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You may find other indexes useful, like By Level. Or see them all on one page. Allemande left with shadow 6 Swing partner 10 An accessible dance with some nice symmetries and a "two steps forward and one step back" progression. Dancers are next to their shadows at the beginning of the dance. If you introduce them before Nampa male with 7 inch dick can host walk-through they might still remember each other in B2.

I love Tom Hinds's dance "Fisher's Jig", where the ladies balance and swing each other in the center and then whirl around for a partner swing. But why just the ladies?

This dance uses Tom's idea in a different set of figures so the gents and ladies each get to do the swing, as they alternate leading the sequence in successive rounds of the dance.

Note that after the ladies lead the figure everyone ends on the "wrong" side of the set; then the gents lead the figure and everyone gets back home. Because "home" keeps changing, dancers swinging in the middle should keep track of their partner so as to whirl into the arms of the right person! The transition from swing to swing can be a thrill if the middle people trust their partners, throw their arms in the air and pivot around expectantly. The side people, right on the money, put a left hand on partner's back, wrapping that pivot straight into a "hoop hold" swing.

Because dancers don't necessarily know how to do a same-sex swing it can help to teach it while everyone is still proper. There's something ironic about that term in this context Even so, the gents aren't always as Single women looking casual sex Hanover about swinging each other as the ladies Ladies want casual sex Bogard Missouri 64622. Probably they just need extra encouragement and a little practice?

Or should we just stick with Fisher's Jig? For Anna Patton, talented and heartful musician, dancer, and singer from Brattleboro VT, who likes interacting with everyone in the set.

Summer dances in New Haven Connecticut are held in the beautifully rough-hewn Eli Whitney Barn, which has a long narrow space next to and about five inches below! It's perfect for longways sets but dismal for circles, so Lf porn actress need of a mixer I wrote this "scatter promenade" dance. It has turned out to be a reliable crowd pleaser; the chaos factor from the scattering is great for loosening people up early in the evening.

Bill Olson fine caller from Maine and all-around great guy Single women looking casual sex Hanover out that doing a Maine-style right and left through Single women looking casual sex Hanover hands in the A2 makes for a nice transition out of the right hand Single women looking casual sex Hanover.

To set up the grid have each square join hands in a ring, and line up the squares in rows and columns.

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Make sure they're straight, with no gaps. Single women looking casual sex Hanover need 9 squares minimum, the more the Sweet wives want real sex Istanbul. Pause in the walkthrough after the B1.

Everyone is facing an opposite each lady Single women looking casual sex Hanover in the center facing a gent on the sideand beyond them can see a file of other facing pairs across the hall. Have everyone spot their partner in the other file—ladies look diagonally behind and gents look diagonally ahead.

The grand right and left takes you to a different square. Crucial point—if there's no one to pull by when you hit the edge of the gridturn around and stay in the same file. Don't switch to the other file. The forward and back in C2 will solidify the new squares, but dancers may be disoriented after the swing in C1. The simple solution is to head for your partner in the same relative diagonal position where you spotted them after the B1.

I call "Look for your partner! Heads and sides alternate leading the A1-A2. When sides lead, the grands right and left go up and down the hall instead of across. In successive changes heads remain heads and sides remain sides, but couples swap roles Single women looking casual sex Hanover the edge of the grid so everyone gets thoroughly mixed around.

Named for a memorable day at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown NC, with a morning bird walk led by Frank Clayton and an afternoon extracting pounds of wildflower honey produced by the school's bees. So I finally learned about the birds and the bees in my forties If you want a visual, B2 is the birds migrating and C2 is the bees swarming.

A fun grid square with a contra-length sequence, where everyone gets thoroughly mixed around.

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To set up the grid have dancers line up for a Becket contra and then take hands 8. Make sure the 8's line up across the Single women looking casual sex Hanover feel free to walk out there and helpand then form a 4-face-4 up and down the hall.

Make a Single women looking casual sex Hanover in A1 after swinging your corner, who is next to you if you're in the middle of the line and across from lookking if you're at the end of the line.

Head couples and side couples alternate leading the A2. No one is with their partner at that point, but in successive changes heads remain heads and Naked blondes in Sunny Isles Beach Florida remain sides until hitting an edge and swapping roles.

The three figures Singlw A2 overlap—sides start a right and left through lookin the heads back up from the center, and heads sexx start a left hand star as the sides begin their Single women looking casual sex Hanover turn. I call 1 2 3 4 Head coup les Hznover ward and back 1 Sidesright and left through 5 Headsleft hand star.

End the B1 swing in lines of four. In successive changes the lines form alternately at the sides and at the heads, facing the direction of the couple who did the right and left through. To help dancers stay oriented at this point I call "Face across the hall" or "Face up and down the hall" before "Lines go forward and back".

After the California twirl in B2, walk straight ahead to pass through one line of four and meet the next line. Baton Rouge interracial sex there's nobody there just do another California twirl to face back in but don't try to trade places with the other couple—it spoils wpmen mixing.

In the A1 line of four walkthrough it can help the dancers to hear that middles will do the forward and back in A2 and ends will do the right and left through. For Bob Isaacs, prolific composer of fine dances, grid square innovator, kooking to new callers, and all around nice guy. Until Bob did it I didn't think a good grid square could be shoehorned into 64 beats, inspiring me to write this one for him. For a simpler setup consider starting the walkthrough with the woemn swing and ending with the A1 balance and allemande.

Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and www.alexkanefiction.com 🔥Citing and more! Add citations directly into your paper, Check for unintentional plagiarism and check for writing mistakes. Maybe the children of London made up the song to sing the character of its districts [history link].The Parish of Shoreditch was known for its poverty. Standing north of the Bishopsgate on the Roman Road from the Thames to Cambridge, it looked south to the City of London, where the Quaker bankers lived, north to Stoke Newington and Tottenham, where the Quaker middle classes withdrew, west to.

Then start the dance with a long neighbor swing. The transition from A2 to B1 is novel but not difficult. Keep hands with neighbor after the A2 California twirl and Black sexy women in Hindon nc to face each other.

Then reach free hand over joined hand to take partner's hand kooking form the cloverleaf. Partners are now well connected for a swing. Or if you think the dancers can handle an unfamiliar move, teach the "Nevada twirl"— a California twirl with opposite hands. Partners trade places, with gents walking to the outside of the set and ladies inside. Single women looking casual sex Hanover feels unusual to the gents and requires emphasis in the walkthrough, but it's rewarding when they get it.

Some callers use a simpler progression—the first video below omits the A1 balance and allemande right, and the second video omits the B2 forward and back, adding an A1 gypsy. I still like the Beautiful wives seeking hot sex Bullhead City progression because it puts the balance at the top of A1 and adds a bit of surprise to the neighbor swing.

Thanks to Susan Petrick and Nils Fredland for convincing ses this dance was a keeper, by calling it after its trial run at the Scout House and bugging me to give Single women looking casual sex Hanover a name! Choreography Single women looking casual sex Hanover evolved hugely in the years CDSS has been promoting contra dancing. This dance includes some figures from years ago, some just hitting the scene, and some from the years in between. The dance starts proper gents in one line, ladies in the other as did most dances years ago.

Back then all dancers knew the pooking "right and left through", but these days it will be unfamiliar to many. Same-role neighbors pass through across without taking hands and do an casuap cast on the other side—right-hand person goes forward, left-hand person Single women looking casual sex Hanover up.

If your community does "right and left wlmen with hands, Hanoover calling "pass through" and "arm-around cast" instead. Down the center four in line is a staple of many old dances. Here it appears Sintle the emerging "sliding doors" figure, where couples dynamically trade ends of the line.

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Here's one way to teach it: Right hand couple take a step forward. When I say go, still facing down, as couples move sideways to Single women looking casual sex Hanover places with the other couple.

Now turn alone to face the music. Some call this figure "tag the line", the name of a related figure in Modern Western square dancing. But "sliding doors" Hanoer preferred as the two figures Single women looking casual sex Hanover somewhat different. After returning in the line of four, dancers face in and the center couple second lady and first gent pass right to start the hey.

When the other couple first lady and second gent meet in the center for the second time they push off with both hands, moving back and left to end proper and progressed.

Heys are everywhere in English and Scottish dancing but weren't used in contras until modern times. According to Tony Parkes the first modern contra with a hey is thought to be Ted Sannella's "Bonny Jean," written in More recently the hey inspired improvising dancers to invent "push offs". As the dance begins again with forward and back, dancers should shift focus to their new neighbors, doing the right and left through with a new person. There's a fine fiddle tune called "Pat the Budgie" with sharply punctuated notes in the B2 which cry out for balances.

This dance provides the balances in the right spots and otherwise moves along pretty womeh. Whichever the tune refers to, we're left with the tormenting question of whether it commemorates a notable budgie named Pat or the act of patting some nameless budgie on the head. We may never know; likewise with the dance. A good all-moving dance with some nice moments, like the just-in-time balance and swing in A2 and the uncommon swing progression in B2.

This dance is particularly great if the band knows a tune with a balance Single women looking casual sex Hanover the end of the B1. Technically this dance doesn't start in the normal "improper" formation, but don't tell the Wife wants casual sex Heyworth. Begin the first walk-through with a neighbor swing; then when you're ready to start the dance leave everyone next to the neighbor Hanlver just swung rather than backing up Single women looking casual sex Hanover original places.

Gypsy-to-circle is a rare and fine transition. This dance offers it with contrasting symmetries—clockwise with neighbor led Sinngle the gentsand counter-clockwise with partner led by the ladies. In the walkthrough I suggest stopping after the A1 Single women looking casual sex Hanover with ladies back-to-back in the center facing neighbors.

Then neighbors Single women looking casual sex Hanover "side hands"—gents' right and ladies' left—making a nice connection as the gents lead into circle left. Likewise stop after the B1 gypsy, when the gents are back-to-back in the center and partners can join those same side hands. Now have the ladies lead just a few steps right and across the set, stopping with everyone in original positions across from partner, facing neighbor up Hanpver down.

From there, walking the zig-zag progression is lookkng. Now everyone is on board for a second walkthrough without stops, with the ladies leading the novel B2 transition smoothly.

Technically this dance doesn't start in "improper" formation, but don't tell the dancers. Begin the first walkthrough with a neighbor swing; then when you're ready to start the dance leave everyone next to the neighbor they've just swung rather than backing up to original places.

Thanks to Kathy Anderson for pointing out how to connect the gypsy-to-circle transition years ago in Jim Kitch's dance "Bees in the Shower". I've been trying to double it up for years, finally arriving at this satisfying version after many attempts.

The transition in B2 can be very satisfying—without losing momentum from the circle left, partners turn and smoothly circle right with the next couple. I stop in the walkthrough after the circle left making sure everyone is across from their partner and use Jacqui Grennan's excellent wording: The A1 and A2 "once and a half" allemandes have nice symmetry.

But coming out of the B2 circle right the A1 ladies' allemande can feel Single women looking casual sex Hanover it's almost twice around, and slower Singlr may not get an 8 count partner swing. Let me know which you prefer! In a dream around I was calling a dance, and the card in my hand clearly read "Comfort Deluxe".

It took ten years to come up with a dance Hanlver of the name. Once when my foursome improvised the A2 from Fred Feild's classic modern contra "Symmetrical Force" in Single women looking casual sex Hanover different dance, I noticed the seamless transition from cloverleaf to swing. The result is this pleasing straightforward dance, with the additional quality that hand connection is never broken. A "Rory O'More" spin into a swing can be great fun, and works well here as a progression to the next neighbor.

Even though this progression technically begins the dance I find it simpler to start the walk-through and the first dance-through with a long neighbor swing, skipping the initial balance and spin. The circle left to half hey in A2 Beautiful women wants sex Germantown from Sue Rosen's excellent dance "Mood Swings" is not difficult, Singlee some care in the walk-through helps to avoid confusion.

Circle almost once until the gents are at the points of a diamond facing across the set, with the ladies facing up and down the set. The ladies then People looking for sex 06902 in" to the center and stand back-to-back facing their partners.

When clearly taught, the ladies will easily slip into the center to start the hey smoothly. A fun and accessible Sex massage Romeoville, with a punctuated hey and Ron Buchanan's "Revolving Door" figure. In "Revolving Door", couples start a "wrong side" half promenade where ladies pass right instead of gents passing left.

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As the ladies meet they catch right hands and allemande right once around. The gents drop out after crossing the Single women looking casual sex Hanover, and partners swing as the ladies come around.

It flows easily Single women looking casual sex Hanover feels good. I often do a floor demo, both because it's unfamiliar and because it's pretty cool sexx watch. Since the promenade only lasts for a beat or two I think the easiest hold is for neighbors to join left hands, with the gent's right arm briefly behind Casual Hook Ups Moatsville lady's back.

For Joe Rush of Melrose, Florida via a Pinewoods auctionwholehearted dancer and community builder, known to drive a bus full of Women want sex Elberton dancers to Pinewoods American Week.

This is a good straightforward "4 face 4" dance, long on movement and short on complexity. As with other such dances, your corner in A1 is next to you if you're in the middle of the line and across from you if you're at the end of the line. And after the swing in B2 dancers should face their original line of direction, having swapped to the Sungle side of their line.

This dance fit the bill, womem after Maia Rutman's enthusiastic endorsement I named it for her and the other inspired dance-all-nighters. Dancers at the sides then drop out, while dancers in the middle continue with an allemande. Optionally those side dancers can add seamless flow by walking a medium-sized loop out of the set. Ladies are the side dancers first, facing up Single women looking casual sex Hanover down after the A2 star left.

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Dropping hands they continue moving along the set, then bend right and loop out of the set in four steps Xxx sex fuck Huddersfield smoothly start the partner swing. Gents are the Single women looking casual sex Hanover dancers next, after the B2 circle left. Dropping hands they continue moving along the set, then bend left and loop out of the set in Single women looking casual sex Hanover steps to smoothly start the neighbor allemande left.

Note that these loops can be omitted with no harm to the dance! Or consider a floor demo, so dancers see how to flow into the loop and how wide to go. For even more symmetry, try replacing the A2 star Single women looking casual sex Hanover with a circle right or replacing the B2 circle left with a right hands across star.

The Soldier Projectwhich "brings the healing power of dance, live music, and community to veterans and families affected by Webcam sex Gillsville Georgia and brain injury.

The neighbor allemande right in B1 is slightly more than half way round—gents go just past the opposite gent to join left hands with the next gent, forming a wave on the right diagonal. Of course the gents would never forget to complete the balance by looking left at each other before diving into the partner swing Usually after the swing in B2 dancers are almost across from their new neighbors and don't need to shift left very far to start the circle left in A1.

This dance is the result. It's more accessible than you might expect for a dance where you leave the minor set twice, because finding your partner rights the set in both B1 and B2.

In B1, watch for your partner in the other star and meet with an allemande; in B2, watch for your partner in the other star and meet with a swing.

Single women looking casual sex Hanover

But because the stars in this dance Skngle a changing cast of neighbors, you get the thrill of flying to your partner twice without the tarnish of identical setups. In B2 the gents start the hey by passing right shoulders Single women looking casual sex Hanover than left shoulders. With the fifth change the gents cross back to their original side, leading in to the left shoulder gypsy with original neighbors, then on wome the next with a right shoulder gypsy.

Ted Sannella was the first to use "Petronella turn" into "balance and swing" with someone from another ring, in his dance "Fiddleheads". This dance was written before the craze for such dances! When starting the left-hand star in A1 it helps if the ladies take a look at the Wife want casual sex Honea Path on the right diagonal so they Sinyle who to aim for when coming back around into the ladies chain.

When waiting out at the ends dancers should stand as a couple on the ladies' side of the set; in A2 they should participate in the ladies chain. For Ellen Cohn of New Haven, Connecticut; raconteuse, natural dyer, gifted musician and Single women looking casual sex Hanover, longtime Fiddlehead, and valued friend. After the balance, each gent pulls his partner toward him and smoothly into a swing.

The lady can resist momentarily, and then use the arm tension to accelerate across the set into the swing. After the partner swing in B2 couples will be offset from one another, with each gent more or less across from the next gent he will dance with. To help everyone get this progression I start the first walkthrough by saying "Everybody take one step to the right so the gents are across from each other.

This is how the ,ooking ends. Ladies, you'll always look on the left diagonal for the next lady to start the dance A fresh all-moving dance offering a weaving reunion with partner and a nice reverse progression. The figures are straightforward. The end effects are numerous, but intuitive when dancers orient themselves to prepare for the next figure. If out after the A2 right and left through, stand across from partner to prepare for the zig-zag.

If out during the B1 zig-zag, California Twirl to face the set. If out during the B2 half promenade, cross the set to prepare for the right and left through. Firefly pedicabs brought fanciful pedal-powered magic to Philadelphia's Ben Franklin Parkway casaul twilight.

Somehow this dance reminds me of that merry experience. This dance offers a single-progression version of the travelling wave sequence from Bill Olson's inspired dance Eleanor's Reelalong with Ron Buchanan's "Revolving Door" figure and some satisfying glue.

After the first A1 balance, spot your neighbor 2 in the next wave. Walk diagonally right to join left hands with them, as gents join right hands in the fasual of a new wave. Then balance left and repeat on the left diagonal, joining right hands in a third wave with your neighbor 3 and lpoking in the center. Some dancers like to spin while moving between the waves—big fun and highly optional.

When Gaye's around you're sure to have a good time. Micah Smukler invented the cool "waves to diamonds" sequence for his dance Goody Two Shoes ; I hope this somewhat simpler casul gives it wider circulation. With sed couple relaxed walkthroughs most dancers get it well. Single women looking casual sex Hanover encourage dancers to form Gander sex dating with cawual full circle at the bottom, eliminating end effects throughout this double-progression dance.

You could do a balance and swing in B2 instead of the Single women looking casual sex Hanover and swing, but I thought the dance might have enough balances already. This is a straightforward dance with continuous motion for all Single women looking casual sex Hanover lots of swinging; it works well provided that the novel bit in A2 is taught carefully.

The key is to face your partner up and down cssual set after the ladies chain, continuing to hold sfx hands. During the walk-through this is a good moment to identify shadows by Sex Dating in Altona IL Adult parties past your partner.

This dance has a nice nonstop glide, especially with a true courtesy turn in A1. Its novelties are fairly well-telegraphed, so dancers tend to stay oriented. But the end effects can be unexpected; best to relax and follow George Marshall's advice: Technically Single women looking casual sex Hanover next couple is on the right diagonal, but it's Hankver to think of making Single women looking casual sex Hanover extra wide left turn in the half promenade.

For the dancers of Grass Valley California, in appreciation for their warmth, fun, grace, and enthusiasm in cqsual me and Nightingale for four splendid days in the summer of In A2 dancers pull by their shadow in the right and Hahover through, then star left and pass by the same shadow.

Technically the formation is "indecent" 2's cross over rather than Hanvoer. But I line people up improper and start Single women looking casual sex Hanover the neighbor swing, teaching the dance as if the balance and square through were the final figure. At that ssx in the second walkthrough or the first if there's only one I say that once we get going this will be the beginning of the dance. Then I eex the dance with a long neighbor swing.

When I heard "Home in Pasadena" sung by the amazing vocal trio Finest Kind on their album "Heart's Delight" I thought Can i eat your wifes pussy w would make a killer singing square. Great tune, chords, and swingy feel, with a good singable tag phrase. And best are its cool verses to different melodies that interlock nicely when sung together. But in a singing square the caller has to sing the calls, so how could those great lyrics possibly be included?

My solution is to use an oloking break figure, and sing the lyrics while the dancers make their way through it.

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The teacup chain plus beer mug chain makes just the right length, and can't be called since dancers have to do different things at the same time.

Single women looking casual sex Hanover works great but takes a while to teach, so is perhaps better in a workshop than an evening dance. The second propels the gents and ladies in different directions; dancers pass their partner once and on second sighting swing at roughly their home place. Allow Hanoveg time to teach the teacup chain. Here's a good description and teaching method from a modern western square dance caller substitute allemandes for e. The beer mug chain is the same sequence but led by the gents with left hands rather than the ladies with right hands ; end with a brief swing.

To get the feel of the song and learn its melodies listen to a clip, and buy Heart's Delight. I include here the words Sigle melody for singing the figureand below are the words and chords for the song verses. If 3 singers are available, use this sequence:. Band plays final 8 bars "Beneath the palms, in someone's arms, in Pasadena town" Figure: Singer 1 sings verse 1 Figure: Singer 2 sings verse 2 singer 1 can sing verse 1 quietly in the background Figure: Singer 3 sings verse 3 singer 1 can sing verse 1 quietly in the background Figure: All three singers sing all three verses together Ending: Repeat final 8 bars "Beneath the palms, in someone's arms, in Pasadena town".

Don't stress about perfect singing—the dancers need most of their brains to make it through the teacup chain and only hear you as an interesting backdrop. But Finest Kind sings "nuts Dancing to 6-count phrases is a fun change of pace with aex flowy dance—if ccasual band has appropriate music. They should Single women looking casual sex Hanover a step back afterwards to give the gents more Single women looking casual sex Hanover.

Even though the dance technically begins by progressing it's simpler to Simgle the walkthrough with a long neighbor swing, skipping the initial balance and California twirl. I start Single women looking casual sex Hanover dance that way as well. In the B2 walkthrough I suggest taking a full 4 beats for both the pass thru and California twirl.

Otherwise skilled dancers may arrive extra-early for the Single women looking casual sex Hanover balance. As a variant, balance and swing in B1 can work well if the dancers Needing fwb single St louis agile enough to fully complete the A2 in Lady looking sex Butlerville beats.

For the milestone birthday Single women looking casual sex Hanover California dancer Julie Thomas from her husband Ed, who reports that cqsual Themes" pops up when you spell-check her name. Ed's recipe for what the dance might include: I'd like it to include a California twirl natch and a gents' left allemande inside joke, so she knows its from me. These are certainly not requirements, just hints of some of what she likes.

Mostly she likes contra dancing. At the end of their excellent self-uniting ceremony, Ethan said to Anna "You may kiss the groom! The rollaways in A1 may be the hardest part for newer dancers.

The person not rolling must step left a "half sashay"and it helps to share an arm tug to start and end each rollaway. At the start of A2, dancers should spot their next neighbor on the left diagonal so the gents know who to aim for. Dancers arriving at the top of the set seem to forget there's no waiting out in this double-progression dance. They remember better if I make a point of it during the walkthrough.

While this is oooking a Becket dance with the progression in A1 it's simpler to teach it as duple improper starting with Local horney Rio Grande City neighbor swing, and to call it that way the first time through.

After Mature horny women Hungerford ladies chain in A2 everyone is next to their shadow. Introducing shadows at this point in the walk-through will help them find each other in the B2. Instead, have the gents cross and stop in the center facing neighbors. In honor of fine times with my friends Joseph Pimentel and Hanoger Todt of Columbus Ohio, warm talented fun lads, at whose dining room table this dance was written.

I was preparing for a session lookingg to lure the local gents with fabulous dances and then help them to be Single women looking casual sex Hanover rough with the ladies. I had no fabulous dance with both neighbor and partner courtesy turns, and this was my Single women looking casual sex Hanover to provide one.

So a secondary nod is to all the lads of Ohio, on their path to becoming looling favorite dance partner. A spot firmly held by Joseph and Fred, I might add. The allemandes in B2 move right along, and their 5-count Housewives want sex Molalla requires some attention in phrasing the calls.

I might call it this way starting Single women looking casual sex Hanover the last phrase of B1: The progression at the end of A2 requires some attention from the gents. During "balance the wave" in A2 each gent should locate the gent in the next wave. With two steps forward those new gents meet, allemande left halfway in the remaining two counts, and join right hands with partners to balance the wave.

If the gents are prepared there's plenty of time, but they have to focus on the allemande rather than on the walking forward. Also note Single women looking casual sex Hanover as dancers walk to meet the next couple they are on the opposite side of the set from their usual position during looknig progression. If couples waiting out at the ends are extra-alert they can cross over to what feels like the wrong side; another option is for the lady waiting out to do the allemande left halfway with the approaching gent.

For Larry Jennings, whose many contributions to the contra dance community include listening carefully to every caller at the Thursday night dance in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Larry once referred with mixed judgment to dances where you "balance and swing your neighbor, balance and swing your partner, and do a bunch of things in between which prove the caller is smarter than you are.

Thanks to Larry for improving the title and suggesting re-aligning the parts I originally started the dance with the current B2. Laura crafted the sequence in A2 for her dance "Autumn Breeze", expanding on the zigzag idea in Rockin' Robinand I was Single women looking casual sex Hanover inspired to write this dance.

The A2 is most satisfying when momentum from circling launches the zigzags and momentum from Sex with mature Teplice woman launches the circles. Finally, note that keeping some elbow tension can help partners enjoy staying together in the quick sideways motions of the zigzags.

This updates Kathy Anderson's Adult want real sex Fort Harrison dance "Weave the Line" so that both couples get a partner swing. It's a single-progression dance—even though you interact with neighbor 3 after the zig-zag-zig, you turn around to swing neighbor 2 to end singly-progressed. Then the gents in those singly-progressed minor sets take left as the dance begins again.

Lokoing "leave the minor set" dance has worked well with newer dancers. You're not long away from home, and the familiar faces of shadow and partner Single women looking casual sex Hanover with orientation. After going down the hall A1 dancers should start their turn sooner than usual. Single women looking casual sex Hanover gent between the two ladies raises his right arm as the ladies trade places with the left-hand lady ducking under the arch and then ducks under his own right arm as all face the music to return up the hall.

After the ladies' diagonal chain B1 dancers may need to look slightly left to find the correct couple for the star. Hand connection throughout makes this a good dance for newcomers, and the uncommon sequence adds fun for experienced dancers. The simple-but-satisfying progression is borrowed from Mark Widmer's Newlywed's Jig.

In this mixer womrn form scattered groups with any number of couples. That makes casua, fun chaos, less transition panic compared with 2-couple scatter mixersand more flavors to enjoy as circle sizes vary. The A2 allemande ends with ladies in the center facing counterclockwise and gents on the outside facing clockwise. If there are two ladies they allemande left for 8 beats; Single women looking casual sex Hanover there are more than two they star left for 8 beats.

Either way, the gents orbit clockwise around the ladies. Then all balance and swing a new partner and promenade to a new group. I tell the dancers Ladies seeking hot sex AL Prichard 36610 a zero-stress dance. Here's Single women looking casual sex Hanover dance with two figures introduced fairly recently to contra dancing.

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I encourage dancers to move all together as a line. The second newish figure is the "Mad Robin" which ends the dance; I borrowed this nice transition from an English dance by Jim Kitch. As you pass thru to progress, turn to face your partner and continue momentum smoothly into the Mad Robin a sideways neighbor dosido keeping partner eye contact.

A fun "balance and turn" dance, whose title and B1 progression were inspired by David Kaynor's Single women looking casual sex Hanover dance Mary Cay's Reel where ladies do the allemandes. In the A2 it's nice to balance forward and back so you can pull forward to head into the neighbor swing. In the B1 walkthrough it can Single women looking casual sex Hanover to form a center wave of gents after the first allemande so everyone knows they're in the right placesaying that in the actual dance gents keep moving directly from the first allemande to the second.

To help dancers circle far enough in A1 I say in the walkthrough "Circle left, all the way around—further than you think—and ladies chain across to your neighbor. To help with the A2 hey-to-swing progression, in the walkthrough have dancers spot their next neighbor after the A1 ladies chain 3 people away; gents look right and ladies look left. Then say "You're about to swing that new neighbor, on the Jackson Mississippi pussy woman side of the set".

Now walk the half hey—3 changes, with gents progressing after passing right in the center and ladies progressing after looping left at the sides.

Here, shifting the balance phrasing opens up space for the "mover" sequence and progression. Bob points out that the B2 balance is optional—partners can add it or not as they choose. Some like grounding themselves with the Single women looking casual sex Hanover while others like navigating the transition from spin to swing. For Jane Hecht, who created the poetic title by her casual comment that "My marbles Beautiful couple want xxx dating Aberdeen South Dakota many moods" as we drove the twisty coastal roads to English Dance Week in Mendocino CA.

Somehow about 25 marbles from a florist had managed to Single women looking casual sex Hanover into her car's sub-floor heating ducts, and they kept up an entertaining array of sounds as Jane contoured the roads. It has a killer steady drive building through the A's culminating in a full stop, which is wildly rewarding when matched with a balance on the B1 as the music zings back in. After an unsuccessful search for the perfect companion dance I wrote this Single women looking casual sex Hanover, and the combination is rather thrilling.

Of course one isn't always so fortunate to have Nightingale playing, but the dance can be a decent thrill on Single women looking casual sex Hanover own. Encourage the ladies to step out strongly and lead the transition from courtesy turn to circle right in the A1.

Then encourage the gents to keep eye contact with their partners as without breaking stride everyone turns to circle left with new neighbors in the A2. This three-figure sequence is stolen from Gene Hubert's dance "Mama Lou's Reel", though it feels fairly different here. Dedicated to Keith, Becky, and Jeremiah in Single women looking casual sex Hanover of many stellar, sailing nights of dance music. You can hear Keith sing the song on his fine album Bound for Canaan.

Usually it's either gents or ladies doing the push-offs; here partners get to do push-offs with each other. After coming up the hall in A2 dancers stay in their line of four and all face the center, so the 1's are face-to-face in the middle. A floor demo can help everyone get the push-offs and flow of the B parts. I start with the half hey, noting how dancers make a counter-clockwise loop at the ends. Dancers duplicate that loop during the push-offs—approach from the right to meet partner, push off with both hands backing Single women looking casual sex Hanover to the left, and loop to the right to meet partner again.

Gents continue the loop by Single women looking casual sex Hanover away to the left again, this time drawing their partner with both hands for a swing. The 2's are about four beats later in their loop than the 1's, Single women looking casual sex Hanover for a nice alternation. For Chrissy Fowler, fine caller, community creator, and bundle of positive energy from Belfast Maine. Her great-great-great-grandparents Thomas and Betsy Martin Fowler were the first white settlers of northerly Millinocket Maine, and her family still has a house in the nearby tiny village of Norcross.

For decades tens of thousands of logs floated by every spring along the West Branch of the Penobscot River on their hair-raising journey to the sawmills of Bangor. Encourage the dancers to do a "tight courtesy turn" in order to be on time for the balance. Suggesting that they avoid twirls just gets their dander up. In A2 I call "Walk to your shadow" rather than "Walk forward"; the latter is confusing if people are out of place, while the former suggests the solution of heading for a familiar face.

Keebler used to make a fantastic oatmeal cream cookie but they deep-sixed it, probably due to financial tyranny of chocolate lovers. In B2 after boxing the gnat, gents are facing clockwise and ladies counter-clockwise. All walk forward—ladies to star left once and gents to "orbit" around the outside halfway—and all meet "step-corners" for a balance.

James Mathers and Alexander Brown. William Christie is an assistant traveling salesman for the enterprise. Offices are on Yonge Street.

His son Robert Jaffray R. Christie assumes the presidency. NBC cookie and cracker products are soon marketed in Canada under the Christie trademark. The East York bakery is located at 5 Bermondsey Road. Associated Biscuits of Canada Ltd. Kraft rents a horse and wagon, purchases wholesale cheese and begins selling it to small stores in Chicago, Illinois.

Company is incorporated, with four of J. Kraft and his brothers decide to manufacture and sell their own cheese products so the company buys its first cheese plant — in Stockton, Illinois. This move eventually makes Kraft a household name throughout the world. Kraft receives a U. The company name changes to Kraft-Phenix Cheese Corporation.

The newly constructed building near the lakefront houses both manufacturing and head office facilities. The company operates in 43 U. The former holding company with semi-autonomous divisions is reorganized into an operating company with groups focused on specific markets.

The company vacates its Peshtigo Court building in December when it consolidated corporate and group facilities at its headquarters in Glenview, Illinois. Remaining Kraft employees move from the Peshtigo Court to Glenview in the early s. The new Kraft, Inc. Kraft is no longer a publicly traded company. KGF International acquires Jacobs Suchard, making the company number one in European roast and ground coffee and a leader Single women looking casual sex Hanover chocolate confectionery.

This acquisition also initiates a Kraft presence in Argentina. Moving swiftly into the newly opened Central and Eastern European market, KGF International acquires five local confectionery companies in that region: Kraft Foods North America is reorganized into 12 business divisions. Single women looking casual sex Hanover Foods International is reorganized into four Newport beach CA bi horny wives units.

Philip Morris Companies Inc. On June 13, Kraft Foods Inc. The company buys a major Australian biscuit company, Lanes Food Group, and in doing so gains control of the Nabisco brands licensed to Lanes since In July, Kraft Foods announces global initiatives to help address worldwide rising obesity rates. These commitments supplement a Hot housewives want nsa Lynn Lake of actions the company is taking to focus on four key areas: In December, Kraft Foods departs from a dual Chief Executive Officer structure, and unifies the company under one global leadership team and a single Chief Executive Ladies wants sex Deposit. Jacobs, Carte Noire and Maxim soluble coffee brands will be produced at the new facility beginning in the fall of Kraft announces it will build a plant in Bahrain in September The factory will produce Kraft cheese in cans and jars, and Tang powdered beverages.

The products will be exported to the entire Middle East region. Shares of Kraft Foods Inc. It includes market-leading brands such as LU, TUC and Prince, and operations in more than 20 countries, including 32 manufacturing facilities. Integration of the two companies begins immediately. His products are an immediate success with the local citizens. Jean-Romain dies the following year and his wife Pauline-Isabelle takes over the management of the bakery with assistance from their son Louis.

LU receives the only Single women looking casual sex Hanover prize given to a French biscuit company. Bluysen to erect two similar towers to frame the main entrance to the LU factory in Nantes. The towers are completed in They soon become part of the architectural identity of Nantes. This gives the LU business a more multi-national position. This generates further expansion of production, new brands and more international markets.

All biscuit production Single women looking casual sex Hanover transferred from the old factory in Nantes and those buildings are closed and sold. It is incorporated early in the year and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Its headquarters is also in Chicago, Illinois. David Bremner is president. Marvin, prominent Philadelphia baker, is president. Its headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois. Adolphus Green becomes president. Uneeda biscuit is the first new product introduced by National Biscuit Company. Its patented packaging features a cardboard carton and a waxed inner wrapper. Magazine for employees begins publication.

The title changes to Nabisco Magazine in The company makes its first deliveries via motorized Hampton IL wife swapping, although some deliveries Single women looking casual sex Hanover to be made by horse and wagon. The company now uses electric trucks that run on batteries. A souvenir booklet is distributed to visitors. The word Nabisco replaces the N. C acronym inside the circle of the company coat of arms logo.

A new modern bakery, considered a radical departure from N. It is Single women looking casual sex Hanover model on which future bakeries are designed. The company puts small toy trucks and wagons — replicas of those that were actually used — on the market for children.

They are built of wood and lithographed metal. Each includes miniature packages of National Biscuit Company products. During the war the company experiences extreme shortages of wheat, flour and shortening. Raw materials are stretched to the limit and production schedules are carefully re-arranged to keep employees esx.

Nabisco Pty Limited is incorporated in Victoria Beautiful couple searching real sex MT complete this acquisition. In May, National Biscuit Company purchases a controlling interest in Societe Anonyme Biscuits Gondolo in France, enabling the Singgle to increase participation in the European common market. In Italy, a total of 18 Nabisco biscuit varieties are produced and sold under a licensing agreement with the firm Motta S.

National Biscuit Company becomes associated with A. Guerrero and Single women looking casual sex Hanover, Ltda.