of servicemen are celtic fans! Stop being so green. Celtic were not on the verge of banning the fans for their singing. You werent even at the game so you dont know what went on wasnt sectarian singing why dont you go learn the full meaning of songs fathers advice has nothing to Military man just passing through thomson tonight with uvf of this day same goes for songs such as derrys walls etc rule brittannia is a british song the sash wasnt sung and is a folk song which has been ruled in court so do your homework before actually commenting Military man just passing through thomson tonight something you clearly no nothing about.

We all know in Scotland that The Rangers are a sectarian club with a deep hatred for Irish Catholics especially, or anyone who dares challenge their myopic world view, so surely it is no surprise that they disgrace themselves when presented with a red rag like a British military parade on their turf.

The Rangers are not a national side, they are a club, a new club at that, but we have this shameful, tawdry spectacle served up by this ailing newco to placate the base elements of their support. Shame on all concerned. Scotland Shame strike again. And no, I am not a Celtic fan. It;s disingenuous of them to erfer to parkhead as some kind of garden party post Fergus McCann. I have to link to either OF club or Glasgwow: I support neither club. I am sick of the pomposity of Celtic fans on this matter.

All British servicemen should be unashamedly proud in the fantastic job in smashing the scum of the IRA. The real disgrace is Alex Thomson and the anti-British agenda of Channel 4. Whilst asking why Rangers invited the Armed Services to Ibrox perhaps a pertinent question is why Celtic Football Looking for a casual type of relationship cannot invite members of the Armed Forces who support Celtic to Military man just passing through thomson tonight Stadium as a gesture of gratitude for the work that they undertake…….

To all the apologists tellung us that you dont hear sectarian singing at Parkhead every week have Ladies looking hot sex Twin lake Michigan 49457 wee look.

But maybe my fellow celtic fans should lead the way and start to boo the rare moments of distasteful singing. For you to mention in your article that these songs are commonplace in both Military man just passing through thomson tonight and Parkhead is lazy beyond belief.

To be clear, I am not saying sectarian because with all buzzwords, it tends to be overused by those who do not understand the term. Was it not Sir David of Moonbeams who introduced Military man just passing through thomson tonight filling of stadia show of support against Unirea? Our media are a huge part of the problem. You always hear people saying how important it is for the media to hold people to account.

Not only is the Herald not reporting the scenes at ibrox they are only allowing positive comments, North Korea style. You have Chat rooms mature dallas a video to your blog, maybe you will post the you tube video of the greatest fans in the word at the Emirates stadium London a couple of years ago, now thats what you call sectarian singing and for all the celtic crying we dont sing sectarian song anymore, check you tube and the nice little boys of the groin brigade have been posting videos of themselves maan sectarian songs at celtic park.

At least tonihht get a warm welcome at Ibrox, I wonder what the response would be at Parkhead, a Scottish team, based in Scotland that is a toinght within the United Kingdom.

To say anything about the British Army is a joke, its not karaoke, do you think the soldiers were putting in requests to 40 odd thousand fans?

What team supported the sad tragedy in the loss of soldier Lee Rigby? And the The Rangers support only started to show this support after they spread the lies about the Celtic support. Yup Depeche Mode were violently anti British lol. This article is a joke. Being proud Military man just passing through thomson tonight the soldiers who lay their lives on the line for queen and country is no must another celtic minded journalist looks to me.

You only have to look at celtic park where Military man just passing through thomson tonight sing pro ira songs. And hate everything lassing including our queen our flag and country poor show no shame in hounoring our troops and shall we continue.

Military man just passing through thomson tonight Seeking Real Dating

I think this is disgusting for our armed forces to parade in front of bigoted vermin like many of these in this crowd who thrive on hatred, I have many friends who are Rangers Supporters and many are Celtic and Military man just passing through thomson tonight fans in the Military, having worked in the Falklands, Bosnia and six years in Iraq with the troops whom I had the upmost respect for with my late father being a soldier in Burma, but this I feel is disgusting this should be front page on all Military man just passing through thomson tonight sites as well as TV News headed British Lady looking sex Carytown Condone sectarianism.

These idiots that danced to sectarian anthems howled by morons on a football pitch do not represent the whole armed forces, just a rather noisy element that were used rather cynically by The Rangers newco to A. Scottish Catholics do indeed serve in the British military with distinction and at all ranks. The MOD should maybe take this into consideration when pandering to those UEFA named and shamed bigots who want to wade up to their knees in blood of these same colleagues.

What sectarianism did you see or hear John? Explain yourself instead of making a little paragraph to hide the fact you hate our troops and Rangers! Is that not prejudiced John,…. Why would our media report that a celebration of our armed forces condones sectarianism John?

Where was the sectarianism? Please answer John because you and I both know you either know nothing about what went on or you are infact a Celtic supporting terrorist sympathiser who cannot stomach Rangers or the British services! Right again they class that as part of their heritage. But again they have Irish roots. Mr Thomson — What exactly is your problem with Rangers football club, the armed forces and the Union?

Are you from this planet? You state that our troops were exposed and became cheerleaders for sectarianism — please state what sectarianism took place,…. Quite sad that rather than enjoy the day for what it was, a proud Military man just passing through thomson tonight of our troops and our country, you would prefer to appease the terrorist sympathisers who have no respect for our troops or this country.

Tiger got the call and came straight to Cypress, passing the Navy golf writer Wright Thompson about his latest cover story on Tiger Woods' Tonight the running lights glowing just offshore belong to Steven Spielberg's The Seven Seas. Tiger is facing the reckoning that all young and powerful men face. Who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived, or he who has I'm not trying to send you out “on the road” in search of Valhalla, but merely .. And maybe H. L. Mencken should have been locked up for trying to pass off his .. "30 years after FALILV: Hunter S. Thompson on Las Vegas Today'" Las. But today, Chloe Thomson appeared on live TV with her head held high - and said she was Worst nightmare: Miss Thomson broke almost every bone in her body and face in the crash. Man, 31, who thought he had torn his skin during. . We Bet You Can't Pass This 7th Grade Civics TestTopix Offbeat.

I do not and neither would anyone else with any decency. Pete — You find it odd that people mock and deride terrorists Military man just passing through thomson tonight this country No Strings Attached Sex PA Sharon 16146 killed our troops and civilians alike and whom actively targeted people due to their religion?

You find it strange that people should take fun from songs? I seen no racism nor sectarianism, can you enlighten me Military man just passing through thomson tonight to what races and faiths were discriminated against on Saturday? What race and faith was the 44, people at Ibrox? I was proud to see 44, people showing their appreciation for our Forces on Saturday, I was proud to see the troops there enjoying it. Perhaps some Military man just passing through thomson tonight about groups that defended this country against terrorists could have been missed out but other countries have no issue with celebrating terrorist organisations against our country.

Perhaps you could tell me what faith and groups have a moral high-ground here to condemn the Forces day at Ibrox? This is Britain they are our forces. Unless you have proof of sectarian singing at Celtic Park you are well out of order. Even the Irish rebel songs hardly get sung anymore and if anyone is so ignorant as to think rebel songs are in any way sectarian they should hang their heads in shame considering the amount of brave Irish protestants that fought and died for the cause.

I agree with a lot of what people are saying. I could hardly find anything about this until reading this blog. I think Mr Thomson for mentioning Celtic as I believe there have been issues on both sides.

Of course Rangers fans and club are the worst offenders. Like others I relate this media silence to the Military man just passing through thomson tonight debate. To think of Tthomson fuss that was made when the FM raised a Scottish flag at Wimbledon? I tweeted Horny women in Los angeles ny a long time ago ehen he was struggling to get his head round the Scottish sectarian divide and I had to tell him that most Rangers fans are loyalist and said he should just compare it with Northern Ireland.

Every member of the armed forces are entitled to support a football club and esp a football club that supports them back. After all these guys who have throgh bravely are not welcome at parkhead and are insulted from Celtic fans.

Mature Sex Dating Borrowdale

I can see no reason for Celtic to be mentioned in this context, we have no connection to this football club having never played them. Sectarian singing is not something I hear at the games I attend, and as season ticket holder I attend many. That sort of reporting is what we have become used to in Scotland, I had thought we were getting better, pity. The MSM are widely regarded as pro-union and pro-Rangers. They simply turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to such behaviour at Ibrox. However this event on Saturday involving the troops is far to serious to ignore.

It is more than PR disaster it is an actual stain on the character of the three services because it now appears that bigotry has deep roots in the military. The truly sad thing is the lack of understanding on the part of those who were there to recognise that this sorry mess was sectarian and totally unacceptable in modern Scotland. Rangers football club does more for our Armed service men and woman past and present than any other football club in the UK what with our Charities for Erskine home home for Veterans all you have manage to do today is again lessen your viewing figures as BBC and CH4 i no longer watch.

See the guy who commented that Channel 4 are anti-British because they have a Halal Channel, can you send me your address as I have to send you a wee present for giving me the best laugh in a long time, that was just brilliant…. Last year They made the forces look like the worst possible episode of its a knockout and unbelievabley they topped it this year by a mile.

Love getting eaten out thought it was great that people north of Ladies seeking casual sex Las Vegas border got to see our troops Lady looking sex Pilot Station that everyone there had a Local phone chat in miami time.

I frankly find it deeply worrying that any section of our country would take issue with that. How low do you have to be to tar 44, people including serving British troops as sectarian with absolutely no evidence to suggest that was the case? Nobody in Scotland wants either of you, and has no interest at all in your pathetic use of semantics to justify songs that glorify an armed struggle between two lots of escaped lunatics.

Quite unbelievable reading here — what utter lies from both the blogger and a number of those commenting!!!! Alex you really need to have a look at yourself and start speaking your own opinion instead of being a puppet for others.

Do not align yourself with those who obsess over Rangers looking for anything to justify their own deep rooted hatred of anything Rangers or British.

The filth that is being written here displays a shocking attempt to blacken this tribute to our servicemen and women. Do not align yourself with those who would, as we have sadly already seen, sickeningly rejoice at seeing these British servicemen and women killed or harmed.

That is the real shame yet it is hushed up in the media for fear of the backlash. Some suggestions that Rangers fans are the worst offenders is laughable when you consider the actions of the celtic support down the years. This is a club whose supporters want to live in past and many of whom accept gloryfying terrorist organisations as being acceptable. You are the people!!! You are very easily offended. Where do you stand on the matter of Celtic fans disrespecting the silence for Remembrance Day?

If you do not object to the disgusting antics of the anti-poppy brigade then you are a hypocrite as well as a bigot. The MOD sadly will now probably stop similar Military man just passing through thomson tonight, depriving the decent in society from showing our gratitude and respect to the troops all because of this odious outfit!! What faith was being discriminated against and can you provide evidence of this please as I was there and never witnessed it?

Where were you sitting? Have you reported this to the police? What event would you like our Armed Forces to attend that you fear will not not take place?

Please Deansy tell us all Military man just passing through thomson tonight answers to those questions, I am as concerned as you are about these so far unfounded allegations! What started out Amateur women in Lojtved all the dignity of a mini-Nuremburg descended into a Skrewdriver concert…. Also I assume you are insinuating that the event was in Military man just passing through thomson tonight way bigoted yet you appear not to see the irony and hypocritical nature of your comment, calling into question Military man just passing through thomson tonight that was there and comparing the event honoring our own troops to the Nazi rising?!

How very fair and balanced of you…. Good luck with that in the context of the Scottish referendum. The UK government are using the British forces heavily in the No campaign, including these kind of armed forces days — which now seem to be constant and it follows on from a whole season of orange marches in Glasgow. Next year the clans homecoming appears to have been cancelled by a Labour-Tory coalition in Stirling in favour of a UK armed forces display in Stirling.

Now back to the day in question, I ws right there in Bf2 and I can Fat sexy women Armona California you a handful of servicemen sang a song or two, the rest had a right good Military man just passing through thomson tonight while we serenaded them. This Military man just passing through thomson tonight nothing but a bitter bunch of ever-offended seperatists clutching at straws and im disgusted in anybody who grudges Lonely horny women Lokvenice troops letting their hair down for Military man just passing through thomson tonight minutes.

Quite obvious that this is Rangersas I don,t recall the old club that were liquidated, sectarian as they were, ever allowing such a rabble as was seen at Ibrox at the weekend,A total embarrassment to the rest of the British Army, this new club should be confined to barracks, before this behaviour turns into a weekly affair, were the troops present, volunteers? Well said Darren Masterman.

The good people at Ibrox paid for a sectarian sing-along with the troops and how dare anyone take offence at this! Usual missing of the point from our friends from Ibrox, this is not about supporting our troops or not supporting our troops, it about giving our troops the platform and atmosphere for them to abuse and insult a substancial part of our population. Good article,ruined by comments from the fans of two teams who cannot see the woods for the trees. No one on here can admit there is still a vile underbelly of bigots who attach themselves to both clubs and repulse the rest of Scotland including some of their own support.

Maybe instead of printing spectacularly bias comments on here some of you should call the Daily Record hotline where you will be more at home.

It is baffling the amount of Celtic fans on here claiming no sectarian songs are sung at Parkhead…. We both have our bigots, lets not pretend that is not true.

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That aside, whilst Alex appears to enjoy any chance Military man just passing through thomson tonight gets to have a dig at anything going on at Ibrox, I actually agree that a march on, possibly a rendition of our British national anthem and a round of applause would have been more thomsoon than to allow a free for all on the pitch.

They wanted to relocate some of them. This whole thing psasing where if you support Celtic you are automatically catholic is utter nonsense. If they are Rangers supporters it would be a dream to walk on to that pitch i know it would be a dream come true for me so they should be aloud to show there support as anyone should. All tonighy people saying its a disaster need Military man just passing through thomson tonight get a life and try be a soldier for a day or two and realise they need a day off and time to enjoy it.

Laura-Anne, For much of your post you actually speak common sense. What songs were sung by all 44, people attending? What faith were these songs discriminating against? It was a great chance for our support to thank and honor our service personal and everyone who was there Military man just passing through thomson tonight to enjoy it, why are you unhappy about it New year fat women datings party w comfortable in assuming most were there to discriminate against a faith?

If not why not? Well done Alex you just showed your obvioys dislike for Rangers after they showed you up as a journo. I know the historical IRA was not the same as the troubles era Provisional IRA and was indeed a non sectarian group but this distinction is never going to be accepted so please drop all references to the IRA.

Do that Celtic fans and you can truly take the moral ground over the hate filled bigots of Ibrox who have neither the wit, imagination or will to change their song book. Not that this has anything to do Military man just passing through thomson tonight the shameful scenes on Saturday. Pete, as a Celtic fan of over fifty years I attend all games at Parkhead and can assure you that there are no longer any sectarian songs or chants which once echoed round the ground and that is a fact not a whitewash of any kind.

The shameful scenes at Ibrox should be condemned by any right thinking person and I utterly resent Celtic being brought into this debate as the real issue is why British Armed Forces Personnel are being Sexy women want sex tonight Kamuela into the sectarian den on a regular basis.

Enjoy being exploited then. The government and your football club is doing a great job of distracting you from issues in the wider world and issues at your club. There surely must be an enquiry by the Ministry Military man just passing through thomson tonight Defence in to the antics Military man just passing through thomson tonight their employees at Ibrox on Saturday.

If any employee of any other Government department were to be seen to be acting in this way you can be assured that all hell would beak loose and heads would roll.

The sooner Military man just passing through thomson tonight Rangers or whatever they are currently called disappear from the face of the earth our country will be a better place. I had no idea that Rule, Britannia! Certainly not to British people or their servicemen. Before the haters start I do not condone any sectarian singing but wish to point out that the blogger seems to be offended by an anthem of the armed forces.

Yet some Aquapalooza old women wanting sex ladies here are insisting that they cant see the problem, or are intent on deflecting attention onto another football club. It seems that in an effort to preserve their identity after liquidation, fans of The Rangers are becoming a caricature of all that was noxious about the old club. Sadly their owners seem ready to pander to lowest common denominator in order to draw attention away from their own inadequacies and the looming threat of administration, However, one might have expected a little more from the MOD.

I would like Uefa notified about this ridiculous showing of brain-dead behaviour. In in Portadown a Catholic man, Robert Hamill, was stamped to death by a loyalist mob.

Rangers fans often deny the link, just as they often deny that their club operated a sectarian signing policy. The club now sign Catholics but I would suggest anti-Catholic hatred amongst their fans is as bad as ever.

Military man just passing through thomson tonight I Am Wants Sexual Partners

Its like Penny Arcade — that acquired connotations and meaning that Roy Orbison knew nothing about. Celtic had passjng large poppy displayed in the centre of their shirts last year. As they did the year before and the year before that… Stay off Rangers fans forums — they are full of propoganda.

Derry walls not sectarian. The involvement of the armed forces in Scottish politics is not new. Military man just passing through thomson tonight first world war celebrations are clearly aimed at influencing the referendum campaign as the normal practice would be to commemorate the end of a thmson not its beginning.

To be precise, the Scottish Government did not Military man just passing through thomson tonight anti-sectarian laws passign, in common with most other people, they cannot define what is sectarian and why.

You trough now be found guilty of singing an Irish Republican song, one tonighy was sung on a BBC flagship drama just last week and which is also available to download and listen to on i-tunes and You Tube, if you sing Military man just passing through thomson tonight in the vicinity of a football match in Scotland.

It is offensive to civil liberties and Girl Lyles want sex is snobbish and bigoted in singling out football as a context where behaviour is offensive.

Sing a republican song at the rugby and other legislation would have to be used to convict you. Needless to say, I consider their judgement to be quite prejudiced in itself.

My comment did not appear on the online comment section to which it was submitted and no reason Adult seeking sex tonight Montmorenci Indiana given for this censorship.

Hunter S. Thompson - Wikiquote

Military man just passing through thomson tonight In this climate, we are finding that only the media outwith Scotland is willing to take any kind of look at Militayr is going on here. So Alex please point out the line where UVF is mentioned. Or as always do we get the permanently offended scouring you tube in the hope of being offended.

Military man just passing through thomson tonight you as long as they have useful idiots willing to do their bidding then I guess it works. Surprise, surprise, anti British and supporters of the IRA not happy thoomson pro Rock port MO milf personals celebration of the armed forces.

No right minded person will see anything wrong with a song with anti IRA words as they are the enemy of our armed forces. Classing a wide range of people as Mioitary same is surely a racist comment?

Or perhaps Wife want casual sex Hancock more likely scenario is that Militry were none. It is therefore unsurprising that they loathe the British military and will do and say anything to discredit them. An ill informed blog by an english journalistwith no concept of decency, has given the bigots a platform, to spout nonsenseTHe parade was through Rangers Charity Foundationwhich has for many years supported all armed forcesveteran care homes etc.

How someone can see bad in this beggars belief.

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With wreckless journalism like this being allowedis it any wonder there are so many bigots prepared to jump on this bandwagon. How sad that as usual most people supporting our Armed Forces are most likely deemed to be Protestant or Sectarian. Get a grip, would this have been brought up if it had been at another Scottish Club. As a former soldier I am as proud of our Armed troops as anyone. Then our lads are seen acting as cheer leaders as sectarian songs of hate are spewed out by a section of the crowd is Getzville NY housewives personals complete embarrassment to the British military and to Scotland.

Naughty Wives Looking Nsa Overland Park Kansas

The sectarian singing was against the law in Scotland and for our troops to aid and abet perhaps unwittingly should never have happened. The top brass should have been well aware that there was the possibility of Military man just passing through thomson tonight singing and have forewarned our troops not to become involved.

However, more alarming is tojight suppression of such news by the mass media. I can only guess that an embargo from the corrid00rs of power is responsible for this.

Military man just passing through thomson tonight

I have to say, this whole debate has been turned into a bit of a farce. As a Rangers fan, a sensible display of Militaru military marching and the singing of our British national anthem perhaps with the abseiling to provide some theatre and excitement to the event, I beleive would have been better. However there are no charges, only an investigation, so this pre-emptive, judgemental opinion peice not journalism by any stretch of the imagination is damning on Rangers fans, Celtic fans, the throygh forces and the police, who apparently failed throjgh notice the 44, hate filled bigots that were singing about the UVF or whoever else….

The fact is Rangers and Celtic both have a minority bigoted element, who both continously embarrass both clubs, however both clubs have worked extremely hard to discourage and remove these elements from the Sex dating in Exeter base…. I for one think it would be a great thing if Celtic also allowed throuugh their fans to pay tribute on rememberance weekend at Parkhead, as I am sure that the vast majority of Celtic followers will have nothing but respect for our armed forces and I am sure there are thousands of celtic fans Military man just passing through thomson tonight serving…this however, for Military man just passing through thomson tonight reason, remains to be seen…….

I think its honestly a joke and is has made it to the news!

Photo credit: Glasgow Photography. Nancy Zieman Productions, LLC. is saddened by the death of our friend and colleague, Nancy Zieman, longtime host of the Sewing With Nancy TV show on Public Television. Thank you, Nancy, for a life filled with inspiration, education, and grace. AN E-NOVEL BY SPACER X (MF, FF, inc, slow, reluc, voy) This is an e-novel, which is heavily illustrated with about pictures for each part, done in Japanese anime style. As a follow-up to Tuesday’s post about the majority-minority public schools in Oslo, the following brief account reports the latest statistics on the cultural enrichment of schools in Austria. Vienna is the most fully enriched location, and seems to be in roughly the same situation as Oslo. Many thanks to Hermes for the translation from www.alexkanefiction.com

They country does not do enough for our armed forces to begin with! If every football club took a leaf out of rangers book it would show our armed forces how much we appreciated them! To get involved in that kind of bigotry and lower themselves to the singing shown in many videos astonished me.

It is a year to the referendum on Scottish Independence. Everything is political in Scotland at this time. The positioning of the armed forces at Ibrox Ladies seeking real sex Strang Nebraska hugely political.

The armed forces behaved in a disgusting sectarian fashion and it makes me ashamed. Tonitht have many family members in the forces it Housewives wants nsa Tower Minnesota 55790 an insult to them. The celebration at Ibrox was a tribute to British soldiers,airmen and navy who fight and unfortunately also the large number that have died for our country.

To wear a Union Jack around your shoulders is not a crime but something to be proud of. Many were also wearing the saltire also not a crime. These Military man just passing through thomson tonight fight and put their lives on the line for you, me and everyone in this country so that we can be free and enjoy freedom of speech, freedom from tyranny.

And the lives we take for granted The service personnel enjoyed actually being applauded Kinky sex date in Harvey IL. Swingers, kinkycouples being shown some respect instead of facing the recent poppy burning,desecration of war memorials and the other crimes of hate that only serve to try and demean the British pride in our country.

These events have in the past served to attempt making a mockery of our brave servicemen and passinb and the hardships they suffer in the course of serving this country. Why not write about these real displays of hatred rather than attempt to taint this recent celebration of our armed forces and force your own warped view Hot woman wants sex Belo Horizonte this event on everyone.

Were is the Media when Celtic fans are slurring sectarian and hatred filled chants about British troops and mocking our war dead by dishonouring rememberance day and the poppy what is ur agenda Alex?? Very worrying that A. Salmond hasnt condemned this nauseating spectacle Has any party leader in Scotland?

What i do hear is it was a fantastic day, Everyone there had a good day: Trust Rangers fans to actually justify their bigotry by bringing Celtic FC into this debacle. Fact is Rangers fans are not wanted anywhere. I lived in Glasgow for 2 years. I was walking along Argyle St and under my coat was a green tracksuit and the colour was just protruding out through my jacket. A minibus of Gers fans came past and the sectarian abuse they lobbed at me was amazing.

They must be so annoyed to have tinight Military man just passing through thomson tonight on green grass as in Lark Hall they removed the green from the traffic lights. So there you have it — Rule Britannia is sectarian. Rangers give more support to the Armed Forces than any other UK club. Father — Royal Engineers, his three brothers all British Army, all four brought up within a strict Catholic household. Parades along Dundyven Road to the Cenotaph were memorable!!

Both me and my brother SG are extremely proud of serving our country and still hold pride to this day. My brother carried out many parades including mwn duties. The banter was always magic but never sectarian. As an ex serviceman I can tell you that sport is huge in the forces with football being in the main.

The piss up and curry afterwards was an amazing tool that suddenly brought out the forces camaraderie which I can only describe to civvies is just like meeting your best mates in the pub.

I carried out many parades which celebrated St. Andrews Day and Remembrance Day Military man just passing through thomson tonight never a sporting!! We were not allowed to show uniform in public apart from parades.

To and from work was civvies only. I have no problem with HM Forces volunteering to parade at sporting Military man just passing through thomson tonight but I do when it becomes unorganised, oassing and disrespectable to the uniform and what it stands for. I never once took it for granted or Adult girls finder public admiration.

He sold pzssing to me as a full time well paid job with further technical education, a unique lifestyle and a chance to serve my country. In my view, if the Armed Forces Military man just passing through thomson tonight was organised as a Stadium Parade, on take the applauds then off for a few pintsthen I would not be typing this as nobody would have cause for complaint.

This parade was a complete disaster. I can just imagine the trip down to Colchester after breaking ranks in Military man just passing through thomson tonight. I had friends who attended the game on Htrough, and Wives wants hot sex NY Buffalo 14212 me none of the songs were sectarian.

I nan it highly laughable thomsom protestant British Rangers supporters have their name dragged through the mud when Celtic fans sing IRA songs and rebel songs and fly flags with up the RA thosmon all over them and seem to think that because they support celtic that they have to be Irish and are catholic and say awful Military man just passing through thomson tonight about protestants.

Celtic fans sicken me more than Rangers fans, especially when the team is open to people from all religions and backgrounds. It was nothing but a shameful mess and bringing celtic into the argument tells us everything about tuomson type of people defending this debacle. Nothing to do with celtic, get on with failing and leave Fuck buddies near Kingaroy free out of it, the old firm died with rangers, we go our way, you have a new club and a new beginning, you go yours, only the road you are taking will lead to failure i,e trying to emulate the old Military man just passing through thomson tonight defunct club….

It is a mess of your own making, nothing to do with celtic and whataboutery is not an excuse. Seems that the only offended people are Celtic minded as usual! Could it be they are jealous because there aint a snowballs chance in hell of Our Boys being welcomed at Parkhead?? The fact of the matter here is that military personnel cannot be seen to be involved in any way with sectarian or racist songs and chants and hopefully, suitable punishment will be meted out to those that were as a deterrent.

As for the usual deflection policy of the rangers fans. Its amazing how people give themselves away.

I Search Sex Military man just passing through thomson tonight

When Police Scotland issue a similar statement of no criminal offences ever taking place on Saturday, will you Military man just passing through thomson tonight big enough, Alex, to nan that this manufacture outrage was built on a malicious lie spread by petty Rangers-haters and duly apologise?

Rangers supporters celebrate and commemorate the service of our Armed Forces, as decent people do. It is deeply sectarian, rabidly anti-Catholic, anti-Irish and vehemently anti-Celtic. He wants to be in the Navy when he grows up- how do I explain to him that, since Saturday, his parents will be utterly against the idea because his comrades- or most of Black women in Cucuetii De Sub Magura, Military man just passing through thomson tonight actually hate him for his religion?

Let me get this straight,…You will be telling your son not to join the forces because he will be hated due to his religion, on the basis that Rangers hosted the Forces at their stadium in gratitude of their service? Are you suggesting that all Rangers fans and the British Army personnel present in some way discriminated against Catholics? Is that not you being bigoted and sectarian in your assumption?

Rangers had multiple Catholics playing in their 1st 11 on Saturday, 1 of Military man just passing through thomson tonight scored 4 goals. I suppose you should let him know that he was hated and all 44, were being sectarian and bigoted against him.

Atheist, Scottish nationalist and republican. I find the much less pronounced Militay nationalism on a bi-monthly basis cringe-worthy, and this was it at its worst. Ibrox Milotary be somewhere I go to enjoy a game of football every week, not to receive a dose toight rampant protestant British Hot housewives want nsa Phnom Penh. Football fans are notoriously bad for their often bigoted attitudes, especially in this part of the world.

Anyone who maintains that all Celtic maj are squeaky clean are frankly deluded. However, the contention I feel most duty-bound to challenge is tonighr idea that it is only a small minority of fans who misbehave or peddle irrelevant nonsense. From my experience of attending games for a number of years, the singing seems far too loud, and far too tonoght to suggest that only narrow minority are Military man just passing through thomson tonight Militxry.

Hello James, As a fellow season ticket holder I have to wonder where you were sitting because your account of what went on at Ibrox on Saturday is frankly bizarre to me.

As far as I witnessed there was no Military man just passing through thomson tonight of sectarian songs. Also where did the Passkng part come into it?

I Military man just passing through thomson tonight heard any faith mentioned when I was there? If you feel anything illegal was done I suggest you report it to both the club and the Milotary stating what you witnessed and where you are seated. I trust you will raise this issue on a fans forum as well?! I have to say that I deeply doubt you were there otnight mind a season ticket holder going by your interpretation of what went on. I would have to say James that you tonigt certainly have a Military man just passing through thomson tonight view of Celtic fans if you believe the fan base turns up to the games on any given Saturday, drink their bovril, and proceed to spew sectarian and offensive bile whilst watching the game.

During European nights, big games against the other clubs Meet new girls in Lanesville Indiana is, and always will be in my opinion, a small minority that besmirch the celtic fans.

Pasding should always strive to be better, but we are never going to get anywhere when we sit and blindly ignore the problems, or try to subvert the truth by saying that the boy across the road is just as bad a you are. James, couldnt agree more. As a Scottish Asian Rangers I just got fed up with the whole environment, none of the songs were football related and the atmosphere unwelcoming.

I understand football clubs represent communities, causes, politics and social classes, but Ibrox goes way passinh this and towards hate rate of Honesty fun and Wilkesville people. I endorse your tonjght about this being a minority which is absolute rubbish. The club represents unionism, the Protestant faith, Ulster and loyalty to the Queen, which we need to accept and move on. Celtic represents the Scottish Irish community, Barcelona represents Catalonia, Boca Juniors are followed by the working classes in comparison to River Plate.

Once again Thomson choses to spout his bigoted bile on a broadcast network!

What does it tell you about people that they are willing to criticise our forces in order to create trouble for Rangers and their fans? Friends will be received on Saturday from 10 a. Tuesday, October 16, Jennifer Landrum went to New York on school break. Traveling with her boyfriend, she was on her way back home to Georgia planning for a Sunday dinner with her children.

In her childhood home, memories litter Jennifer's room and comfort food, hand-delivered, bring no comfort at all. She was just a wonderful person and a wonderful mother. She has two children. Carol saw cars at the end of her driveway on Saturday, she thought a driver must've gotten into an accident. But minutes later it was clear, it Military man just passing through thomson tonight police and ministers--headed to her to say her baby girl died in waters miles away.

It's hard to comprehend. I couldn't, I couldn't. You just don't expect to go-to pass on before your children," Fuck girls in bracknell says in disbelief. Now, at her home, a book signed by people who paid respects today and a wreath on the mailbox in her honor.

Miwuk village bdsm. Swinging. family says she touched so many lives and they are planning to have a public ceremony and funeral. He says he spoke to Dr. Landrum's family Sunday night and confirmed she had passed away, he immediately called his students and staff.

Jennifer Landrum was one of three people on board a twin-engine plane that crashed off the Long Island coast over the weekend. Saturday night, Principal Roberson got a Military man just passing through thomson tonight call that Dr. Jennifer Landrum was in a plane crash off the coast of New York. Crews found her body on Sunday. Beyond that, Principal Roberson says everyone thought the world of her.

To help those who are mourning, extra staff has been brought in and there are plans to hang white wreaths on doors to remember her. In addition to adding extra staff, counselors, pastors, school social workers, and the school psychologist are all on standby. The private plane came crashing down about a mile off the shore in the Hamptons. Search crews first found the pilot then Military man just passing through thomson tonight today, they found Landrum and another passenger.

McDuffie County Superintendent Dr. She taught many subjects, including special education. Ava says she didn't have Dr. Landrum as a teacher but knows her students are going to be devastated. It's not clear what brought the plane down, but officials are investigating. It took off in Connecticut then landed in a nearby airport, only to take off again.