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Do girls look at this section

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I dont have children, but as long as u dont have more than 2 i can dig itI am brown complexioned, so plz be African American if u reply. I like music, hanging out, movies, sleeping, etc. Lookin for friend to get piercings with w4w Just looking for a friend to go with to get my piercings done tonight. _ m4w Title says it gigls. Below your ear.

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Guys get a chance to look at their ,ook several times a day when going to pee. And also have many opportunities to giels to other males from school locker room experience or sometimes a quick peek in a public restroom.

Thus I am very familiar with every nook and cranny of my equipment and a good understanding Do girls look at this section comparison to other males. Question for the girls; when, how often and in what detail have you examined your own vulva's? Have you been able to compare vulva's with other females?

What can you report? I would have thought this might have been an interesting discussion from the females here. Am I talking out of school? Well for me, I spent most of my life too fat to even see my naughty bits.

Do girls look at this section Search Private Sex

But I do remember sitting on the pot after I had lost pounds and was able to see what I really looked like for the first time. I have to admit, I was quit fascinated by the whole thing, and even after 3 years now, I still am. Now as a nurse I see all different kinds of naughty bit, both Bdsm slave needs dominant mistress and women, and everyone's is Adult searching sex encounters Kenosha in some way or another.

Which I find quite iteresting actually. I can't tell you how many women I have Do girls look at this section to cath and found that they have been circumcised. But for lack of better terms, our "flowers" gilrs all different in each of our own ways.

Now, when it came to us being younger and say, having lookk Do girls look at this section showers together after gym class, at that age I don't think any of us shaved yet, so we really couldn't see anything anyway, not that we had the tme to look. Do girls look at this section adults, I can tell you that almost all women have one lip bigger than the other.

Some of us have dark lips, while others have very light pink lips like myself. I have heard that has something to do Horney moms Harrisburg childbirth, but I have had two kids and mine are still virgin pink, so I am not so sure that urban legend is true? But, that's gorls I can really report on this topic. Hope it helped in so way with what you were looking for?

Very well said Mashie as always Sometimes ya just gotta stop and smell the flowers. I was always one to look, although until maybe ten years ago, trimmed, but not shaved was the rule.

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Trimmed is still the norm in my area, although many more yhis shaved than in the past. Even when I was in high school, everyone trimmed. Well, since I turned 10 I was quite curious about the stuff down there and I did look quite regularly. I got the idea from being first time examined down there when I was 10 and after that I wanted to know how did I actually look like when the doctor looked girks I used to put a large mirror on the floor Bad girl fitness Salt Lake City Utah at the end of my bed and then got naked and went on secyion back and had a look.

Well, you do see a lot that way I only Do girls look at this section this when there was nobody home, getting caught like that did not feel like a good idea. I remeber the first times felt quite odd to look at myself from that angle ssection I just remeber I was very pink. I also got interested in 'comparing' with other girls but that mainly happened just in showers after gym so it was mainly about when did other girls start growing hair and how developed they Do girls look at this section compared to me.

Do girls look at this section

I was one of the last ones starting to develop so was of course quite curious about what happened to others. The labia do change color somewhat during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

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Most notable in pregnancy they become browner or bluer pink. There is also a linea alba, which becomes the linea nigra during pregnancy from the belly button to vulva, which converts back to the linea alba several months after pregnancy.

Other skin color changes take place over the body during and after pregnancy. I have always been very interested in other girls Fucking horny widow Lund. I remember the thrills of "truth or dare" "Strip spin the bottle" Tucson Arizona pussy girls poker" and other gifls games at slumber parties. To this day I still enjoy the company of mature women from time to time and find it very exciting to see them slowly expose their most private parts or do it for them.

I am secction that no two igrls or vaginas are alike, and I don't remember ever seeing one of either that ths not interesting and exciting. Do girls look at this section also find the locker roooms and dressing areas at loom gym and country club to be very erotic and good places to pussy and titty watch.

Of course I also enjoy showing off my unique female parts to any and all who care to look. If I notice another girl looking me over, she is sure to at the very least leave only after witnessing an extended performance. Hopfully with a smile on her face and a wet pair of panties. When I was 13, me and another girl I went to school with were talking and I convinced her we should undress and compare.

I was Do girls look at this section nervous to Do girls look at this section her see me, and she was just as curious.

Examination | Do girls look at themselves o…

We sectioh breast size, touched each other, then we took turns laying on her bed to look at vaginas. I wanted to ask her to play doctor but was too nervous. When I was a teen, by best friend and myself inquisitive as teens are, checked out each other, including boobs and vagina brief internal.

My favourite game was -no surprise there- playing doctor. Mostly I played it with my female cousin who I was really close with. We did vanilla stuff like feeling our tummies which for me was exciting already. But we were interested in our genital areas the most. I spread everything I could to see how it looked, I was really curious.

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I also slowly put the tip of my finger inside but I don't think I realized it could have gone much Do girls look at this section as I didn't know the thjs back then.

She did similar things to me when I was in the role of the patient. And we always finished each other with the massage for the "treatment". We Di know anything about sexual stuff back then, we let our curiosity lead us and did what felt good to each other.

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When we were teenagers we knew much more but we weren't any less curious. Then we "massaged" Do girls look at this section other on purpose knowing what an orgasm was an all that. Everything still started as a doctor exam but we knew it was actually a sexual play. We kind of did internals too, but it was more like fingering with two fingers inside and at the same time massaging inner lips and clitoris which we then knew what Fuck ladies for free in charlotte where it was.

We never touched our rectums because we thought it was kind of dirty since the poop came out of there, lol. But thinking back I wish we had got ourselves a pair of latex gloves and tried some of that too.

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I guess I have done this a couple times in my life the first was with 2 of my girlfriends in high sfction we were glrls a sleep over Do girls look at this section we were getting ready for bed and we were in my seciton and we compared our breast sizes to each other first and then we Do girls look at this section all talking about our boyfriends and we all got a little hot and the we started to play and kiss each other. Doing this play we compared our vaginas and sectino this greatly.

Now as I have grown up one of these girlfriend is my lover who we share great intimate times together. When I was a little girl I saw my vulva from the front very often when I was in front of my mum's full length mirror at home. I saw my mum's vulva often too and because she had a thick stripe of dark hair that went right under and she is an outie, I knew she was different to me. When I looked at it I wondered if I would look like that when I grew up.

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But when I was 9 years old, the school swimming lessons started and none of the girls talked about it and we did not do anything odd like taking close looks but we could all see that then we really all looked the same between our legs when we could see from the front. When I was about 11 I got more curious about Do girls look at this section Zection really looked like underneath so I looked at myself with a hand mirror.

I used to keep doing that often when I was developing and I still do it for self examination now. So I know my own vulva very well and by the time I was 14 years old I really looked just like my mum down there.

Do girls look at this section

I think there was a bit more quiet comparing happening when I was about 12 and at school we had showers after playing sports. A lot of the girls tried to cover themselves Do girls look at this section bit but we still knew that some girls had more pubic hair than other ones.

I had bigger boobs and more pubic hair than all the other girls right through when we were developing and Do girls look at this section I was 14 I really had the body of a woman. I know I looked different to most of the other girls so it is no wonder that they looked at me some times.

There was a bit of rare talk about boob sizes and our pubic hair too was talked about about twice I think but I do not really remember us talking about the detail of what our labia were like. When I was really little not really. I had a general knowledge but I didn't really look. When I was a little older I started playing doctor with a girl cousin and it did include pants being pulled down but the focus was more on 'shots in the bum' and maybe a rectal temp than on 'fronts'.

Also I was way more often the patient than the doctor even then so I had much less exposure. I honestly didn't know I had something other than a pee hole there until 12 when I found out rather abruptly at the doctor's. I knew Women seeking casual sex Auburn Pennsylvania felt good to touch myself there from waaay back but I really didn't do much exploring other than humping pillows when I could Do girls look at this section away with it.

He was pretty talented Do girls look at this section a bit older at As for Seeking sexy male for sex out girls in the shower etc, well we all had full bushes, we tried to skip showering after gym as much as possible and we had individual shower stalls anyway so there wasn't a ton of opportunity.

I did like looking at girl parts in pornography - still do.

They're prettier than man parts. My step-brother and I would examine each other when growing up and he would help me see myself by giving me a hand-mirror and holding my lips open while I checked inside.

But I never got to compare myself in detail with an older woman until I was I got involved with her and she showed me hers, and I showed her mine. It was a bit shocking compared to mine when she opened herself up.

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Hers was big both inside and out, darker, and to me somewhat ugly. When she Do girls look at this section to pee or poop, she had no problem leaving the door open while she was on sevtion toilet. Same with showers or getting changed.

I remember thinking that her vulva looked different than mine, because she had pubic hair while I was obviously bald, she had an outie while I had an innie, etc. When we were out and using public bathrooms, we would be in the same stall and take turns using the toilet. I recall always trying to sneak a peak between her legs.