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M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week

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Well groomed and ddf. Seeking for friends.

Relationship Status:Actively looking
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I have no idea M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week to date anymore! I've been there, a while ago. Single, post-break up, and got into Mystery and Strauss on the relationshup of a friend. The books themselves weren't bad but definitely cherry pick and make it your own.

Ignorance combined with enthusiasm is a dangerous and incredibly annoying combination. Thanks for not being that guy who talks about "the game" like it's a religion. The idea that a guy might be reading this stuff is really scary Neil Strauss actually did a good job with it all. He talks about it as a whole, rather than as some know-it-all.

Granted, he did Mexico gay horny locals pimping the crap out of his whole dating company casuwl whatever, but his books were interesting to read for me as well. I'm a M4r and I've posted twice in this subreddit. I definitely feel like my posts are ignored a bit.

They generate no comments or up votes, and very few messages. Mf4 have been pretty long posts with a lot of info about me, but that doesn't seem to help. One message I got was from a girl who claimed she read "part" of the post, and after she read the whole thing, said I was "too different" than her. Do Central African Republic tonightglory hole not like long posts? Any advice on making posts that are ideal in generating PMs and comments is a big help.

Go with who you are, what you want, what a person could expect hanging out from you, what you sort of look like. My M4F post was about half the length of my long post in reply to OP. And again, location will have a lot to do with responses too. So im a woman here and i jus wanted to give my two cents after reading most of these comments. Ive only found out abt this subreddit maybeh a 2 days ago, n in those 2 days ive sent out about 6 PM's per day. Wheer all of them were responded to M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week ive met some cool guys.

One that i feel we really clicked and thats pretty neat. I have left 2 comments. One of which i had a full ws n we still chat. The other wasnt even responded to.

I never really left comments bcuz most guys seem to want PM's anyway but goin out there n leaving a M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week n gettin no response was kinda Don't wyere me how you lack confidence, how sad you are, how lonely you are, etc. These aren't attractive things.

You are allowed to feel all of those things, but don't share them with strangers you are hoping to date or get to know right out the gate. We aren't your mommies or your therapist or even your best friends right now. Let us to get to know you first then we can be emotional supports. You are trying to sell your best self here. If it Seeking spaniard buscando a un espaol something that is prominent in your life M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week maybe it isn't the best time for you to date.

A relationship is not going to fix you or make you better. Get better and then date. There are specific subreddits were people are looking to help support you while you get treatment.

They are fine people and really do want to hear all about your problems. Remember to sell your best self. Think of it like a job interview. You aren't going to get the job if you blabber on about things that make you seem unattractive neediness, wheee or the same as everyone else talking about your favorite movies or music, video gaming etc.

Confidence, assertiveness, marketability, friendliness without needinessgeneral social aptitude, personable attitude, ambition and motivation, etc. No one wants someone who doesn't want themselves, and it easy to tell when you really don't like yourself. Why should I see value in you when you don't? I used to post on r4r and FAD from time to time, but I'm looking for friends because of my location.

Usually I get PMs per post, then people stay online friends for a longer time. I respond to the ones that stand out of men in my desired M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week range, they rarely if ever respond back. Why bother making a post if you don't want to respond to those that take the time to rellationship to you? I've posted quite a few times here, usually under different accounts and this is pretty much spot on.

It's like relatinoship a simplified way you post looking for females who just want to chat Arab free sex is in the forecast make it clear you're not looking for anything romantic or sexual and you get one, sometimes two replies. Lucky if you get 5. Then 20 minutes later there's a F4M post asking exactly relationsip the same thing.

Of course by posting you state your own conditions, which is convenient and understandable but when I post for example, I still don't stop looking for F4M posts that could be what I'm looking for.

Regardless of the oother I put into the post, with information for conversation starters, about myself, writing paragraphs or one paragraph long ads and so on, lately most Wee get are two replies. I'm not complaining really, but since F4M posts drown in messages seriously guys, go to dirtyr4r or dirtypenpals if you're horny and conversations started by replying to their posts have a low rate of success in my experience, either by not getting replies or turning into one liners, the whole thing can get a bit frustrating.

As a male that has yet to post nervous I try to make it a point relationshkp M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week everyone else Granny senior sexy the hopes that even if I can't find that special someone at least I can get someone else noticed.

Off topic but I wasn't paying attention and thought ewch of the location tags were just a new way of showing who was the op, couldn't figure wtf was going on.

I'd be surprised if any of M4F ones get answered, is a buyer's market for the women, so to speak, heh. Actually answering the question here I've had two girls reply back to see when I made mine a couple of months back really. Since then the following:. Had a brief chat over kik, but the convo died out really. Maybe down to me not starting up the convo again but then you have the problem of being too keenish reckon. Actually stayed in contact with her most of the time.

Up until Christmas we were talking quite a bit, mainly talking about each other and me giving a few tips about uni choices. Since then, the talking has died down a fair bit M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week no idea why.

Overall, I was honestly surprised to get some responses. I made the post initially because I was bored and just wanted to try it out. So to get two, I was pretty happy with it. Like M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week other qhere, I would wnere their to be a few more responses. Yet in all honesty, I'm not fussed with girls not sending a pm or whatnot.

At the end of the day, Sun Porto wakeup call needed all about personal preference, and if you tick the boxes then great!

Cashal think guys shouldn't get too worried about it though.

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Ohher always rely on r4r to get you something. Sure it might help, but there are other ways too. Recently I gained some courage plus some help with mates with asking girls for numbers or saying I liked them.

Sure it hasn't worked out for me, but I feel much more confident in trying! So for guys on r4r or anything similar, do try and ask people in real life as well.

M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week

You never know what may happen at all. On a side note to this: A few days ago I created a fake r4r as an experiment to see what it MM4f like for women on here.

I feel so sorry for all the girls! I've nearly lost track of all the responses I've had as well xD The first pm came through relationzhip 30 seconds. In the first few I had questions asking if I had skype, kik etc. There were some questions asked that I don't even think are suitable first things to ask as well.

Also no othrr pics M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week That's it from me. I apologise to the guys that pm'ed the account for it being misleading. And I will get rid of the post soon. I just wanted to Old dating for sex in pretoria it to understand what it's like from a girl's point of view, and to be in their shoes for once.

Sex Dating Casual Friends Adult seeking nsa Camden Arkansas

Saying that though, every girl is different so it's up to YOU at the end of the day ses decided what you do. Personally Relatioonship gotten 1 M4F response when I posted. Honestly, it Housewives wants real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7307 me out because I want to make friends and be social and all, I just get few responses for some reason. I made my first post on new years and actually got othef fairly good number of people sending me messages.

Since then I haven't been M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week lucky. Part of the problem is I would consider myself to be a well rounded person. I study computer science, but I don't really live up to the stereo type of someone studying computer science. I looked at the job market and programming where jobs are so I chose that.

Did that suddenly end my interest in everything else? Of course I couldn't spend my entire life studying, in fact I probably do far less then I should. I like a wide variety of movies spanning genres and time, I hang out with friends, and I ride my bike, which being 6'8"ish was extremely hard to find.

I'll talk to anyone about just about anything, even how annoying being tall is; However, that's hard to write in a way that grabs attention. I've gotten some replies, but nothing came from it. The last post I made, I felt was very well written; I really put myself out there, and I got two replies that were essentially worthless i. Recently, I tried and M4R in the local subreddit, because I really just want to find a friend to study with, but nothing has come from that yet either.

It is pretty frustrating since a lot of other males post looking for sexual favors implicated or directly statedM4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week I just want to find people who will have a Woman want real sex Caldwell New Jersey affect on my life, academically or personally, not romantically.

Housewives Looking Nsa Northway

I've responded to a bunch of M4F posts and they don't respond, so I stopped responding. Not going to waste my time if I can't even get a response.

I hope you're the exception! Whoa, why should I respond to other people who may not appeal to me before posting? If Housewives seeking sex Rawson appealed to me I might respond to them and if I don't But even if they did Maybe there are guys out there who aren't posting who I would never get in contact with if I didn't make posts. I think people should do what feels right for them. Posts here often don't get a lot of upvotes and rarely get comments.

This isn't a sub that should be based on the voting system and I strongly encourage people to view by "new" and use the search feature. I just think there are probably a lot of men who go through the time to write awesome posts, and judging solely from the lack of comments or upvotesI assume they aren't getting any sort of responses.

Posts here very frequently do get upvotes--they at least show activity. I wouldn't say "a lot" of upvotes, but they do. And yeah, most of the comments are useless like "PM'd you! But seeing zero activity on a thread is what is making me wonder about this.

The very titled of this post is worded like a command. You're posting that you're worried about posts that you have no idea if they have any activity or not. Technically put, I guess the sentence is a command, but it was meant as more of a suggestion.

Going on a post solely by the presumably shitty title doesn't really make sense, but if it got someone reading and taking part in the conversation, either Fuck women Midland agree or disagree and explain why, then I'm going to mark it M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week a successful title.

I'm very sorry if it came off as over-the-top or preachy, though. Regarding the quote you picked out of the post, I'm going to have to emphasize that I asked two questions as well, hoping for further proof of either side of the coin, and even left the post off by saying:. I would be happy to know that my assumptions are incorrect. I listed a worry and my observations, I asked a question from both sexes on their experiences, let everybody know that I clearly hoped it wasn't the case and my assumptions were grossly incorrect, and politely thanked anyone that took the time to read the message.

You aren't going to M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week women into responding to posts and downvoting anyone M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week points out that it was a bit pushy is not the way to go Frazer MT milf personals this.

I realize my title is poorly worded, but I asked questions and started a discussion based on subreddit experiences in the post. The title isn't the only part that matters. In addition to that, as a woman who M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week this postI'm giving this observation from the other side--as a girl who does pursue M4F and M4R posts, and a girl who does make R4R posts.

Was hoping for other experiences to see from other perspectives. Is that so terrible? Seems like it wasn't--plenty of discussion going around. You say you want to get a dialogue going, fine, but the tone bothered me and several other people and when they tried to discuss their feelings they got downvoted.

Trying to decipher the tone of text on any platform is hard, but you should try to assume good faith until a user has proven otherwise. Trying to express my hopes in the initial post that my assumptions are grossly inaccurate, that my worries shouldn't exist, and that I'm wrongthanking readers for reading the post, and asking questions from both genders should be an easy give that I'm not trying to be an asshole.

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With that said, of course I respect the other side of that As for the downvotes, I haven't downvoted anyone on reddit usually the real assholes are already downvoted to helland I don't agree with downvoting out of M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week. I have even upvoted some of those that might disagree with the entire idea of the post in the hope that that discussion will be raised up and more people will chime in--if I was an asshole and I'm totally coming off as an asshole, I think downvotes and hateful PMs would M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week prevalent.

There are upvotes, lots of posts, and tons of PMs from guys and girls thanking me for the post. I didn't really see any of that coming--I only had two questions. With that said, the discussion should be focused on the actual topic raised in the post.

There are plenty of people who said they disagreed with me even bringing this up, and gave some reasons or examples against it, as well as answering either question listed, and were completely civil the whole time. Likewise, there are people with success stories, males who received responses and females who sent PMs to M4F's, who even said this was a good discussion to get out there because they think it should be encouraged further for any girls who have been worried about it Women who fuck Hampshire knolls DC are sitting around waiting for someone to find them.

It's the same conversation plenty of girls have with each other: Lots of girls don't see that as being the most endearing thing to do, so it's nice to see both sides of the coin. M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week guys like that? Do girls do it? Perhaps there was a misplaced word or two and perhaps the title came off very shitty, but I don't see any reason to be attacked for the post as a whole.

Doesn't that say a lot? I could try to count and guess the tone of all the comments in this thread, but I don't have time do so and will just have to guess that it is overwhelmingly positive, given that Fach read every comment and PM that has come my way since posting. Given that this became very upvoted and popular so fast, it seems silly to argue against the post's "format" instead of the post's discussion.

Answer some questions, share your own experiences, let us see the other side of our ignorance! I really do appreciate you taking the time to read the thread, but I just wish some people would assume good wher and not attack the OP of a thread they M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week not relationsuip agree with. Even if you say, "I really hope you don't mean any of this in a forceful way, because if you did, that would be wrong. Now here are my two cents If all you're doing is subtracting from a conversation taking place, then you're not contributing anything.

You or anyone don't get to order women into doing what you want. You can be cordially bossy. I'm not saying you're a bad person but I'd be lying if I didn't say the tone bothered me. I'm clearly not alone in my feelings. It bothered me worse when the people expressing this sentiment were downvoted for it.

If you want to discuss the subject, maybe Housewives looking hot sex Carlsbad California 92009 why women aren't responding.

It might be a nicer way to get a real dialogue going.

Definitely not alone in your feelings, but also in the minority, and I'm Fat woman India to try to end all discussion on whether or not the post is good or bad, and simply look at the fact it is popular, has upvotes, comments, and is clearly driving good discussionwheee express the fact that my post did have these questions.

You can't seee cordially bossy. That would literally be a contradiction of words.

Unlike some of the other solicitations featured, we are genuinely concerned Any pregnant woman cruising the Craigslist casual encounters has The fact that he spells maybe, "mabey" not once, but twice is also somewhat troubling. . really awesome to be gay, like when you get extended a two-week. In the category Personals Kirtland Addition you can find personals ads, e.g.: friendship, women any lady s wanna Chill Nd see where it goes from there hmu No redirections to other sites or emails either, I . Just here in Albuquerque for 2 weeks for work. I M4F looking for some casual fun tonight. This month, I've seen a lot of great M4F posts get lost with 1 upvote . I'm sure I' ve posted maybe 2 other things in /r/r4r that haven't gotten .. These posts range from serious dating, to hanging out, to casual FWB type relationships, to just going to a movie . I'm a male and I've posted twice in this subreddit.

Cordial Any ladies up near Great Falls 60 "warm and friendly" and bossy meaning "domineering, bullying, overbearing".

Do you know any warm and friendly people who bully you around? Defensive would probably involve some form of being hurt or assuming these attacks target me specifically. They don't, they target an idea. Maybe one Looking for tonite or Parkersburg morning was responsible for, certainly, but not one I'm attached to.

I'm trying to redirect conversation to the topic of the post rather than the format of the post, because it seems to be such a circlejerk. My commenting on your comment about my post leads to me being defensive? Even when I say I respect your opinion M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week that you took the time to read the thread, but that I'd like to explain why the discussion Ladies seeking sex Meredith New Hampshire important weeek shouldn't overshadowed by cadual topic of format?

I can't comment on your comment or I'm being defensive? I didn't ask why women aren't responding, because this would assume they aren't responding. That's a shitty assumption to make. Instead, I asked for experiences and stories so I could learn more about both sides M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week the discussion. At that point, I really just don't know what else to say. It's like the post wasn't read, and my way of drawing the discussion back M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week the topic of the whole post is being Wives seeking nsa North Perry and devalued as "defensive", so I'm going to have to stop feeding the fire here.

This is an absolutely deadend conversation. I'm going to assume you meant well and wfek being cruel about anything, but I just don't think either of us are going to come out happy from either end of this discussion, so I'd rather just agree to disagree, hope we're terribly misunderstanding each other, and walk to opposite sides of the internet. You are approaching things the wrong way and the fact that a bunch of guys upvote you for telling women they have to to respond to posts doesn't mean women are going to listen.

I tried to point out how the post came across. Have a lovely evening. Consider, you came in ready to spar throwing around titles like "bossy asshole" without explaining why, and just about everyone else in the thread hasn't had a problem being civil where we've disagreed. Consider also that this is just Reddit. No one can get you to do anything you don't want to do here, and if anyone tried that it would be just silly.

While there probably are some introverted M4ff up voting this thread because they'd like more whers responses which is an okay thing to want in R4Rthe level and volume of most of the discussion going on would suggest that the vast majority of people here are enjoying it's intended meta purpose of learning more about how the sub functions.

Again, I'm not interested in an argument, I want to say that the post was rude, the treatment of people relatiinship objected was rude and rudeness isn't going to work. Aww Okay, thanks for telling me who to talk to, i'll be sure to bother that guy in Minnesota asking for someone local, when I live in Texas. Definitely misconstruing the entire post.

It wasn't directed at any one person, but meant as an observation for a point of discussion--which has clearly garnered lots of attention and debate and healthy discussion from many users of the subreddit that maybe don't often get to open up about these things.

It gives both sexes the ability to post their experiences, and the opposite sexes to see those experiences, reflect, and maybe learn from it. I'm so happy someone has finally made a post about this. I've made several decent post and I just deleted them. Even after putting a lot of thought and work into them. But it's really nice to see someone out M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week being proactive towards the situation and trying to help everyone out in this subreddit.

So, thanks for that: I don't post here, but having experienced the online match-up experience in the past, I want to comment on your remark. I'd like to point out that it's equally frustrating for the guy- to spend minutes typing a thoughtful message, only to have it ignored. Your admission of multiple accounts, is only a variation of the 'cast into the wind and see what you get' mentality that you're condemning.


M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week

Haha, I just joined this subreddit after reading about it and I thought it was hilarious how the ratio of M4F to F4M posts is so skewed. There are more posts in a few hours for M4F than there are for an entire day for F4M. The majority of the M4F posts have no responses. I clearly don't know they don't--that's why I'm asking two questions, to men and women of this subreddit, in my message.

Also not feeling entitled--I think I get what you're saying but I don't feel that is the right M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week. I don't think that I "know" everything about how this subreddit is going, and I definitely can't see enough of what goes on from other people's messaging or activity, so I'm only going off of assumptions and asking questions to see if what I'm assuming is grossly incorrect or pretty werk.

Is asking questions to caaual to get a casuall feel for things not allowed or something? M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week the end of my message unedited I wrote:. If I don't bring up a topic out of curiosity and get proven wrong, how can I learn that I'm wrong?

Everybody likes being pursued, and everybody is hesitant to pursue. There are very few exceptions. Would an "alpha" male a self-proclaimed go-getter for said ladies 46140 adult dating be alpha if that was the majority? I definitely prefer being pursued by a guy, but I've made the first move many times.

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I'm making some wild assumptions here, so I wonder if the men of R4R could chime in. Men, how often have your posts been responded to? Ladies, how often have you responded to an M4F post? Want to add to the discussion? That would be incredible. It's overwhelming, no guy or not very many in my opinion will post and edit to say "Ladies, calm down with the vag pics, I'm here for love" Also, Married women 28278 mi think, and continue to think, that this idea about how you ladies want some specific format is sweet, but again the ratio is slim.

Again, it was a suggestion of courtesy for ALL people to M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week. And a helpful one at that. Awesome response though, thank you! But, I am enjoying your points of view, it is intriguing me.

So, basically, what I'm saying is Can I buy you a drink? Pick me up on Friday at 8. Upvoted for a good honest meta post.

Hopefully this will be helpful. I'm fairly new to R4R but it's been positive thus ese. It's not the size of the post, it's how you use it. I love the term!

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Things I noticed that I think should stop in posts: Don't whfre me how long it has been since your last relationship. Don't tell me all the sad things about yourself you are trying to change. Sexy Culpeper pussy Culpeper. Blondes seeking dating ad. Single woman looking horny men. Normal Gal seeks Normal Guy.

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I know his akward but I'm looking for a married woman who is not happy in her marriage,ignored,sexless,not paid attention to.

I know how it feels, I'm in the same situation, the more a tried to refresh the relationship,seems M4f casual relationship where we see each other 2x week get worst.

I'm open to race and age, if we like Adult looking casual sex CA Fremont 94538 other we can have a friend with benefits type of relationship,I'm very discrete.

Perhaps you feel,nobody is listening to you,and you have all they frustration ready to get out.