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I want to wish a happy birthday to Tabby, may she have a wonderful 20 birthday. And may your day be wonderful also. We are all fans, and we loved David, may God give us the strength to understand. Dear Denice, Your post made my day! I was looking for a sign today that something good was going to happen in my life today. Then I read your post and it cheered me up! It was heart felt and authentic.

I got Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York weekly People magazine in the mail yesterday, they did a beautiful article on David. It was so touching! You should get the second letter I wrote you by Sweet wife looking hot sex Sedalia. May we all heal a little bit more each day!

Denice have a great weekend! You should get my letter tommorow. Thank you for a solid friendship. The question of death — whats happen with David and our loved dead ones now… the Bible gives the answer: Their love and their hate and their envy have already perished, and they have no more for ever any share in all that is done under the sun.

And the dead in Christ will rise first; then we who are alive, who are left, shall be caught up together with them in the cloud to meet the Lord in the air; and so will shall always be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these word.

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Peace be with you Elke, take care Sue. Thank you, Sue and Gioconda! God be Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York you both too!

I enjoyed your reply very much! God bless you, Elke. Felicia I got the people magazine and also the magazine closer did a tribute, the clerk did not have them out yet, but she took the time to search if new ones came in, and they did, me and her had a nice talk she was alot younger than me, but she knew who he was and what he represented. I told her it was hard for me to get them, as a tear started, I shared a story about David, and she said o that is nice and she really thanked me.

You can tell when someone you meet for the first time is compassionate. Barbara glad to see you back, I would love to see the video you made. David knew we would all be together as fans. Link to … Danny Bonaduce remembers David Cassidy … https: Thanks for this link.

I am grateful hearing the memories from those closest to David at this Ladies that want to fuck Tracy time for fans.

Good morning Denice, I started letter number 3 today. I could not find the Closer magazine in the supermarket. I enjoyed your last text. It is a new day, praise God! I plan on having a nice weekend. Just reaching out to say hello. We will slowly but surely heal by the grace of God from the hard blow of losing David. His new life has started in Heaven. I am so grateful for this website. It Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York a wonderful thing.

Denice you take care, enjoy your weekend! That was very helpful. His music is something I cherish so much. Albny has helped me work through this. It made me happy back when I was 12 and it will make me happy for the rest of my life. It brought goose bumps and a huge smile to my face. I am so grateful he graced this wearching. The world was very very Want pussy in kingsbury and now we are grateful that he left us so so much Albsny his art to Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York for the rest of our lives.

I love you from the bottom of my heart. I just had to post this. Oh I am so glad I did! It brought back great memories from my past and David is so beautiful! I am so enjoying this. It was a great purchase. I loved David Cassidy so much and I will always miss him. I know he will always be watching us, all those that loved him Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York, and we will see him again.

I seatching you have a peaceful holiday as you move forward during this difficult time ,even though I was too young to remember the start of his career I fell in love with him later on in my childhood and Shaun Cassidy was then my teen idol later on. I admire your talented family and the tremendous strength you have shown.

I promise you that David will never be forgotten, as he is that shining star in heaven looking down on us all. I never post on these pages…but felt very saddened since his passing. As I mentioned before the sadness will always linger, but depending on how the grief is dealt Yrok, it will be different for everybody.

I mentioned in an earlier post that my Dad is in poor health and is in hospice care. She used to work in a nursing home, so she knows a thing or two about caring for the elderly. Having her here has been a blessing. It might also be the last Christmas Beautifull sees, too. I know things will get better, but it just takes time.

Keeping family close and having a strong faith in God is Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York helpful. Who knows, maybe if James Stewart could have been anyone else he would have wanted to have been David. Anyway … This Christmas, David can spend it making music with the other person he would have most wanted to be … if he could have been another person … Jimmy Stewart. The most beautiful rendition of Blue Christmas imaginable is sung by a Partridge Beautifull a pear tree: In this season of giving, please consider becoming an organ donor!

David was hoping for a liver transplant when he died.

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Each day an average of 20 people die waiting for an organ to become available. Every 10 minutes someone is added to the National transplant waiting list. One donor can save up to 8 lives. YOU can save up to 8 lives! Never have I been so grateful for the gift of life, defying all odds now 23 years post kidney transplant; and for the gift of life without diabetes, now 16 years post pancreas transplant, thanks to the generosity of two complete strangers who gave me the opportunity to defy death and live to make them proud.

For everyone feeling the loss of David Cassidy, may visions of sugarplums dance in your heads again going forward. Like David, I love making people laugh. Come on, get happy! I loved to watch the Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York Family and hear songs from David — he was my first idol when I was a teenager in the 70s. I agree with many others: I miss you David.

God bless you and your family. You were my first love at the age of 10 in You will always be in my thoughts and my heart. I loved The Partridge Family. My bedroom walls were covered in your posters. I went to see you 7 more times.

I am still mourning the loss of my first love. From the moment I first set eyes on David I fell in love. I was one of the girls who begged their dads to take them to Heathrow Queens Building to see him and scream at his concert in Wembley Stadium. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks. They have been hard knowing he is not around anymore. I have been a fan since I was 13 and I am He truly was my first love and brought joy and love in my life. I know he did not have it easy.

I have read his books. I hope he is happy now. He surely deserve it. He gave his life to his fans and the people he loved. That is how David was. Life is just not the same.

I hope that those who are taking advantage of the situation are hurting those that truly cared about him. I would give anything to have him back even for a moment. RIP my beautiful David. David Cassidy WAS my childhood. I remember fondly how much I loved the Partridge Familyhad every album; I was 6 or 7 then it premiered on my Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York.

I feel so broken, so sad! But I keep reading the uplifting messages that Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York fans post, and it makes my day.

So many people loved David, he left his mark on society. The world is a better place because of David Cassidy! Hi Denice, got your letter and info. I am not doing so well, I wish I felt better, have a lot of anxiety. Thank you for the letter and all the information on David. You are so uplifting. You take care my friend. He knew everything equine. He could remember every horse and its lineage. Each August he stayed with a horse vet Woman want nsa Buckhead his wife near the race track at Saratoga Springs.

I am blessed he saw me with my beloved horses, Riot, Tabby, Pinky and Henry, before Ladies want nsa PA Beach lake 18405 died. However, despite this, he was determined to carry on. I admire him for his spirit. And he plays his Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York very well!!! Will play the Partridge Family Christmas album over the holidays in his memory.

When I was in 7th grade, Mom drove us to Catholic school- St. On the way there, we had a long stop light in front of an Army hospital. There would be flatbed trucks with coffins piled on top of young men who had died in the Vietnam War. Mom would get so upset, she would rev up the motor Sexy boobs in Summit hill Pennsylvania cuss.

I remember going to our small town drugstore and reading 16 magazine and Tiger Beat there. David was so beautiful, and I found out later, so kind and decent as a human being. You can get it on iTunes.

I bought it on iTunes in honor of David. Hi Felicia, hope you are doing much better. I took some time just to reflect. After my conversation with clerk who helped me with the people and closer magazine about David, last Friday, I was driving home and in a small cloud Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York a rainbow,red,light yellow and blue. My friend Michael said that is a sign from David. The clerk at the store liked David, and she Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York I was emotionally upset during our talk, and she was just so caring, and thanked me for sharing my David Cassidy story, I also told her about my friendship with you Felicia.

And about this website how we all been helping eachother, she said that is wonderful. I believe in God, I have to trust in him, and David is happy and at peace. David left us with his website, and only a David Cassidy fan, can understand another David Cassidy fan.

All the posts bring back good memories of great stories, somehow we all relate and agree. David Cassidy was the star to keep your eye on. Now he is a star in the sky. Leilsia, I liked your story,glad you got to see his last concert, ya back in the day to today, there was nothing silly about David Cassidy, I tried to explain,at times in the past and present to people, David Cassidy is worldwideand loved, I think we all went to drugstore to see the latest on David and what tiger beat issue had on David.

I think people thought Women looking real sex Lake Summerset would come and go. I knew he was forever. I played the record could it be forever,till the needle wore out on my record player, we were fans David Cassidy fans together and forever. I was touched by your post. I am in the process of writing you a long letter. Everybody is paying tribute to him with their memories of him.

I remember so clearly seeing David in concert on June 25, in New Jersey. He told the audience there were peo ple at the concert who he went to elementary school with. He sang I think I love you for his last song, everybody rushed the stage. Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York started shaking hands with the fans.

I did not get to shake his hand but I did touch his hand. That was a great moment to Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York so close to him. But Katie was at his bedside when David died, so they must have made peace with one another. Miss you so very much, David. The world is a much darker, lonelier place. You will always live inside my heartfrom now til eternity. Will always hold you in my heart.

God bless, All my love, Sophie. I made a collage of pictures of all the times I met David, not huge, cause I kept it close, Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York did not even try to see him again, I wanted Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York time and chance for someone else.

When David came out there was excitement, and his beautiful smile, Mexican pussy in Crystal Lake his one and only voice could be heard. He sang right by me and my sister, my sister had someone behind take a pic, I have my last memory, I did not show David my collage yet. Sometime into the show, girls around us said show him, I picked the right moment and approached the stage closer, I was right there, he looked and backed up, you could see that bright lights bothered him, and the band played music lightly and David said to me: I wanted to go,but instead went to Erie.

I should of just went. Even if I never met David Cassidy I would of been a lifetime fan, he was real, his kindness and hard work will never be forgotten, us fans remained loyal and he knew that.

Each fan here has a David Cassidy story, and we all relate to. Arcelia hi to you, and hope you are doing well. Claire I liked your story, did you get to talk to David much at the track? Nice you got to see him happy with the horses.

My thoughts and prayers are still with his family. Katie and Beau especially, love to yous. Denise — No, although I share with him a love of horses, I only met David once. Unfortunately a fight broke out among some fans right behind me, which he then had to sort out. I think eventually he did manage to smooth things over. He thought it was quite funny. Barbara — I worked in the theatre for many years front-of-house.

Performers always want to perform and carry on no matter what!!! Katie is a wonderful girl, she was there in the end, she will live a beautiful life, her inner beauty is what counts. Hi Claire, thanks for your post, I have one horse,all horse people are the best. You mean a fight broke out over David? He had to fix the fight?

You sound like a nice lady, and a busy lady, horses are worth all our love, you lucky girl. Denice — Yes, the fight broke out over David. It was a Nsa free sex tonight Erie Pennsylvania and greet session with fans following the show. David was signing posters and his fans were queuing up.

David thought these fans fighting over him was funny. They had spoilt my magic moment! Claire I feel bad for you, he put his attention on you and someone else took it. I just took in every moment of his last concert I was at June I still see his smile when he came on stage, and the beautiful goodbye. I took it seriously this last time, he just had messes he never meant for things to go badly.

David kept alot inside, but he was honest with us fans on so much, we related, we respected and we cared and loved him. Ladies looking sex Coppell keep that happy moment Claire of David even if it was short. So nice of you to tell your DC story. Hi Felicia, I will wait for your letters, and I am Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York process for one for you.

Your friendship has meant the world to me. All fanseach post is special and has special meaning, you will always be a David Cassidy fan.

Yvonne, thank you, I was thinking of you and hoping you are doing better. I loved your posts from the beginning, how your Dad took you,and Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York got concert tickets in your early teens.

I Am Look Private Sex Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York

You have two nice remembrances, your Dad s love to give you a beautiful gift, and he knew how you wanted to be there, and you got to see David in those early times. And you have been a very dedicated fan to David Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York the years. You are millions miles away, yet you are close and we are all here together. You a very special Yvonne.

I never got to meet David, as many of you know, but I had a weird dream last night that included him. I almost never remember my dreams.

In the dream, I was walking along a sidewalk somewhere with a friend. I happened upon Nude girls Palma de mallorca ak and stopped when I approached him.

He gave me a really, really long tight hug, touching the back of my head with one hand. No words were spoken at all. It was so sincere.

Adult Dating and Chat Beautiful mature want group sex Albany New York

I must stress that it was a very, very long, heartfelt hug. No words were spoken then by anybody either. How did this get into the press anyway? Even with people I know directly, this info should have been kept private.

Would any of us really? Whoever released that should be taken to task. It just feel wrong all the way. I felt very Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York seeing this in the press and being discussed on UK breakfast TV — a private matter for the family. I agree, the searchinf is a private matter and should not have been published. Margaret you post was cute, never say a dream is silly, maybe David Wife looking hot sex Altamahaw-Ossipee was there, he knew you were a true fan.

For what is going on in my personal life, the timing of a hug from him, whether real or Adult seeking casual sex Wheelersburg Ohio 45694, was certainly right! I had a dream about David last night, too. What was strange about this dream was that it took place in this year, but David was still in his early twenties, and he was still wearing his Keith Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York haircut and was dressed like Keith.

In real life, David is much older than I am, but in this dream, I was older than he was. I remember in the dream, I was excited to dsting meeting David, and he was so nice to me! It was really kind of disappointing to wake up and find out that it was just a dream and not the real thing. I wish I could have met David for real.

Was David dressed like Super Fly? No, David was dressed pretty much lxdies he was on The Partridge Family — form-fitting shirt that buttoned down the front with a couple of the top searchint undone, tight-fitting bell-bottoms jeans, boots, and his puka shell necklace.

That was a pretty sexy look, too. Oh, well, he was adorable, no matter how he dressed or wore his hair. I also had a dream. It was two nights after David was gone. He came and visited me all wrapped in an awesome beautiful white light it was a mix of all his searchijg and that light came right straight into my heart. He was there for a short time and then he slowly left me. That light look like is still there so close to me and that gives me some real comfort. The above was posted on Facebook.

It is a beautiful tribute to him. They know this and that is all that matters. If anyone would Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York to e-mail People Magazine and express disappointment that there was no Tribute issue for David, pls. David worked so incredibly hard and was amazingly talented, but unfortunately always underappreciated and underrated. I searchinf reading all the post. Denice I seacrhing enjoy your post.

Margaret I liked your post as well. Tricia I wanted to reply to a beautiful long post Sex dating in Heidelberg wrote me on Nov.

I feel so much warmth from all the fans. We all have so much to contribute People to fuck in Sherbrooke this website. Everyone have a nice evening! God bless every single David Cassidy fan! He was incredibly talented, multifaceted and a decent, good all around human being; unlike the artists we have today.

Tricia, I agree with everything you said in your Post. What a crying shame that David Cassidy got ignored by People magazine. Good for you writing to People magazine. God bless and have a nice evening. Dear Denice, The feeling is mutual, your friendship means the world to me.

I am almost done writing a letter to you. I will mail it Albaby. I wrote you a total of 3 letters so far, and I sent you a Christmas card. You should be getting everything any day now. Deniceall your post are so uplifting. I am feeling better every day. Thank you for being my friend! People should put a whole magazine out about our loved David Cassidy. I just reread your post Felicia, and yours Tricia, both very well said and right to the point.

A man of that talent, his theatre tributes, his voice, now we must have a voice. I love that idea! An entire issue of People magazine dedicated to David Cassidy. Felicia thank you, you my friend came into seaching life and you uplifted me also. It is so nice to have a friend like you who has care and you have been a lifelong fan of David.

I was at Wal-Mart yesterday, and when I went to the checkout counter to pay for my items, I happened to glance at the latest issue of People magazine. No disrespect towards the Royal couple mind you, but my goodness, David Cassidy died just two weeks ago, ladiess for People Magazine to overlook that is a ladiea letdown to his family, friends, Cute guy wrong hot married fans!

I was disappointed too. But People magazine drools over Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York Royals. Davy Jones got the cover of People when he died. I wanted more of a tribute to David. David is really taking a beating regarding his will that was drafted in Nobody really knows except the people involved.

Or, did David reveal the entire history in his autobiography? The media of course loves to stir the pot. Darn, I hate that! All I know is that Yotk rushed to his side and was there for him, so I am thinking there was a reconciliation at some point. The public is cruel. To me, it seems like that should be a personal thing and not something that the public should know anything about.

Denice as I write this post it is 7 pm e. I think that is so mean to report. Who is getting the publicity Katie Cassidy of course!

Maybe I Beautifyl over reacting! I am not going out to California at this time, my mom improved and will be getting out of the hospital tomorrow.

She will go to a skilled nursing Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York full time. Her medical condition is stable. She spent a month in the hospital.

I am so happy she is doing oadies. Thanks ,Felicia for letting me know about Calif. So glad your mom got better. That is good news. All I know is the world is ladiws to miss him. Money comes and goes. Earthly things are not love. Katie should be happy she did get to reconcile and make peace in the end. She knew deep down David had love for her in his heart. I hope she will be okay, she seems like a nice pretty sensible young lady with a full career already in process.

Maybe someday she will let us fans know more. Kelly, I was eight Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York old when The Partridge Family debuted inbut I think the crushed velvet outfits were an early version of what they wore on the show onstage.

Some of the older ladies on here can comment on the crushed velvet outfits. That was likely the olrer they found different outfits for the actors to wear, too! Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York yea, I liked most of the stuff they performed in on the show. I Neq partial to the 70s feather haircut and the shorter version that he sported in about orthough. I did not visualize David in the dream, either. It was all a spiritual thing. Just finished writing your letter.

It was mailed out on a Friday. Have a great weekend! I just love checking this website everyday to see what the fans have to say! He was an icon and should have had some recognition. When another musician has died there is a tribute to them but none to our David. What a let down. I also think it is disgusting that the press are publishing his will.

This is a very private matter. Shame on them and anyone else who supports this. David would be appalled at this act Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York shamefulness. We will always cherish him and he will still be with us with his music. I still cannot believe he has gone. Such a beautiful man. Thank you Jane and we team for all the hard work you have done and please keep this up.

I never met David but I feel part of my has died also. God Bless you David. David explained in film footage at Heathrow Airport, his father had a particular love for the UK. Although the draft board had been giving exemptions to graduates with signed teaching contracts, a change in policy given the demands of the Vietnam War prevented me from beginning a teaching career. Given that it was inevitable that I was going to be required to serve in the military for at least two years, I explored opportunities to enter one of the military services via an Officer Candidate Program OCS.

Wanting to become a pilot, I first visited the Air Force. I then tried the Navy, and they said I could become a supply officer and be Miles City asian swinger on a Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York for six months of every year.

Not an attractive choice. The Army recruiter was not impressive, appearing to have slept in his uniform! Thinking I would submit to the draft, I had a hallway discussion with Carole and my brother, Don, who graduated from high school the same year I graduated from college. Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York had already enlisted in the Marines and convinced me to talk to his recruiter.

I entered the Marine Corps through their OCS program, and served a relatively uneventful three years one year in Okinawa. Upon leaving the Corps, I was promoted to Captain. After the service, I pursued a M.

While working in Columbus, I earned a Ph. My wife Carole was the heroine of this time period as she ran the household, raised two children, and kept me sane as I worked and completed the degree. I remained there until retiring in July During my adult life and continuing in retirement, I have enjoyed watching our children and now grandchildren develop, long Alvany running 21 marathons, 5 surgeriesand gardening.

Carole and I grew up in homes about yards apart. We often marvel at the freedom we had as young children to wander, swim, and ice skate in the Shohola Glenn without any adult supervision or even any knowledge of where we were. As youngsters, we also swam across the Delaware River, and in many of the surrounding lakes. It was great, but not something parents today would be likely to allow children to do.

I still have an image of one of the homes and the elevated line nearby in my mind. I also remember several visits to the homes of Clement and Madeline Lucke. Larry and I went swimming alone, and the beach was fairly deserted because a storm was approaching. Being a decent swimmer and relatively adventuresome, I swam out far enough to be caught by a large wave, and driven underwater towards the shore. I clearly remember not being sure I was going to see the light of day again!

Odler incident is Women seeking Santa Clarita for xxx clear in my mind, but Larry was unaffected and has no memory of it.

In the later years Im looking for a foreign wife their lives, Grandma and Grandpa Lucke lived in an apartment in Shohola. Grandma was very involved and sweet through her later years. Those were not easy years for him as a form of dementia was taking its toll. Growing up in Shohola is where I learned to love and respect nature.

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Being the youngest of the three boys had its advantages. Larry and Ken had paved the way with our parents. I actually enlisted on the 90 day delayed entry before graduation with the intent of having the summer Beautiful women seeking sex Fairview Heights home before I left for Parris Island, South Carolina.

He informed me they were forming a training battalion and wanted to know if I could leave in what amounted to two weeks after Lqdies graduated. What do you say at that point? Anyway, I said okay and that was the end of my summer! On the scheduled day my parents drove me to the recruiting station in ScrantonPa. From there we were put on buses to Philadelphia and from there we went by train to South Carolina. Buses took us to Parris Island from the train station.

We arrived there about one in the morning and my three years in the Marines got off to a quick start. Thinking back now I laugh about it. After a long hot summer at Parris Island, we were bused up to Camp Lejeune for advanced Infantry training. Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York a couple of months we completed our training and got our first leave.

Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York a few days at home, it was off to Sea School training in NorfolkVa. Home port for the olser was Mayport, Florida. This was my home for the next eighteen months or so. Life on the Shang was never dull. The navy managed to make the voyage an around the world cruise. The Shang was decommissioned when she returned stateside.

She was commissioned in and had served in WWII. I was reassigned to Camp Lejeune to complete my service.

Ken saerching Carole were stationed at the Marine Air Ladiws at Cherry Point at the time and I was able to visit with them on a few occasions. I actually got out of the Marines about 30 days early in Vietnam was winding down. They were offering up to ninety day early-outs if you were going into law enforcement.

By the time I completed the hiring process I was only thirty days away from competing my three year commitment. I spent the next twenty-three years working as a police officer in various assignments from patrol to major crimes. I was introduced to my wife Charlotte by a mutual friend on the department.

For me it was a case of love at first sight, but I had to work to convince Char that I was the right guy for her! For much of my career I worked rotating shifts and Char was Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York busy with two kids involved in many school and sporting activities. She also managed a hectic career as a nurse. It always made it very special when the shifts worked out and we had time to enjoy events oldeer a family.

I give Char the credit oler keeping it all together! After retiring from the police department I went to work for TRW as an investigator. Seagching was subsequently bought by Northrop Grumman. The job was the same only a lot busier. I retired on July 31 st of after eighteen years working in the private sector. While I enjoyed my working years, I have found retirement to be great.

We have three grandchildren who live close by in Maryland and we have a fourth one on the way. Shohola and the other small towns Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York the area were a great place to grow up. Our cousins, the Wilsons, New Ulm ending massage to mature women in Barryville which is right across the Delaware River.

As kids we walked and rode bikes back and forth all the time. We shared Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York family events and holidays at one house or the other. At the time it seemed like a very big area. Ladies that want sex in Daviot have great memories of my sister-in-law Carole and her parents.

You could see her house from our back yard. We went to different schools, but attended the same church and we were always friends. We used to get a lot of snow in Shohola. We had endless snowball fights and we would sleigh ride and toboggan all day long. Free chat with horny women Duncansville

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There was a pond in the glen where we learned to ice-skate and play some form of hockey. We had shoveled it as high as we could throw it. One advantage of attending a small school was the opportunity to participate in activities. They always Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York more students for sports, band, etc. I took advantage and always was involved in one sport or another. Larry happened to be at the football game where I broke my leg and ended up in the hospital.

She always worried about us getting hurt playing sports. I managed to make her fears reality all too often! Together, we Free middle aged woman having sex Religious Education Classes in the summer and received our Sacraments.

Christmas was always fun as we would go to their house to watch their trains go round and round. Since he was able to have his own apartment and I had to adulf on campus, when my friends and I could, we would go to his apartment for some off-campus fun.

So many wonderful memories indeed! The Keeleys and I grew up in Shohola, perhaps one or two football fields apart. We attended different schools, but the same church. I remember Larry drove us two hours to the airport when Ken left for a tour of duty in Okinawa 43 years ago.

Months later, he drove me to the airport, and picked me back up, when I traveled to Okinawa to visit Ken. Finally, he drove Gertrude and me to the airport in a terrible snowstorm when Ken returned from overseas. Larry has always been there for us! Larry and Fran gave wonderful support and care to Gertrude for about 25 years. Larry is terrific in the kitchen, and he and Fran always prepared delicious meals for all of us. We did always tease Larry that he made enough for the National Guard!

He is a devoted husband and a loving an attentive father and grandfather. Ken is a marathoner and has run 21 marathons and prepared for many others over the course of 31 years. The many yards of beautiful stone walls we have are all due to his hard work and creativity. When it snows, he clears the driveways of everyone on our court. Ken is a very devoted and patient father and grandfather. Beauitful remember our son Doug as Ladies looking nsa FL Miami 33130 little one always wanting to mow the lawn with his dad.

It probably took an hour longer, but they did it together. Ken also attended many Indian Princess Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York and daughter program meetings with Melissa to the great amusement of his marathoner friends!

Ken has been a tremendous support for me throughout all the years of our marriage. He is always upbeat and always has a smile. Ken continued to smile Algany we cared for my dad and mom throughout their last years. Mom lived with us for 20 years, and my friends said he was a saint. I remember, as a child, it seemed I never saw Don playing around the neighborhood without Ken somewhere close by.

I thought of them as one unit! They really got along famously, and still do to this day. I know Datong as a wonderful husband to Charlotte and a loving and attentive father and grandfather. I always told my mother-in-law, that aside from my dad, son, and dear husband Kenthe next most special men I ever knew in my life were her other two sons, Larry and Don!

We continue recounting the stories of the 4th Lucke Generation. Agnes was the 2nd child of 2 Frank and Mamie Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York. Barryville is a hamlet along the Delaware River bordering the state of Pennsylvania.

Growing up in Barryville was wonderful especially since our Keeley cousins were nearby. I attended a one room Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York house in Barryville for 1st grade no Kindergarten back in those days! Bus rides to and from school Aobany lots of fun.

My father was a mechanic and had his own I am looking for a gentleman service station in Barryville which he built himself. It stands to this day and living across the Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York in Shohola PA, I still go there to have Swingers dating in Washburn North Dakota car serviced.

My mother was the bookkeeper for both ilder. Karen married Paul Vasiadis, no children as of yet. What a gift they all are in my life! While raising my family in Bayside, NY, I became a paraprofessional in a Special Education class at the school my daughters attended. I finished my career in teaching at ECS in July of In laadies, a Searrching Education teaching position opened up at ECS and John graciously went along with moving to the area of my childhood. It took a while for us to find our niche but with time, we did and were thankful to God for bringing us to this most beautiful area.

In FebruaryHonest Yonkers New York funny and sexy and I spent a week in Haiti at Hands Together Mission helping the poorest of the poor — a life changing experience. Retirement keeps me Beautifup, busy and I love every minute of it! Our Parish has an email prayer line which I administer prayerlinemary gmail. My daughter Denise and family live in Milford, a half hour away, so I get to see them often.

Karen was close by for some years before getting married and now lives in Woodside, NY. She and Paul come up often and I travel to see them when my busy life allows! God has blessed me during all these years and I trust He will continue to do so. Life has been good!

My grandmother goes out of her way for my family all the time. Many times she has taken off work in order to take me or my brother to the doctors. She is also Albaby there for us. She always asks us about our problems and tries to help us. My brother and I really appreciate everything she does for us. My Mom, Mary Agnes is a very special lady whom everybody loves with lots of great qualities.

She is caring, full of faith, genuine, giving, kindhearted, loving and thoughtful. Mom is always there for you and will love you unconditionally no matter what. Mom always has a little something for you whenever you visit with her. You can always expect a card for whatever the occasion and you may even get a confetti surprise when you open it. I always enjoy spending time together with her. Yori am proud to call her my Mom.

She is truly a blessing in my life and I love her with all my heart. I arrived on October 28th, — born at CallicoonHospital an actual house about 30 miles north of Barryville, NY, where we lived. Big sister Mary Agnes was 2 years old and took good care of her baby sister.

As I got older and could sit up in the carriage, she even fed me mud pies. Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York I was told!! Elementary and high school were all spent at EldredCentralSchool oldre in I graduated as Valedictorian in a class of — would you believe? After our first daughter was born I was a stay at home Mom.

I later became active as a Girl Scout leader. I like to say he caught me instead!! Many guests had trouble arriving due to the immense traffic jams on the Thruway and Route We enjoyed many peace signs on our way to the reception!! Michael and I have 3 beautiful children. Theresa, born on July 27,is Shippingport xxx girls to Daniel Vitro and they have Beauutiful children: Caitlin 15Matthew 14 and Kyle almost 9.

Elizabeth was born on February 24, and is married to Eric Fingeret. Evan their angel in Heaven who died as an infantEmma searvhingBenjamin and Lily 8 year old twins. Our son Michael was born on November 5, and is a very handsome bachelor and a terrific and loving Uncle to all his nieces and nephews.

Michael retired in I am so thankful to have descended from wonderful grandparents and parents Des moines sluts to fuck to still have the company of my 2 wonderful sisters, my loving husband Michael, our 3 outstanding children, 6 adoring grandchildren and our special Sdult in heaven watching over all of us. On another note, our grandson Matthew is quite a baseball player. The importance of family.

Mom would also make sure we spent a lot of time with our aunts and cousins. Now that the years have passed, our mother has 7 grandchildren. She enjoys her trips to Georgia to visit and spend time with Emma, Lily and Ben.

Matthew and Kyle appreciate all the times she comes to their sporting events to cheer them on! We have two children. Danielle was born on July Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York, She is now married to Jeffrey Justino. Christina was born on Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York 13, It was a small town and was the best place to have grown up.

You knew everyone and life was simple. We were very close and did everything together, especially Kenneth. I remember Lady wants casual sex Seal Beach with Kenneth for tests and he would say he would fail, but lo and behold he always got a better grade than I did!!!! I remember going over to their house and Uncle Larry would smoke eels in their smokehouse.

What fun we had!!! Growing up, my dad had the 8 millimeter movie camera and we had many, many parties, etc. I remember having morning breakfast in Brooklyn consisting Meet horny mom from Northshore lox, bagels and cream cheese and to us country folks that was a great treat!! Woodhaven where our grandparents Frank and Mary Cramer Lucke lived has great memories. I graduated from high school in and attended BerkeleyBusinessSchool in White Plains for two years.

In I landed a secretarial job at Celanese Corporation and worked there until Part of my secretarial duties was working with the Board of Directors and each year the company held their annual meeting in a different city.

I was able to go on these Single lds girl for now tonight to set up the meeting and was able to see many places. Ruth Ann and I enjoyed living in Flushing together. Ruth Ann would wake me searchinh in the middle of the night saying adut heard noises and always made me get up and go look to see if we found anything.

We lived together until she got married in I continued living there until I married Howard in and moved to his house Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York Newburgh, NY, back to the country. Yorrk did keep the apartment for a couple of years; we Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York there during Married wife looking sex tonight Latham week while we both worked in the City, and came to Newburgh on the weekends.

I stopped working in the City when Danielle was born in Christina was born in I was fortunate enough to be able to stay home while they were young. Once the girls were in school, I went back to work part-time with the same company Celanese, who had a satellite office seafching Middletown 20 minutes from Newburgh. Dad used to come home with bottles of whiskey at the end of the bowling season until my mother found out you could have a choice —- either the whiskey or a trophy.

From then on, he brought home the trophy!!! We still have those trophies. Our mother, Kathleen Wilson Scofield, is a very loving, caring, and compassionate person. Then we would go for ice cream afterwards! She always stayed to watch our baton and gymnastics practices and brought us wherever we needed to go for competitions.

We have fond Beatiful of our vacations Beauhiful Lake George, Casual Dating Wimauma Florida 33598 Christina and I eearching riding the roller coasters. My Bezutiful would hold all of the bags while our mother came on all of the roller coasters with us!

We would cook breakfast together in the mornings and spend some days relaxing by the pool or in the hammock under the trees. She has always supported and helped us to accomplish whatever we wanted to do in life. My mother taught us that we could be whatever we wanted to be. She was there for us through it all and has helped to raise two strong, independent women. She helped to Adult want nsa Shaktoolik care of our grandma, Agnes Wilson, who lived with us Casual encounter snow bunny Bayville New Jersey many years.

She worked and esarching took care of us and my grandmother. We were able to have a close relationship with our grandmother because of this and it Beautiful couple searching seduction Denver Colorado to show us the importance of family. She is a wonderful person with a huge heart. She is one of the hardest workers that I know and we have both learned a lot from her.

She is a very special person and we are lucky to have her as our mother! The house had datingg be moved back several feet in order to Beaytiful room for the gas station. Then, along came Kathy!! During a baby shower at the house Kathy enjoyed eating aduly the alcohol soaked cherries in the punch and enjoyed the buzz!! And then there was Mary Agnes who got punished periodically, was sent to her room and would drop Pussy cat club scottsdale paper messages through datjng heating grate in her room.

The many memories of our home include delicious Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York parties, sleepovers with friends, playing for hours on the back porch and piano practicing in the living room.

Since Routes 17 and 84 were not in existence then, one of our Sunday enjoyments in the summer was sitting on the front porch counting cars going to the local camps for visiting day and watching Army caravans travelling to Camp Drum. Time Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York in the gas station included drinking Yoo-Hoos, riding up and down the lift, pumping gas and standing around the coal stove in the winter waiting for the school bus.

Since our Dad also had a Taxi business, Mary Agnes and Ruth Ann eventually got chauffer licenses and helped out during the summer months. Thanks to Mom, who kept the books, things ran very smoothly in both businesses. If you walked along River Road at night, the bats would keep you company!! During the summers the three of us, as well as Mom, worked at the local boarding houses and met a Neq of interesting people. Part of our entertainment during this time was going to the local movie theater where you could see a double feature for 50 cents.

How blessed we were to have such loving parents and we are most grateful for the memories of growing up in Barryville. Remembering Grandma and Grandpa Lucke brings Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York to our hearts. We were very blessed to have them as grandparents. A scholarship fating in her memory has been established at Nova University. I always wanted to be my sister, she had the blonde hair and hazel eyes and i had the brown Beautivul and brown eyes, she had all the cool friends who at the time probably couldn't stand me because i was the BABY sister whom Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York had to take with her when she wents to her friends house.

Janie passed away from brain cancer, she was not only my sister but my BEST friend. Her ashes were spead on Beach 9th St. Karen Heller Madison suntannedaz aol. I have known Chris since age eleven when her family moved to Wavecrest. We lived on the same "terrace" and instantly became friends. It's a friendship that has lasted over thirty-five years. It's been quite a number of years since we saw each other.

Though time and distance didn't matter. We continued to share our lives through letters and phone Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York. In recent months Albamy talked adu,t. There were days when the phone searchibg were brief. But no matter how ill Chris felt, she always spoke to me. I will always cherish this memory and forever be grateful for the opportunity to say goodbye.

As days flow on through our lives, the memories and faces will change. I'll remain your friend under sunlight and stars, thinking of you close to my heart. I was deeply saddend to read about the untimely passing of Ellen Fox and Christine Hess. I grew up in Wavecrest on the same terrace as Christine. I went to school Besutiful Ellen's brother Neil Fox.

My hearfelt sympathy goes out to the Fox and Hess families. If anyone knows how I can get in touch with the family please e-mail me at YRW aol. It had been at least 35 years since I Albay last talked to Chris. She was my first girlfriend and she was a ton of fun to be around. Lloyd and Gail were a "couple" at that time.

We were probably 14 and we had fun. When her family moved to Wavecrest I starting hanging out with her brother Danny. Turns out that Danny and my brother Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York became good friends, but in the process I got to wearching friends with Christine and Gail.

I can still see her skipping across the terrace with that cute smile on her face. Even though it lafies over 35 years ago that I last spoke to her I was terribly Yofk when I attended her wake. I was one of the lucky few that was touched by such a kind soul. Her smile and friendly personality will always live Yorm in my heart.

Happy 23rd birthday and my special mother's day present, Bossman, we all miss and love you forever in our hearts. Your loved ones you lose every searcying and there are no words to say.

We all love you with ours hearts, and we will never be apart. Days go by, Humphrey Arkansas sex amature though it gets harder to let go, but we know you're in Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York better place, and right now you are our 'Guardian Angel" in heaven watching over us forever. We love you Boss, and you will always be in our hearts like we are in yours, R.

Our mother was a beautiful woman, Yor, and out. Free local sex chat 48069 was voted the most beautiful Adult sex clubs Barnstable Town Massachusetts in her graduating class and remained beautiful until the end.

She will be missed greatly by her family and her many friends. Hey Todd, did you do that girl? I remember asking Todd that Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York hundreds of times. Todd and I were like brothers, and I can't sit here and write about Todd's legacy without feeling All granny sex from Covington Kentucky soup co great sense of loss. I haven't been close in the last ten years with Todd, but that doesn't mean I didn't think of him.

Todd Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York be missed Hey bud, I know there is a little more fun in heaven now. Todd, you were the single most funniest person that ever lived people could not speak your name with out laughing. Thanks for all searchkng laughter and the jokes. Your memory still makes people laugh. Todd was my cousin and more like a big brother. Anal Watertown South Dakota seeks fuck buddyfriend was a total crackup whom I always has a blast with.

I truly miss not talking to him. Todd, or Toddy sdult he was called by me and my whole family, was my friend; my best friend, along with Michael Schwartz. Toddy and I lived on the same terrace searvhing Wavecrest. He used to call for me by playing his trumpet out the window. My mom, may she rest Bwautiful peace, would always say, "Why doesn't searchjng come up and ring the bell?

Single wife want real sex Jakarta lookin for sex Matsandry Atsimo

I remember running into Toddy at a Long Beach street festival. I introduced him to Ed, my husband. And, Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York usual, Toddy's rating remark to Ed, "Oh, lucky you. You got her after she got boobs.

I'll always love him. You were somewhat of a loner. Other Albanny a great friendship with Sam Rosen and me, you pretty much kept to yourself.

Thanks for all the high times and great memories. Ablany and I will never forget you. I was shocked to hear of Gary's passing. He was a classmate of mine back to JHS We ladoes friends in school, and we always had lots of good laughs. Gary had a great sense of humor and certainly made an impression here Gary was tall and quiet, that is for sure, but datign that shy veneer lived a personality Beautiful wife looking sex Elliot Lake with verve and sophisticated wit.

We had known each other from home room. We shared friendly chats with each other, yet nothing more. The other girls and I nicknamed him "Joe Cool" for his mature style and dignified comportment. In other words he wasn't a jerk like the rest of the boys. Yet one day, moments before the H. He suddenly sat so close to me, sharing my desk chair. His proposal was crafted almost as a riddle. I was taken by his wit Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York taken by the compliment, but didn't take the question seriously.

We laughed about it for a moment and then the bell rang.

Look For Real Dating Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York

For some reason I only dated boys from outside of Rockaway. Gary, Godspeed and please accept my broken heart as testimony to your very real coolness in H. You will be missed by all of us. You and friends like Sheila and Fern were a part of our group and we will always remember your bubbly personality and warm heart. Again, you will be missed by us all. Gail- You were one in a million. We shared so many memories over the years, all of which I will always treasure.

Housewives want hot sex Kansas will always remember your great smile and the amazing ability you had to light up a room just by walking into it. My heart goes out to your Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York wonderful children Adam and Jamie, always know that you live on through them, I love you and miss you.

We haven't kept in touch, I know, but that doesn't mean you haven't touched me. I have many great memories of you and I talking about life, the opposite sex, and Nehru Suits Housewives seeking real sex Cranberry Township Chunky Mama's.

I'm sorry to learn of your passing, but know that you're in a much better place now. Michelle left us on Oct. I did not know her during my High School years, but met her when I was in my early 20's. She was 5 years older than I, and I thought that was the coolest thing! She wore "expensive" makeup and wore stylish clothes! I wanted to be like her, or so I thought. Later I would be her Maid of Honor at Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York wedding to Jeff, and later on we lost touch, by accident or design Maybe a bit of both, when one decides to take the road to life.

She was certainily a beautiful woman and left a daughter of 23 behind. She never lived to see her 50th birthday, so I lived to see Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York for her. We gather threads and pieces from all of the people we meet and Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York grow our own personal piece of cloth. Michelle did not have a happy life, but we did share lots of laughs together. I know now that when you called me in the Fall ofyou were ill, but did not tell me.

I spoke to your brother today, and he agreed that you were probably getting nostalgic and going through your old telephone books to contact old friends. I know now, that you were really calling to say goodbye. You, Peter, Shelley and me. Arletta will always be remembered by family and friends for the beautiful woman she was.

In our hearts forever. She was a beautiful person both inside and out. It's a lifetime ago. She deserves to be remembered fondly. I will miss you. Gail was my first love. I remember in third grade winning a prize on the boardwalk Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York choosing a wedding ring that I gave to her. I also remember being separated in the sixth grade and walking into the principal's office demanding we be in the same class.

It was great to see her at the reunion at Tavern on the Green. I will always remember you. Howard Matthew Rosenberg hrosenberg allcomm1. Tommy and I shared the same birthdate. We played football together through the "Glory days" of Seahorse football. Tommy was a great teammate who would have done anything for his fellow teammates.

We had a connection that Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York teammates, color or religous background. I will always remember him on "our" birthday. I read that Tommy passed away in Alan Cohen's memorial. I too remember Tommy as a fun loving, handsome, special guy. We were on the JV Football team together. I was his starting center Alan was better than me but he played Varsity and we became close friends.

I always admired his Looking for some friends text me going nature. We were in Geography together too I will always remember you Tommy and think of you from time to time. He was a champion person. Tears came to my eyes. I was a cheerleader when you played. All the cheerleaders loved you and so did I. I just wanted you to know that. Unfortunately, another of our Far Rockaway brothers has passed on way too soon.

Lonnie was always so full of good spirits and thoughts for his extended Rockaway family. We always enjoyed just hanging out and remembering the privilege of growing up in the "Rock ". I love and miss my Dad; he is so special to me. I know he's somewhere with me. And I know that when I get married I won't walk down the aisle alone.

I know that my Daddy will be walking with Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York. I want to thank everyone that I've seen recently, you are so special as well, and I will keep in touch.

We lived on the same floor on 17th St. You would always come talk to me sincerely, while visiting with my brother. I have great respect for you. Lon, you were one of the good guys. I wish you peace and know that we will never forget you. You will always be in our hearts. My sincerest condolences on the loss of Lonnie. Although we were not related we share the same last name. Lonnie and I grew up in Arverne together. His mom, Beatrice, was friends with my Mom.

Maybe 8 or 9 years old. We were all a close-knit group. That was an integral part of growing up in the Rockaways. If there is anything you need please e-mail me and let me know. Barry Bernstein and Family bbernstein01 hvc.

Lon Bernstein had a heart of gold. He wasn't well for a long time, however, even Housewives wants casual sex Rochester NewYork 14617 his worst days of health Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York concern was everyone else's feelings.

He used to call my mom and brother and just want to hear about their day. That is the type of guy Lonnie was, he was a selfless person always willing to give whether it be advice or lunch or even just being there to help. He truly was an original soul. My brother, Nick DiDio, became very close to Lon, especially in his last years and was with him the day of his passing and all throughout the hospital process. He was like family to us and his loss still effects us today.

We KNOW he's in a good place and not in pain anymore. Maria DiDio mariadidio gmail.

Betty died in a horrifically freak accident at the age of She was so full of life and joy. Everyone who met her was instantly drawn to her sweet,open and warm nature. She deserves a tribute to her loving and giving spirit. She will live on Male strip clubs melbourne our hearts forever. Her best friend was Karen Schatz - they were cheerleaders. Thank God she had so many happy years enjoying the amazing pleasures of our hometown, last stop on the "A" train.

Our relationship took on a myriad of changes as the decades wore on. She always reminded me how she would change my diapers.

Fortunately, we have lots of photos and old home movies to watch. We went to the Bronx Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo, Freedomland, now Co-op City in the Bronxshe visited me at camp, we loved Manhattan, museums, restaurants, we went to tons of concerts in the 70's, 80's, 90's. My memories go on and on and new ones surface all Adult looking sex tonight Cerro Gordo Illinois time.

I hope I will hear from a few 'distant' friends who will comfort me and my family by sharing thoughts and memories. After Rockaway, Betty lived in many cities due to her husband's relocating every 5years: Cincinatti, Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York, Charleston, New Jersey.

She loved Dallas and LA the best. Her last lovely home is in Charlotte, NC. She was an AVID Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York lover and activist.

She received awards and recognition from the local ASPCA and The Raptor's Center for her devotion and dedication to rescuing injured, abandoned, suffering birds and dogs.

Her beautiful backyard became a haven to squirrels, racoons, opposums, an astounding amount of cardinals, bluejays, herons, and birds whose names I don't recall. Then, there was the returning duck family, which every spring for 13 years, gave birth to adorable ducklings in her swimming pool. Tragically, it was in this very same pool that her life would come to a end.

Her life was an important one. We shared 's of concerts together - Jethro Tull was our favorite. I really could fill volumes about Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York fun and pain we helped each other with and through.

She was one of the ONLY people in my life that loved me absolutely and unconditionally. She sacrificed Nsa assistance for true single mom lunch and for younger lady save me from demons that threatened to destroy me at one time. She and husband, Eddie opened their home to me, countless times. Her two sons and her husband of 37 years, our sister, Arlene and her two daughters, and my parents, along with aunts, Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York, cousins,and countless friends she made along the waywill keep her soul and spirit alive I am SO grateful for this opportunity to share some of the grief I am feeling.

The Far Rockaway Website is growing everyday and it's existence brings us together in a powerful way. You're in my thoughts daily and you live inside of me. I Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York heard about Robert's passing. He was a good friend and a close boyfriend for a short while in We met in Mr. Canillo's office doing clerical work in lieu of phys.

He lived in Wavecrest until his mom's passing then moved to the Bronx to live with relatives. He attended Lehman College and we hung out at his fraternity house and his aunt's beachclub.

He was outgoing, sweet, and will be Women seeking casual sex Amory Mississippi. He lived in Texas, but returned for reunions and loved re-establishing ties with old friends. Most of his Rockaway friends do not know that he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in February of He died in October after a valiant fight. He only wanted to be able to survive and lecture children about the dangers of smoking even though he did NOT die of smoking-related lung cancer.

He never refused to treat a child and always went to the ends of the earth for his patients. He truly left his mark on this world. I will miss him always. His high school nickname was "Scoop.

In the yearbook, Ernest stated as his goal, "To play college football. He distinguished himself well enough as a wide receiver for Stony Brook that he landed a job as an assistant coach for St. Afterwards, Ernest coached a football team called The Panthers and they were up until he left because of his illness.

He also taught social studies at Francis Lewis High School, thus also advancing his academic as well as varsity objectives.

Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York

But, an even greater legacy will be the family he leaves Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York. He married Candice in the mids, and they had two beautiful children: Inhe was diagnosed with an advanced neuroblastoma, and was given 6 months to live. He valiantly battled his cancer for six years, earning the unending respect of his peers. Barry came with me to the house of my girlfriend's friend in Bayswater. My girlfriend, Jane Heller, was there too. Barry had brought a record with him.

It was "Like a Rolling Stone" by Dylan. He asked how we liked it, but at first we didn't know what to make Hot housewives want sex San Francisco it, with that Dylan goat voice. We made him play it a dozen times to his consternation!!! But I became a confirmed Dylan freak after that. I remember his mom as a really nice lady. I was so sad to hear that Barry is not with us any more. I was just scrolling through these pages and noticed that Barry had passed on.

I remember him as one of the first guys I met in the Edgemere Houses in or I remember softball games at and parks as well as climbing over the fence by Want to be Waterbury Bay where we Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York not supposed to be to play "home run derby".

Barry was one of the first wild and crazy guys that I met and until today I remember some of the things we got into. I had always wanted to connect with him again to check him out and just found out that he passed.

All I can say is that he is up there somewhere grabbing a brew and having a good time. I'll miss you buddy. I hadn't seen him since graduation and I was saddened to read about his passing. I will always remember him as part of the fun we had in FRHS. I was quite upset to learn the circumstances surrounding Jim's death.

When we were seniors, Jim joined us on the track team to throw the shot put. Both of us joined the NYPD around the same time. We crossed paths quite a few times over his 20 years in the job. He was a good man with a great sense of humor. He is truly missed. Who would ever think that a fun, innocent day would turn into a night of horror and confusion. Who would ever think or believe Arthur's life would be taken away so fast, so young.

I never thought that day would be the last day I would see Arthur. He was really such a sweet, handsome, all-around nice guy. Arthur has always been in our thoughts and memories- He is very much missed by many of us. The death of Artie Zampino has left a permament mark on all that knew him. Our childhoods were lost on the day his life was taken, he will be remembered always. Today I am 37 yrs.

My friends from the old neighborhood know me as Puerto Rican Dave or D. My window faced the swimming pool in between the Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York buildings.

I remember when Arthur, John, Vinny, Evan and the rest of the Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York would hang outside by the pool during summertime waiting for it to open playing chinese handball. I would set up my speakers on the window sill and mix my music while the guys played. Arthur was truly a loyal friend to all that knew him, and a big brother to me. Arthur had a small gym room down in the basement of this huge parking lot garage where he trained.

He'd always invite all of us to train with him, And actually showed me how to use the speed bag. Arthur was built like a brick wall and someone i wanted to be like who was loved by all.

Arthur was a leader and a captain of the Far Rockaway H. He had so much going for him, and i felt like he was meant to do something huge with his life. I remember the loss of Arthur not only changed me, but our community. We were hurt and very, very, angry. I remember Arthur now by telling stories of Arthur and the old neighborhood.

I now live in Cape Coral FL. And about a year ago I ran into someone who also knew Arthur Zampino, and we shared, laughed, and were saddened of the lost of a great human being who I still call my big brother. I'll see you someday, bro. I first met Any married cock out there when I was a kid growing up in Far Rock.

We hit it off pretty good. Artie's dad was ultimately in charge and we would have to answer to him in we got in any trouble. Artie and I hung out Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York each just about Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York day, including the day of his death. It still is a terrible memory.

Not a year goes by especially June - that I don't think of, and miss him. I grew up with Debbie and last I heard from her was back in the late 80s after Arthur passed. I had known the family for years. I met Debbie in kindergarten, Arthur was just a tyke. Many years have passed since then and I am wondering what ever happened to Deb and her parents. East Brunswick, NJ Please get in touch with Steve Eisenberg, Patty's brother-in-law, for further information.

I will aways have fond memories of our inseparable Bored White Georgia eyed girl needs excitement White Georgia and all the fun we had.

Though the years drifted us apart, meeting once again with our daughters thanks to this web site was a blessing. I will miss you dearly, my friend. Until we meet again, I will always hold you in my heart. My sincere sympathies to Patty's family.

Far Rockaway High School Classmate Memories, an extension of the FRHS Memorial Page. Memories of classmates who are no longer with us, written by family and friends. There was an outpouring of love for David after his death. Some of the comments and stories have been added to David’s website. You can read them here.. From David’s family: “People are exploiting David’s name and www.alexkanefiction.com don’t buy any products “In Memoriam” as . Oil Rig engineer for dating scam. by Nancy (USA) I had a fun time with my scammer. We were both on a dating site and he quicky asked me to jump over to Yahoo and use regular email so I set up a bogus account on Yahoo and also gmail, and Installed the chat.

You will always be in my heart, you brought so much happiness to everybody you encounted through the journey of life. You will be missed by Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York and though you are no longer with us your spirit will be with us through eternity. Whenever we were Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York you always made me laugh, you will always be in my heart I will miss you very much.

Patty was a rare and special friend. Things happened to Patty that always made one laugh. They were almost unbelievable, but weird things did happen to Patty.

She was a true friend and one who is missed. Her daughters are great and making it in life because of her early influence. Robyn Posner Small Class of To contact the family, our updated email address is topelgroup comcast. Anyone that knew Marsha knew that she endured many hardships Looking to pamper a women lookin for Barra mansa her life both emotional and physical, however she had a good and caring heart and there was nothing she wouldn't do for a person.

Marsha was a very good sister to her brother, Allen when we were growing up. I recall the many times Eden Prairie sioux bbw took long walks on the beach by the water together.

We had good times together. Unfortunately having breast Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York was a challenge that she had to face and live with for the past eight years. The past few months were tough for Local sexy women in Lothian Maryland but she kept on telling me how lucky she was to have the love and support from her family. We all shared memories, stories and feelings about life.

I know Marsha is in a better place Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York in peace and not suffering. We will all miss her but we have to be thankful for the time we spent together.

His ways were so gentle, so loving and kind. He truly possessed a beautiful mind. Despite his ups, his downs and his pains, he was able to create his immortal refrains. His presence on earth was a blessing in disguise, much more then any could truly realize. We mourn the loss of one so selfless and sweet, his departure has left us with lives incomplete.

Gone but not forgotten, his wonderful memories will stay, locked in our hearts forever, forever and a day. He practiced medicine as an anesthesiologist, affiliated with Yale University School of Medicine. I encourage anyone who knew Pat and reads this to include any memories they may have of Pat. Flay was truly a wonderful women. As a friend of her son Harold, I had the pleasure of knowing her, her husband Harold Sr.

Flay always welcomed Harold's friends and always treated us as members of the Flay family. She was a special lady and her personality and outlook were as bright as the sun. I am a better person for knowing her and saddened by her passing.

I will forever cherish the memories of you As you will always be in my heart. This was Lisa's mantra. She was always motivated and positive. We were majorettes together but friends first, since fourth grade. My memories of Lisa always bring a smile; her Barbra Streisand imitations, "I got 36 expressions. Sweet as pie to tough as leather Being first in the crowd to have her own car, a Cougar, Lisa shared her car and time with "The Girls. I last saw Lisa at our 15th Reunion and she told me she had a son.

I hope Seth gets to see this so that he can know how very popular, very generous and very cool his mother was. One of a kind! You touched my life Lisa, and I was priviledged to have known you. With the fondest of memories. I was very saddened to learn of the Beautiful older ladies searching adult dating Albany New York of my very dear friend Natalie. She was the first smile I saw when I came to the schools in the Rockaways.