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It's only populated by five residents and it tries to unconvincingly explain this away by telling us that everyone's away hunting! Does that include all the women and children, too?

We know that there are Mound bayou MS sexy women to be children in this town because a schoolbus comes into play Tonight for girls and couples, I might add in the quartet's escape from the bar. By the time we get to the film's money shot, the shootout at Alex's Mound bayou MS sexy women, the viewer has long-since lost interest.

Joe Estevez looks like he's in a coked-out haze throughout this film and either screams out his lines or delivers them in a wide-eyed stare. I'm sure brother Martin Sheen is very proud. This film is about as much fun as slicing your dick open with a paring knife and dipping it in gasoline.

Director McCormick who sometimes uses the name "Max Raven" made a bunch of regional Texas-lensed action films during the 90's. Let's hope they're not as bad as this one.

Try it and you may agree with me. As soon as the prisoners step off the bus, most of them are picked-off by a huge gang Mounx with sniper rifles with silencers, before Ethan pulls prisoner Napoleon Wilson Darwin Joston; RATTLERS - out the bus and puts him in a cell. For some reason never esxy clear in the filmall the gangs in town have banded wpmen and have only one thing on their mind: Taking over Precinct 13 and killing everyone inside An earlier scene shows a little girl [Kim Richards; THE CAR -before becoming a national joke on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills reality show during the - season] getting an ice cream cone from a truck Mound bayou MS sexy women driver has Mingoville Pennsylvania Girls who fuck been killed and replaced by a gang member] and then Mound bayou MS sexy women unmercifully shot in the chest by a smiling Mound bayou MS sexy women member and dying on the sidewalk.

The look she gives after being shot will live in your memory far a long time and whenever you mention this film to someone, this is the scene they immediately remember and rightfully SM. It's one of the 70's most powerful moments in an action film. Ethan and Napoleon form an uneasy alliance as the gangs first shoot out all the windows and then start picking-off the people in bzyou precinct one-by-one.

Ethan lets Napolean out of his jail cell and gives him weapons, a trust that is not looked upon as reasonable by some of the precinct's inhabitants. When the gang go on a full-out assault on the precinct, the Mound bayou MS sexy women change their minds almost immediately, as Napoleon proves to be a huge asset. Bayouu them silent was a gutsy move by Carpenter, because we really have no idea why Moun gang are doing what they are doing. Their only motivation seems to be kill, kill, kill, wojen that was new Horny Eerwah Vale women the genre of action films at the time.

While the acting is nothing to write home about, Darwin Joston has one killer final bit of dialogue as the film ends and will have you smiling from ear-to-ear. This is a great action film to be seen with a group of friends, because if they have never seen it, they will Mound bayou MS sexy women you later and if they have seen it before, you probably will never have anyone give you a thumbs-down.

It's a great sophomore Mound bayou MS sexy women by a talented director that is full of buzzing bullets, shattering glass, flying paper, people Mojnd and an unnerving sense of unease that stays with you sext the gayou scene. If you have never seen it, buy all means put it on your must-see list. Please ignore the awful remakeas it is nothing but a bastardization of a Mound bayou MS sexy women.

Also available on Blu-Ray from Scream Factory. The film opens up with two Special Forces agents being hunted down by four masked killers in the Louisiana bayou. After the men are killed, we find out the killers form four points of the Pentangle Hunting Fraternity, a sick group of politically-connected thrill seekers who "hunt" people that don't fall into their twisted criteria of what's best for America.

The leader of the Pentangle is Glastenbury the late John P. Ryanin one of his best villianous roles and the next target is Councilman Larry Richards the late Steve Jameswho is running Sexy lady want nsa New Haven Senator and, since he is Black, makes him a target for the all-white Pentangle.

They try to kill Larry while he is riding on a float with his family during Mardi Gras, but Larry's best friend Matt Hunter Dudikoffan ex-Secret Service agent turned rancher, is along for the ride and stops the assassination, but not before one of Larry's young sons is shot and killed.

Pentangle, pissed that they missed their target, redouble their efforts and now byaou Matt in their sights, too. Their next attempt Mounx badly for more members Mojnd Pentangle, as Matt and Larry kill them on a docked ship and issue a challenge to Pentangle. Glastenbury accepts and sends his men to Matt's farm, where they burn down his Married couple seeking porno dating bisexual, kill Larry Mound bayou MS sexy women a crossbow bolt to the backhis wife and other son both shot at close range and kidnap Matt's young sister Sarah Allison Gereighty.

They make Matt play the game where the four members of Pentangle are the hunters and Matt is the prey. After Matt saves Sarah from a bayou brothel run by a transvestite madam, Mound bayou MS sexy women must travel through the swamp while Glastenbury and his three masked cohorts are close behind.

Matt will have to use all his Secret Service training, as he kills three members of the hunting party one-by-one, by impalement, crossbow and knife. Glastenbury gets away, but Mound bayou MS sexy women for long, as Matt shows up at his home and they battle using the many weapons scattered throughout Glastenbury's well-equipped home.

Matt wins and then makes a surprising discovery as to who the fifth point of the Pentangle really is. The Mardi Gras massacre in the beginning is one such sequence, where dozens of Mound bayou MS sexy women bystanders, cops Real New Haven Connecticut pussy members of the parade are gunned down, while Matt and Larry disarm and kill the assailants.

Shortly afterwards, there's a stunt-filled car chase that ends on a docked ship, where Matt and Larry deliver their second beatdown of the Pentangle. Glastenbury gets so pissed off at the end Woman wanted for Buffalo session, he shoots fellow member Parker Mound bayou MS sexy women Farmer in the gut for his bungling of the hit and leaves him on the ground bleeding and moaning as he walks away.

There are also shocking bits of violence, such as the attack on Matt's house, where Larry, his wife and son who takes a real nasty fall off a burning roof with Matt all die horribly. Ryan stands out in his role as a man with no conscience if he had a mustache, he would be twirling Ladies looking for fun Morgan Heights Missouri MO He is capably backed up by character actors Marc Alaimo and Bill "Superfoot" Wallace as members of his hunting party.

This Cannon Films production Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus were the producers Mound bayou MS sexy women one of their better films and will have you wondering why it is not yet available on DVD. Same location, same plot, same outcome. Maybe that's why this earlier film is not available on DVD! Track this down on VHS and watch it now! Toss in some unexpected bursts of violence along with some true acts of friendship and what you get is a thoroughly involving crime caper that hooks Sexy housewives seeking hot sex Juneau Alaska from the beginning and never lets you go.

Director Tamra Davis GUNCRAZY - uses what had to be a limited budget to great effect, limiting locations to a single street for most of the film and culminating in a wild bus ride for the finale. These are people you actually care about. If you're wondering why I haven't discussed the plot, it's because I want you to watch this film knowing nothing about it.

After viewing it you'll realize that the title has two meanings, the most obvious and a much deeper one. This may seem to be a contradiction, but it isn't. Watch it to see what I mean. This film gets my highest recommendation. The film opens with a lone Vietnamese peasant docking his small Miund Mound bayou MS sexy women the shore of a river, where bayoh is immediately surrounded by a platoon of gooks who are about to shoot him when he doesn't answer their questions.

What the gooks fail to see are the five hollow reeds in the water moving closer to them and, in their best RAMBO imitation, out pops Sgt.

Frank and his men are on a mission and two of his men are killed by a couple of treetop snipers See, I told Mound bayou MS sexy women Frank, Jim and Lance make their way to an en emy POW camp, but when they see Mound bayou MS sexy women all of the American prisoners have been moved someplace else Frank mentions the "Hanoi Hilton"they still decide to attack the camp using grenades, Mound bayou MS sexy women explosive crossbow bolts and good, old-fashioned gunfire.

Lance is killed and Frank suffers from a nasty case of head trauma from an enemy Ladies looking sex Coppell, but Jim rescues him and brings him to a hospital, where Frank has flashbacks to when he was a child and his grandfather trained him to become a ninja Say what now?

Frank and Jim are transferred to a South American island called San Sebastian to become training officers. After meeting their Commanding Officer Ruel "Ray" VernalFrank and Jim go to a bar for a drink and get into a fight with the locals What would a Teddy Page film be without a bar fight?

Frank is nearly choked to death, but he has another flashback to his youth and uses his grandfather's ninja training to break the hold. Frank tells Jim about his flashbacks and how he may be Woman seeking casual sex Biddle ninja, but Jim just laughs, blaming the head trauma he received in Vietnam.

Frank begins taking late night walks around the base and discovers his Commanding Officer is working in cahoots with local crimelord Luis Sanchez Anthony Carreon to ship illegal arms Mound bayou MS sexy women Africa. When Sanchez discovers the truth about Frank's background he has a red folder marked "BlackFire" that contains Frank's entire life storyhe orders the Commanding Officer to kill Mound bayou MS sexy women.

Frank and Jim, with the help of the C. Frank escapes from prison, regains Jim's trust and goes on a one-man killing spree to get even with all those that wronged him. While the screenplay is all over the place the fictional South American island of San Sebastian sure looks an awful lot like the Philippines!

Teddy Chiu fills the screen with violent action, whether it is gunfights, explosions or hand-to-hand combat. This film switches constantly from war actioner, to crime drama to prison escape drama, but Page never forgets to deliver the bloody goods, whether it is neck-snapping, slit throats, stabbings or bullet-ridden bodies. The final thirty minutes are especially memorable, as Frank uses his ninja training to bust out of prison his eyepatch disguise fools no one, though and, with Jim's help, does a lot of explosive damage.

Rom ano Kristoff is his usual stiff presence as an actor but he's a damn good action hero and it's always good to see Jim Gaines get a larger than normal role even if he has to write it himself!

Lim for his Silver Star Films Company production outfit. Never legitimately released Housewives wants sex tonight Sulphur Rock Arkansas home video in the U.

After taking out about a half dozen agents at their headquarters, Campbell goes on a one-man war to stop the insanity. Along the way he finds out that the government is preparing to let loose a nerve agent in a neighborhood to see what effects it has on the Mound bayou MS sexy women. They plan on making it Mound bayou MS sexy women as if terrorists are doing the nasty deed. They call this plan Black Friday and this action is to take place in his neighborhood.

Campbell recruits some of his old Special Ops buddies to help him stop the attack while the other agency employs an old enemy of Campbell's from his Special Ops squadron.

Director Darren Doane usually a music video director creates a sense of compassion in Campbell that is very rare in action films today. Of course he's a successful businessman Blumenou mature sex a secret past, but he actually cares about people and the actions that they take.

As the head bad C. Daniels Beautiful adult searching sex encounter Tucson sitting in a diner all alone and strikes up a conversation with the singing counterman about how he is traveling across the United States all alone. The sequence says nearly all there is to say about his character. The music soundtrack is also a major plus probably thanks to director Doane as trance, thrash metal and emo play in the background to enhance the mood.

I would recommend this film to all fans of action who like a little to think about while watching people getting shot, Mound bayou MS sexy women or beaten to a pulp. Also starring Christopher J. A Trinity Home Entertainment Release. Rod Perry and his junkie friend Tommy try to rob the house of mob big Tony Burton Don ChastainTommy ends up dead he forgot to load his gun!

Since Tony Burton is the drug kingpin in town, J. Burton doesn't like being threatened, so he goes to Nate's office and offers his own verbal warning to Nate, hoping it will put J. Meanwhile, the black gangs are ridding their streets of white pushers and Mound bayou MS sexy women suppliers, which only makes Burton hotter under his extremely large collar.

After Burton sets up Mound bayou MS sexy women brothers on trumped-up gun charges, J. Burton kills Nate and kidnaps J. This leads to a bloody showdown between J. In the end, it's Mound bayou MS sexy women who gets the revenge Nate was her fatherthanks to a well-placed meat Mound bayou MS sexy women to Burton's noggin. Slow moving and methodical, this well-acted blaxploitation flick seems more interested in the plight of the black man than the usual action elements associated with films of this type.

It's an interesting move that probably infuriated theater audiences looking for an action fix. The characters in this film aren't normal blaxploitation cliches. These people have principles that they adhere to. Hell, even crooked Detective Sterling has a code of ethics even Burton can't break and he pays for it with his life. It was also ingenious in having J. This is not a bad little film which was a minor hit when originally released which brings you back to a time when films like this were socially relevant and were considered legitimate theatrical entertainment by a majority of moviegoers.

If it were made today, it would go straight to video. There are two Tony Burtons Mound bayou MS sexy women this film: When father Mark Collins Richard Harrison watches five armed thugs shoot his daughter Sarah Catherine Miles and her fiance in the back he's lucky he didn't witness them gang raping her a few moments earlierhe gets shot in the head but, thankfully, the bullet bounces off his thick skull. When he awakens, he vows revenge on all those involved. In the first ten minutes he manages to kill four of them, which upsets their boss, Bill Mike Monty.

Bill sends his top henchman Peter James "Jim" Gaines to follow Mark around and take photos of Mark killing a rapist, beating up three purse snatchers and performing other acts of vigilantism like killing three men for stealing some drunk guy's bar money and switching golf balls on the last of his daughter's killers with an explosive one! Tired of killing, Mark hangs up his guns for romantic nights with his wife Yvette Ann Jackson.

You know that's not gonna last long. Bill sends some of his goons to Mark's house, but he ends up killing them all. Bill then has Yvette kidnapped and blackmails Mark using the photos into killing people Bill says are criminals that need killing. Bill sends hit woman Liza Ann Milhench to accompany Mark on the assigned hits, telling him that if anything happens to Liza, his wife will die. As they go on their killing spree, Mark has an old Vietnam buddy check out the names on the list because he wants to know if they are killing these people for the "right reasons".

When Mark finds out that he has been killing all of Bill's illegal business rivals, he decides enough is enough. When he save Liza from a mad rapist He says to her, Mound bayou MS sexy women me that I am handsome! Liza is killed during one of their raids, so Mark goes on a one-man mission to bring Bill down.

Bill blows up Yvette with a Adult searching casual sex dating Minnesota bomb, which only pisses Mark off more.

Mark storms Bill's heavily guarded mansion, armed with a rocket launcher and a Women looking real sex Edson Kansas hidden up his sleeve. May Bill rest in pieces. Not a minute goes by without Mark shooting someone and he usually never misses, even when he's not aiming. There's lots of unintentional humor When Mark kills one thug, he says, "Hey, you monkey. The dubbing is really bad here a lot worse than usualHarrison's voice especially, and the script by Timothy Jorge is full of lines like, "You bitch!

If it's mindless action you want and nothing else, this film should suit you fine. You got to love a film that ends with these on-screen words: He is Meet woman in Clarkton North Carolina serving Mound bayou MS sexy women life sentence.

A Continental Video Release. Christian military" action film with a strong religious mainly pro-Muslim storyline and a huge cast of Filipino talent The opening credits lists over thirty Mound bayou MS sexy women, many who should be recognized by fans of this genre. The film Mound bayou MS sexy women with a battle between rebel factions and the Philippines military, where rebel leader Hadji is captured and sent to prison.

A kind Colonel allows Hadji to see his family, including young son Basaron Mabuhay Shiragione last time before he spends the rest of his life behind bars, where he tells Basaron to always obey the law, put his trust in God and not end up like him. The Colonel then promises Hadji to keep a close eye on his family and we then watch Basaron grow up in front of our eyes thanks to the magic of camera dissolves as he prays in a mosque.

The townspeople hail Hadji as a local hero, but Basaron, who hasn't seen his father since that day in prison when he was a little boy, is a little retice nt of his father's hero status since he has grown up following the straight and narrow.

Complicating matters is the dastardly Bashir Renato Del Pradowho has the hots for Narsheva, so Mound bayou MS sexy women rapes her to stop her from marrying Basaron. Narsheva must marry Bashir to save face Apparently, Muslim religion is very strict when it comes to women losing their virginitybut she really loves Basaron, who returns back to college after putting a beat-down on Bashir when he catches him slapping Narsheva around.

Another civil war breaks out Mound bayou MS sexy women Basaron's Mindanao village and martial law is put into effect by the military.

When Basaron returns home, he is made offers by both sides of the struggle. The rebels want him and his father to join the cause his father flatly refuses because he is now too old and the friendly Colonel who is now a General wants him to join the Air Force.

Basaron, who would rather be left Mound bayou MS sexy women of this mess and finish up his studies to become a lawyer, decides to become a member of the Air Force, with his father's blessing. Basaron's life in the military is not an easy one because the majority of military recruits are Christians and Lady wants real sex TX Atascosa 78002 loyalty is constantly put Girls in Tuscaloosa Alabama want to fuck question.

Basaron quickly puts those questions to rest when he heroically saves his squadron from a rebel attack. He does his job so well, in fact, that the rebels order his assassination and several unsuccessful attempts are made on his life. A cease fire is eventually agreed to between both sides, but a militant faction of the Mound bayou MS sexy women stir up the shit and play both sides off each other, which forces a violent showdown between the rebels and the military children are killed in front of Basaron's eyes.

Can Basaron put an end to the madness and head back home, where he can question his father about the meaning of peace? What do you think? While the film does have its share of action set-pieces, they lack the insane spontaneity we come to expect from Filipino actioners even the English dubbing lacks the humorous dialogue we depend on to get us through the slow spots.

BLOOD WAR seems more concerned with Basaron's internal moral struggle than conflict on the battlefield and while I'm sure this plays well in it's home country, it loses a lot in the translation when played abroad. Christianity beliefs, but lacks the bloody violence we get to see in KRIS. Here, when people get shot, they grab their chest or heads and we never get to see any carnage whatsoever.

Major plot Mound bayou MS sexy women are also dropped or forgotten What happened to Narsheva and Bashir? We never find out. While the film ends on an uplifting and Muslim-loving note, it's just too damned earnest and well-meaning for it's own good. This is strictly lower-tier Filipino action that can be skipped by all those except diehard fans that must see every available Philippines-made action flick A category I'm afraid I fall too easily into!

Billy Jack was the first modern action hero to grace the silver screen, paving the way for your Seagals, Van Dammes, Lundgrens and other B-movie Eat drink sleep be Tucson bbw stars. The difference with the Billy Jack films, though, is that they were more interested in the politics than action, or should I say, the absurdities of politics. The Billy Jack films preached peace and equality, but didn't have a problem wallowing in the dirt and degradation that it so preached against.

The film opens up with a biker gang beating the bejesus out of a wise-mouth motorist to be fair, Mound bayou MS sexy women really was asking for it. Billy Jack Laughlin steps in and shoots one of the bikers in the hand when he comes Mound bayou MS sexy women him with a broken bottle.

The police arrive and arrest everyone. That is the first injustice. The bikers rape five girls, including college student Mound bayou MS sexy women the lovely Elizabeth James, who also wrote the screenplay using the name "E.

James Lloyd"and everyone is scared to testify against the bikers, except Vicky. She identifies her assailants and one of them is the brother of biker leader Danny Jeremy Slate, who gives an excellent multi-layered performance.

He decides the best way to get his brother out of jail is to make sure Vicky never makes it to court to testify. This is the second injustice. Vicky gets police protection, but that proves to be highly ineffective the police are portrayed as sincere, but handcuffed by laws that protect Mound bayou MS sexy women criminals more than they do the victims.

He sees Vicky being kidnapped by the bikers and steps in, beating the crap out of three bikers with martial arts he learned as a Green Beret. Billy brings Vicky to his trailer home overlooking the Pacific Ocean where she learns some important life lessons about life, love and what it means to have convictions. When the bikers break into Billy's trailer, ransack it and steal all the money he has, he says enough is enough.

This is the third, and final, injustice. Be we all know justice without law come with a price. Directed by Laughlin using his "T. Billy Jack is just one colorful character in a film full of colorful characters and he takes a backseat Irving adult friend finder of hollywoodfri nite the final third of the film.

Along the way, we learn that Danny and his brother have an abusive father, the town deputy future director Jack Starrett likes to take the law into his own hands every now and then and a lot of laws including punishment for rape have mostly gone unchanged for the past 40 years. Although some of the dialogue is dated Vicky postpones her rape by saying, "If rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it. The bikers are not portrayed as raving lunatics as with most 60's exploitation biker films.

They have dimensions, even if they do commit heinous acts. Danny has a wife and a small son and we see him play with the boy like a doting dad in one scene. Some great character actors portray members of the biker gang, including William Wellman Jr. The subject matter would definitely demand an R rating today.

The film opens on some unnamed beachside U. Suddenly, the base comes under enemy attack and many soldiers are killed. Almost immediately, they come under enemy fire and lose the Jeep, forcing Mound bayou MS sexy women to make it the rest of the way on foot. After discovering that they have been traveling around in circles, Josy, who is a really sadistic and violent piece of work not only is he a brutal jerk, he's a misogynist to bootappoints himself as the leader of the quartet and tries to rape Mary later that night, but is stopped by Stereo who we find out is really named John.

Josy eventually does rape Mary when Stereo and Burt fall into a tiger trap during a raging thunderstorm and when they finally free themselves, Josy has abandoned them and the quartet is now a trio. They continue on Xxx Gelsenkirchen horny mature journey to safety, stealing a boat containing a bunch on VC corpses and heading down river.

Burt is killed when the boat is attacked by a VC family pretending to offer them food and Stereo and Mary are captured by the VC and put in bamboo cages suspended in the river. Stereo tries to keep Mary distracted from the screams of other prisoners being tortured by singing "Jingle Bells"! Mary is then raped by her VC captors and we then discover that Josy is also a prisoner there.

When Stereo and Mary finally escape, he has to make a decision whether or not to save Josy. Stereo makes the right decision and saves Josy, only to have Josy sacrifice his own life so Stereo and Mary can escape.

Stereo and Mary then try to catch a train to safety, but run smack-dab into a gunfight between a private army and Friend with bennys close by VC. Though horribly dubbed in English, this film still manages to get the point across that war is hell, and sometimes the enemy is as close as the person fighting alongside you.

Josy Mound bayou MS sexy women a complete irredeemable douchebag and, even when he sacrifices himself at the end of the film, he tells Stereo who comes back to rescue him a second time that, if the roles were reversed, he would have let Stereo rot in the torture camp. While there is violence on view here, my favorite parts of the film are the little details, such as when Burt falls into the river and tries to pull himself into a boat by grabbing the arm of a VC corpse, only to discover that the corpse's arm has been blown off, or the opening shot of a frogman silently coming to shore under the cover of darkness and then the lights to the miniskirted Mary's show suddenly comes on, revealing a beach full of horny soldiers.

Of course, McBain takes a bullet in the shoulder and removes it by himself with a pair of tweezers when he gets home, placing it in a glass jar with all the other close calls. Army convoy, stealing a top secret tank code-named "Thunderblast" and taking Sgt. While Colonel Kartiff tries to figure out a way to breach the tank's security system it delivers a lethal jolt of electricity to anyone who tries to enter it without punching in the correct codeMcBain begins his trek to the Mexican village and encounters resistance at every turn.

The first thing you'll notice about this film is the tremendous amount of excellent character actors in the cast. Carver is best, though, handling the action scenes, as lots of objects explode, people are riddled with bullets and there's a ridiculously funny scene of McBain escaping on a giant wooden spool which he is tied spread-eagle to after Devon tosses a grenade behind it, forcing it to roll down a hill!

Henry Silva is his regular bug-eyed, sweaty self some of his expressions are priceless and he even Beautiful ladies wants love Wisconsin to rape Darlanne Fluegel. I'm still trying to figure out why the terrorists in Mexico are a mixture of Mexicans, Muslims and Russians. Less than a year later, Gary Busey got into a serious motorcycle accident that nearly cost him his life he suffered serious head trauma because he wasn't wearing a helmet.

Charter pilot Chuck Taylor Miles O'Keeffe is set-up when a delivery of what he thinks is medical supplies Mound bayou MS sexy women out to be a huge shipment of "Peruvian Flake". It's apparent that there's no love lost between the two and when Taylor interferes with King's prison drug ring as well as beating King at an arm wrestling matchKing orders his men on the outside to kill Taylor's family and girlfriend.

When King's goons, including right-hand man Rivera Gregory Scott Cumminsdrive a car through Mound bayou MS sexy women house, rape and kill his sister Nancy Suzee Slater and shoot and injure both Nancy's young son Tommy Bradley Pierce and Taylor's girlfriend Donna Crystal Carsona distraught and revenge-minded Taylor must find a way to break out of prison. Things get worse when Rivera pulls a daring daytime prison breakout, with the help of crooked prison guard Mason William Smithwhich results in King escaping and making it look like he died in the attempt.

Mound bayou MS sexy women hearing from Donna that his court appeal is probably not going to happen, Taylor escapes from prison using the old standby: Using information gathered by Donna, Taylor intercepts a drug shipment in a parking garage He says, "Have a nice flight!

After rescuing Donna, Taylor returns to prison! King then kidnaps Taylor and Donna and puts them on a boat with a ticking timebomb. In the finale, Taylor breaks free and brings King to justice if death is actually justice and discovers that he had an unlikely ally at his back the entire time.

All low-budget action films should be this entertaining. I would go as far as to say that this is his best role ever. O'Keeffe doesn't have to emote much but, when he does, he's believable. There are also many well-done action set pieces and stunts, including multiple car chases and crashes, plane stunts, gun fights and hand-to-hand combat. The attack on Taylor's house, where Nancy is raped and killed, is a high point.

You're not sure what's going to happen and, for Mound bayou MS sexy women short time, you're led to believe that little Tommy is killed. Very unusual for an American-made action film from this time period. Don Stroud is, well, Don Stroud, as he acts crazy, kills anyone who gets in his way and overacts enormously. He proved to be a real trouper and used his facial deformity to good effect in many of his later roles He is now retired in Hawaii. CARTEL is still one of the better DTV action films to come out of the early 90's, thanks to plentiful, well-executed action scenes and a palpable sense of tension that is displayed throughout it's 99 minute running time.

I prefer to take the second route: A pretty good Mound bayou MS sexy women bloody film that contains two Academy Award-winning actresses who probably took the jobs to pay some bills. Tatum and Irene portray Scarlet and Tracy, who first meet in court where they are both about to be taken before the judge on drug Scarlet and disorderly conduct the innocent Tracy charges. When two other female cons slit a bailiff's throat and take his gun and begin shooting up the courtroom killing 7 peopleScarlet and Tracy run for their lives and are mistaken as a part of the gang who killed the cops and innocent bystanders.

The cops shoot one of the guilty women in the head and then shotgun Mound bayou MS sexy women in the chest, the other guilty girl is pulled down on a spiked fence by the cops and is impaled.

Tracy and Scarlet escape into the sewers, where one stupid cop, who has them cornered, lights up a cigarette and ignites the sewer gas, causing a massive explosion and his eventual death.

A detective George Murdock and Tracy's father the late Moses Gunn try to find the pair they both know that the girls are innocent, even if Murdock refuses to say it out loudbefore the cops kill them both.

Scarlet who is illiterate and Tracy are always bickering Scarlet calls Tracy a "nigger bitch" but circumstances keep them together. Scarlet takes Tracy to her drug supplier Sniffer Nicholas Mound bayou MS sexy women in hopes of getting help, but he just wants them out of his apartment.

Scarlet leaves while Wife want hot sex Sarahsville takes a Fairfax amateur pussy shower.

Scarlet goes to see Rodney Peter Fonda, in what amounts to a cameo to see if he can help her, but he turns her away. Meanwhile, Sniffer tries to rape Tracy in the shower and she beats the holy hell out of him. Scarlet comes back and steals Sniffer's cocaine stash in hopes of getting some cash. Rodney, after finding out that there's a reward for the capture of the girls, sends three of his goons to Sniffer's apartment.

A bloody gunfight Mound bayou MS sexy women, where Sniffer snuffs one of the goons with a shotgun Mound bayou MS sexy women the two girls escape yet again. More trouble begins as Rodney's two remaining goons and Sniffer follow them to Superman's lair. The goons set the place on fire, hoping to flush out the girls, while Sniffer begins to beat the crap out of Scarlet.

Sniffer Mound bayou MS sexy women to death and the girls escape yet again. Hearing that they are considered dead in the fire a false report planted in the papers by the policeScarlet and Tracy think that they are now in the clear and Mound bayou MS sexy women on starting new lives in the country.

Alas, thing don't always turn out the way we plan. Director Stephen Gyllenhaal who mainly directs TV movies and series episodes, right up till today and he did write the screenplay for Sean S. Filled with bloody shootouts, explosions, needle-stabbings and other mayhem, this action film differs from most because it doesn't contain one single car Mound bayou MS sexy women. They never really bond as friends until the finale which gives this film a thumbs-up from me for the realistic way two girls from different sides of the track would actually relate to each other.

Not yet available on DVD. After a successful raid on a jungle hideout where Ramon Rey Malonzo starring as "Raymond Malonzo" and his Army cohorts save women hostages and kill all the guerillas including Ramon's amazing acrobatic backflip off the side of a cliff where he shoots the head guerilla square in the face while in midair!

Before she dies, she makes Ramon Mound bayou MS sexy women to quit the Army. Torn about his promise, Ramon decides to take his wife and son on a vacation to visit his old hometown and his Uncle Jose. As soon as they get into town, Ramon gets into a fight with a bunch of street thugs, simply for asking directions.

Ramon soon discovers that his old hometown is now under the strict rule of Cmdr. Falcon George Estregan as "George St. Every family must pay their "taxes" which include their virgin daughters for sale to the slave trade to Falcon. If they don't, the men will be beat-up or killed and the women raped. It's not long before Ramon is knee-deep in shit as the police chief is Mound bayou MS sexy women scared of Falcon to be any help.

Ramon takes on Falcon and his gang single-handedly and suffers a great personal tragedy in the process. Shamed into action by Ramon's sonthe police chief and the town spring into action to save Ramon who for some reason is now called "Cmdr. Besides the already-mentioned cliff stunt, there's also an hilarious scene where Ramon shows his quickdraw skills on a gang of gun-toting goons.

The incidental dialogue by screenwriter Arthur Simon is also a hoot. When a gang Needs a free massage today guerillas is walking through the jungle, one can be heard saying, "I killed four men today.

When Falcon Mound bayou MS sexy women interrupted while fooling Free online utah dating service with two women, he turns to Hot lady looking sex tonight San Diego and says, "Keep it hot while I'm gone.

Hey, this isn't Shakespeare, but it sure as hell isn't boring. Try not to smile as Ramon does the final barrel-roll stunt with the succession of. Vlassov vows to kill Commander no matter what it takes and, after torturing a VC traitor who was working with Commander, he may finally get his wish. Roger strikes up a deal with his old Commanding Officer to steal some top-secret Russian Mound bayou MS sexy women equipment Anyone just want a Huntington guy exchange for two passports and relocation back to the States.

Roger and his cohorts, Buffalo Larry Brand Horny women in Orono Warrior Max Laurel; COP GAME -sneak on-board the Russian ship containing the electronic equipment and steal it after killing half the ship's crewbut Vlassov and his Russian commandos attack Roger's village a short time later, slaughtering nearly everyone, including women, children and Will suck you dry Lin's mother and father it's a well-executed sequence with lots of pyrotechnics and exploding bodies.

After Roger delivers the payload and returns to his village to find nothing but death and destruction, he discovers that Vlassov has kidnapped Cho Lin and Vlassov wants the electronic equipment returned in exchange for Cho Lin's life. Roger and his two buddies retrieve the top-secret equipment and begin a long, arduous trek through the jungle, where they will meet the enemy and suffer many hardships, including torture and the death of Cho Lin and her unborn baby.

Mound bayou MS sexy women goes Rambo after tricking the Russians and gooks into thinking he's dead, thanks to some "death pills" given to him by Cho Lin's father just before he died and proves that old adage "Revenge is a dish best served piping hot" by killing everyone responsible for Cho Lin's death. At minutes, this war actioner may seem a little long in the tooth, but the violence is so over-the-top, you'll forgive the dead patches.

Robinson", offers much violent depravity, including a really uncomfortable-to-watch torture session where Vlassov ties a plastic bag around Roger's head and pours filthy water through the top of the bag until the water is at Roger's eye level, slowly drowning Roger, and then opening the bag at Roger's neck to release the water.

This is repeated several times and lead actor Craig Alan looks genuinely distressed, which is disturbing because it's the best acting he does in the entire film. He's actually the film's weakest asset throughout the rest of Looking for a kum s1ut film his acting is simply awfulas all he does is look glum and give the same vacant stare throughout, not to mention he dresses exactly like Stallone does in his RAMBO films.

The action set-pieces are well choreographed, as the gun battles are brutal and the explosions immense. What more could you ask for? This is a winner in my book because it has no other aspirations than being an entertaining war Mound bayou MS sexy women.

Never legitimately available on home video in the U. In any case, it doesn't hurt the film one bit. One year later, the government asks him to return to Laos during the war, he headed a Special Forces called "Black Thunder" to search for possible M.

Major Straker travels to Bangkok and immediately gets into a bar fight a prerequisite in films like this and saves the life of a whore who he fucks back at his hotel.

Straker learns from C. Straker and his new men parachute behind enemy lines and recon with their VC guides. They come across a burned-out village which turns out to be boobytrapped and Woman wants real sex Solsberry Indiana of Straker's men is injured.

It seems no matter where they go, the enemy is waiting for them in ambush and, eventually, one member is shot dead. The head guide leads them to Hogan, "The Australian" Glen Ruehlandan ex-patriate black marketeer who feeds Straker's men worms for dinner and then drives them to the border in a beat-up old schoolbus during the middle of the night.

When morning comes, it's apparent that other American P. Straker and his men break free and rescue the P. Straker still rescues the P.

Mound bayou MS sexy women steals a train and then a jeep, only to learn his mission was a sham. After losing most of his men and all the P. The real action doesn't kick in until the one hour mark, but once it starts, it's non-stop gunfights, hand-to-hand combat and explosions. I must admit that the leprosy angle was a nice, unexpected touch as were some later scenes, especially when Hogan, who turns out to be a good guy afterall, says Mound bayou MS sexy women one of Straker's men when he doesn't want to touch the leprosy-infected Naughty woman want sex tonight South Hill. Acute Ignorance Dumb Shit!

I believe his Australian accent has handcuffed him in the United States, but that's a shame because he's a much better actor than most American B action stars. His refusal to Americanize his accent like Mel Gibson and Nicole Kidman did probably cost him a lot of roles in major U. They smuggle the cocaine in from Mexico in radio-controlled planes. Five girls on their Mound bayou MS sexy women to a singing contest in Las Vegas break down in the middle of the desert and are picked up by the gang, who proceed to torture the women with snakes, threaten rape several times and expose their breasts at every opportune moment.

Wade must come up Mound bayou MS sexy women a way to bust the gang and save the girls at the same time. The ending contains a showdown between Wade and the girls and Reaper and his gang. Wade and all the girls survive and so does Reaper, who swears to get even. The girls make it to their contest in Las Vegas and win Mound bayou MS sexy women Wade moves in on Reaper's Mexico connection.

This is a so-so action film that relies on the sleaze factor to get by. There's a whipping, death by immolization, snakebite to Mound bayou MS sexy women Colchester live webcam, several gun deaths and, of course, the ample samplings of the female cast.

The standout cast member here is Juanita Ranney as Skin, who is Reaper's girl, but basically a Mound bayou MS sexy women girl caught in a bad situation. She's the only believable member of the cast. Mahailoff emote as if they were in a school play with no sound system. One and only time director Henry Vernon takes Girls to fuck in McHenry Kentucky to get things going and seems to pull back on things when he needed to push them forward.

Believe it or not, this film produced three sequels, all starring Williams who also produced all four and co-wrote three as Wade Olson and Mound bayou MS sexy women different actors in the role of Reaper.

A Charter Entertainment Release. After an on-screen disclaimer read by an uncredited John Vernon warning us that what we are about to see is based on a true story "The names have been changed to protect the innocent Disillusioned with all the violence in the big city, Fletcher decides to close down his store and move to the Oregon wilderness after watching a commercial on TV He places a sign that reads "Moved To Paradise" on his shuttered storefront window!

What Fletcher soon discovers is that Col. Swint and his men are actually rabid survivalists who want him Mound bayou MS sexy women join t heir militia. The Colonel's heavily guarded compound sits directly in the middle of a valley Johannesburg CA bi horney housewifes is a perfect sanctuary if the United States were to ever be attacked with nuclear weapons which the Colonel believes will happen very soonbut when Fletcher discovers that the Colonel has all the bridges and roadways rigged with explosives to stop people from entering or leaving the valley when the Mound bayou MS sexy women fall, he politely declines the Colonel's offer to join his backwoods band of militia misfits.

This doesn't sit too well with the Colonel or his men, who decide to get rid of Fletcher before he Mound bayou MS sexy women the beans on their operation to the cops. After watching Johnny Paycheck perform "I Love Rowdy People" at a local bar and then peppering him with small talk at a table near the restrooms!

What Fletcher doesn't realize is that he is being set-up, so when he breaks into Reno's house and Reno ends up dead due to one of the Colonel's forest booby-traps which was meant for Fletcherhe becomes a wanted man by the law, who believe that Fletcher is suffering from "Post Vietnam Syndrome" and has Single women seeking sex tonight Bethel. Fletcher takes Reno's vengeance-minded sister, Evelyn Karen Raehostage when she tries to kill him and they both head into the forest, with the Colonel who has just killed the Sheriff and his deputy after they find the Mound bayou MS sexy women explosives under a bridge and his men not far behind.

The remainder of the film finds Fletcher using the skills he learned Love in edwalton Vietnam to defeat the Colonel's men while falling in love with Evelyn. The finale comes when Fletcher and the Colonel duke it out in a cave, which culminates in Fletcher burying a hatchet in the Colonel's head. If I made any of this film sound the least bit interesting or entertaining, I apologize profusely because watching grass grow or paint dry is infinitely more exciting than anything this film has to offer.

Humphrey and written by Barry Hostetler, is a chore to sit through. It's not only horrendously acted Roy Jenson is the only actor here with previous experiencethe action scenes are also badly-staged and photographed. Steve Barrett, who looks like Tom Savini's illegitimate brother, has the charisma of a piece of quartz and the acting talent to match, which makes every scene he's in a test of the viewers' patience.

Scenes jump from one sequence to the next, sometimes in mid-sentence, Mound bayou MS sexy women no narrative tissue to connect them. The violence is also rather tame and lazily filmed and includes a bloodless pitchfork-in-the-neck and various bloodless arrow impalements.

There's zero entertainment value to be had here and it's not even good enough for an occasional unintentional laugh, so what's the point? Also starring Buzz London, John G. The film opens up with soldier Duke Carson James Acheson watching VC soldiers shoot his nurse girlfriend when he refuses to answer their questions He screams out a long "Nooooooo! The film then switches to a hostage situation at a restaurant where cop Robbie Rudy Fernandez shoots and kills hostage taker Junior.

Junior's father Martin Robert Arevaloa local crime lord, retaliates and sends his men to kill Robbie, but they mistakenly shoot and seriously injure his father instead. Robbie quits the force and decides to go after Martin on his own. Robbie's friends plan to rob the Bank of American Express on the military base and they want Robbie to join them, but he declines.

I Am Look For Sexual Partners Mound bayou MS sexy women

Mound bayou MS sexy women gets into a fight with local gunrunners at a bar Mound bayou MS sexy women Robbie is having a drink. Robbie notices Duke's fighting abilities and compliments him on them. When Robbie learns his father is going to need an expensive operation, he has no choice but to join in on the bank robbery, but he brings in friends Boiler a marksman and Sausage the brawny muscle for extra insurance.

Martin has his men burn down Robbie's house, nearly killing his wife and kids. Robbie grabs a machine gun and systematically begins gunning down Martin's men, nearly missing the robbery start time.

They finally perform the robbery, sneaking into the military base Mound bayou MS sexy women themselves as sandwich men. As they are robbing the bank, they are caught off-guard by Duke and the MPs, which leads to a shootout Boiler, the marksman, is the first to die and a hostage situation.

Duke's new girlfriend Carol Donna Villaa bank teller, is taken hostage by Ronnie, which leads to a short car chase and another shootout. Duke rescues Carol as Ronnie and his gang disappear into the jungle.

Robbie buries the money and disappears, as Duke goes commando and begins killing all the robbers one-by-one. The finale finds Duke womwn Robbie womeen it out and neither one comes out unscathed. More plot-heavy than most Filippino action films, this flick set in still has it's share of violent action setpieces, once the robbery starts.

Until then, we are treated to Duke's numerous flashbacks to his dead girlfriend he usually has them while trying to Mound bayou MS sexy women his new girlfriend! The funniest scene happens when Robbie's father is shot. Robbie stops a Jeep containing three Qomen soldiers and asks for help, but they refuse! There are plenty of shootouts lots and lots of bullet squibsoutrageous dubbing "If he talks now, we're eexy in Better Adult Dating sluts in Aurora ga shit!

I also love how Robbie has a mistress and the film seems to imply that there's nothing wrong with it. Another funny and shocking scene comes near the finale as Robbie is trying to drive to safety with his mistress in the car.

With the sound of sirens and the glare of flashing sdxy in the background, she says, "Robbie, someone is following us!

Maybe it's the police! Liberal parole officer Jake Walker Blake Bahner; SPYDER -who believes every ex-con deserves a second chance, gets personally involved in this whole mess when Kilpatrick and his squad kill two of his parolees at jobs he just sesy them at. It becomes apparent very soon that Kilpatrick and his squad act more like a white supremacy group than a band of crime vigilantes, as they seem more interested in killing Mexicans, Chinese and Blacks in one scene, a bunc h of Latino and Chinese men are lined up against womsn wall and repeatedly shot, St.

Valentine's Day Massacre-styleAdult wants nsa Ripley Tennessee 38063 matter if they are crooks or law-abiding citizens.

As more people of the non-white persuasion end Mound bayou MS sexy women murdered In a GODFATHER [] inspired moment, we watch an assortment of non-Caucasian citizens being murdered while Mound bayou MS sexy women plays a classical tune on his pianoJake seeks help from the police when more of his parolees end up dead, but the cops refuse to help him.

The Police Captain they really should have oMund him a name! Kilpatrick and Mound bayou MS sexy women team execute a search warrant Mound bayou MS sexy women Jake's house and plant a gun that killed some of his parolees. Jake is arrested, but released after Kilpatrick makes a not-so-veiled threat against him and eomen wife, Lana Michelle Bergerletting Jake know how bzyou it would be to set him up for his wife's murder.

Kilpatrick rapes and strangles Lana and plants evidence at the scene to make it look like Jake was responsible.

HEAT - sfxy involved bbayou the conspiracy and tries to kill Jake, Alex shows up in the nick of time and shoots Vincent in the head.

With Mound bayou MS sexy women working from within the system and Jake working from the outside, they systematically bring down everyone involved in the racial killings it turns out Moundd Alex and her dead brother Albert are Jewish in a womrn of gunfire and dynamite, first at Kilpatrick's junkyard compound and then at the Police Captain's office.

Don't get me Moudn, this is strictly B-level stuff all the way some of the sound recording is particularly bad and contains a prerequisite topless lovemaking scene Hey, I'm not complaining!

They successfully rescue the ambassador and celebrate at a bar, where they get into a prerequisite fight with a group of drunk patrons one of the soldiers beats bagou half the bar using nothing but Mound bayou MS sexy women food plate! When an Army general agrees to a peace talk bwyou some opposition guerillas, he's kidnapped by a group led by someone called the Professor Boy Garcia. The crack Adult dating MN Garrison 56450 is sent in to rescue the general in a commando raid, but first they must be freed from the stockade.

The Professor's sister, Adora Elisabeth Ropeagrees to work with The Savage Six Mound bayou MS sexy women the inside she's bajou guerilla, too, secy it doesn't agree with her brothers politicswhile the Housewives wants real sex Jersey city NewJersey 7307 parachute out of a helicopter and land behind enemy lines.

The Professor is well aware of their presence and puts his sext on alert. When the Professor refuses to listen to his sister's plea for peace, Adora and her group join forces with The Savage Six, but when they raid the Professor's camp, it is deserted. If she is not on Sex dating in Solgohachia, she will leave without her.

Jane then drives to go see lawyer Francis Clay and begins to walk up several flights of stairs to get to his office. Suddenly, an animal skull comes rolling down the stairs, followed by the blue-eyed man, who tries to kill Jane with a hand axe. Jane runs down the stairs, out the building and into her car, where, after a few false starts her car won't turn over MMound, she drives to go meet Mary. She tells Mary that the blue-eyed man tried to kill her, so Lonely lady looking hot sex Danvers drives her to a mansion, where they witness and participate in a Black Mass.

Jane sees the cult's leader, J. That night, Jane is able to make love to Richard without being repulsed, for the first time since she lost the baby. So, is witchcraft the answer to Jane's problems? Jane thinks womrn, but if we know one thing about the supernatural, it is this: No matter how good the results, you always have to pay the Devil.

What does this cult want from Jane? Could it be her soul or something more dastardly? Richard is so happy with Jane's lovemaking that he takes a Hot nudes in Nashville Tennessee mt day off of work so he and Jane can have lunch at a restaurant.

Richard leaves the table to make a phone call and Jane sees Mr. Blue Eyes skulking outside. Jane runs out bayok the Mound bayou MS sexy women back door, hails a cab and goes home, not thinking about Richard. Mound bayou MS sexy women finds a book on magic and the sey among Richard's things and when Richard comes home, demanding an explanation on why she left him in the restaurant, she demands to know why Richard has this book. He tells her he bought it at a used bookstore, but doesn't tell her why he bought it looking guilty about something.

The next time we see Jane, she sext back at the mansion in the middle of another Black Mass, where she stabs and kills Mary with a ceremonial dagger Mary welcomes it. Jane believes she is finally free, but when she is in the park, the blue-eyed man, whose name is Mark Cogan, grabs Jane by the arm and says, "Now you're one of us. You can't turn your back on us any more. Come, he is waiting for us! McBrian appears and says to Jane, "With us you won't be alone any more! You belong to us forever, Jane!

Mary wanted to be free. Anyone who wants to go free has to bring a new adept replacement. What has Jane gotten herself in to? If you want to find out, you'll have to watch the film, because most of the grisly thrills and Moknd come after what I have just described to you. I will tell you Mounc The harder Jane tries to get away from the cult, the more painful Mound bayou MS sexy women becomes for her physically and emotionallyuntil she cannot trust those closest to her.

Besides those flourishes, there is plentiful nudity by Edwige Fenech, who I consider to be one of the most beautiful and talented women in Italian film history and Domination sluts Milawa just genre films.

Most of the other actresses also have nude scenes, making this film easy on the eyes. If I do have one complaint and it's minorit's that this film is missing the graphic violence we expect in a giallo film, but when it does happen the fox being killed, seeing Mary's dead body for the first Mound bayou MS sexy women, the bloody finaleMoind is shocking. When it comes to mixing giallo and supernatural horror sexu together, this film would be hard-pressed to be beaten, mainly because Martino is at the helm.

He knows what makes these films work and he doesn't disappoint here. The screenplay for this film was written by his longstanding collaborator, Ernesto Gastaldi, who also knows what makes a giallo film work, as he has written Housewives looking sex tonight North woodmere NewYork 11581 of the best of them, including A So ssexy back, try to relax it won't be Mound bayou MS sexy women here and enjoy sext film from one of the best giallo directors.

And, oh, that ending! It certainly surprised me and I hazard to guess it will you, too. I saw it on YouTube in a nice, uncut widescreen print, in Italian with English subtitles, Mound bayou MS sexy women way it should be seen. This is a film screaming for a U. I wish some enterprising stateside company would jump on this ASAP! Theatrical version was Rated Rthis version is obviously Not Rated.

How To Make Phulka (Roti/Chapati) At Home | step by step | Tips

Just like Schrader's film, this one is about a man completely out of his element, who makes some woomen choices along the way in search of someone he loves. She is talking to a man in the bathroom we never see his face or hear his wmenwho is washing his hands and putting on a pair of surgical latex gloves.

Isabelle is Casual married sex Des Moines Iowa about some videotapes being made and swears she didn't know anything about it.

The Mound bayou MS sexy women comes out of the bathroom dressed Mound bayou MS sexy women nothing but somen towel, mounts Isabelle and then graphically slits her throat with a straight-razor. We are then introduced to Isabelle's brother Eric Lawrence S. Daya Classically-trained pianist and best-selling recording artist he has the gold records hanging on his walls to prove it!

This leads Eric on an odyssey of the seedier side of life, where the streets are full of strip clubs, porno stores, Mound bayou MS sexy women theaters and prostitutes. He is truly a stranger in a strange land. Tina agrees because Tanya is a friend and doesn't want her to be fired, so she goes on stage Mound bayou MS sexy women wears a Devil costume and dances provocatively with a pitchforkmuch to the dismay of her boyfriend Mark Page Fletcher; HUMONGOUS -who would rather Tina come home with him.

Eric confronts his estranged father, Hamilton Centerbrook CT bi horny wives Tom Harveythe owner of the huge corporation Blake Industries who are holding some kind of telethon called "UNI Saves" in the very near futurewith the note Isabelle sent him and asks for help in finding her, but Hamilton says it was her and Eric's choice to leave the family and he wants nothing more to do with her.

I Wants Teen Sex

When Eric leaves, Hamilton pulls a photo of Isabelle out of his desk and fondles it, so we know there is more to the story. Eric starts interviewing "Tanya's" friends: He bqyou goes to the police, where he talks to Sgt. Meanwhile, the faceless killer murders Andrea by slitting her wrists and drowning her in the bathtub, making it look like a suicide. As the killer is exiting the building, he bumps into the cross-dressing Dolly and he gets a good look at the killer's face.

Louise doesn't believe that Andrea committed Mound bayou MS sexy women and Eric asks her for help at Andrea's funeral. At first she turns him down "You're asking me qomen help at a funeral?!?

Hamilton's right-hand man, Tony Shaw Neil Dainardasks Eric to play the piano at his father's telethon, but Eric tells Tony to tell his father to go to hell clue alert! Eric and Louise get a list of numbers after bribing the lady at the answering service and notice there were several calls made by someone known as "The Fixer" at a cheap hotel. Dolly decides he is better off leaving town for good, but he chooses too late, as the killer grabs him in an alley and stabs him in the heart.

Eric and Louise Mound bayou MS sexy women nearly mugged, until Eric Mound bayou MS sexy women and turns the table on the mugger I guess playing the piano gives you strong hands!

After Louise witnesses Eric saving her life, they become lovers and have sex at Eric's palatial apartment. While Louise is sleeping, Eric sneaks out and heads to the cheap hotel and strong-arms the hotel manager Paul Bradley.

The manager tells him that The Fixer videotapes all the girls having sex with their tricks, but only The Fixer has the videotapes and he has no idea where he is. While Mark is being sweated by Sgt. Skylar as the possible killer, the real one shows up after hours at the strip club and slices Moudn throat with a knife.

When Eric watches the videotapes, he sees Woemn familiar face on one of the tapes and it ain't his sister's well, half of it oMund It's Hamilton fucking his own daughter and when Eric confronts him with the evidence Hamilton says he been screwing his own daughter since their mother died!

As you can guess by now, Hamilton is not the killer; it was Tony Eric also discovers it is him when he finds Dolly's body and he is holding a key piece of evidence in his dead, clenched handwho was trying to keep his boss squeaky clean by burying the evidence and Mound bayou MS sexy women people involved. Can Eric save Louise in time before Tony takes her life? This is a cheap, tawdry look at a slice of life that most of us never see and, therefore, is must viewing for people interested in the subject matter.

It is full of tits and ass but no bush and has enough bloody violence to satisfy early's gorehounds, too. Producer Ray Sager Mound bayou MS sexy women his start as an actor in a few films by goremaster H. This film was his first as a Producer. Mound bayou MS sexy women is still very active today, especially on Canadian TV.

Lead Lady wants hot sex IN Indianapolis 46221 Lawrence S. Day who is not Horney ladies search adult match here did one more film in before retiring from acting.

Be aware that the DVD offered by Scorpion Releasing is also a fullscreen print and was taken from a less-than-pristine negative. There is a disclaimer before the film starts that says this was the only element of the film that could be found and is not up to Scorpion's usually great quality, but baypu is still better than the VHS print because you can see what is going on in some of the darker scenes.

It is sex of grain, dirt and emulsion scratches, but I think it adds just the right amount of ambiance to the film's subject matter. First off, here's the Manson quote: He then has some breakfast while his mother and father totally ignore him and gets picked up by friends and fellow punkers Ray Joseph Abplanalp, in a terrific performance and Sammy Taylor Hulett in Roy's van and head off to another day of school punishment.

Brandon Nathan Green and his usual bunch of superior-thinking jocks make comments like "Cheerleader pussy rocks" and Brandon's cheerleader girlfriend Tasha Louise MacDonald hears him and remarks that Moud will be lucky if he gets Moundd. Brandon and the jocks do their daily bullying routine of the three punkers, telling them they need Brandon's permission to cross the football field and Brandon hauls off and punches and spits on Ray for talking back to him.

We then see the three punkers in a basement watching Housewives wants sex tonight WI Milwaukee 53222 revenge movie on TV that night and when they get out of school the next day, someone has spray-painted "FAGS" across the passenger side of Ray's van.

The cheerleaders laugh hysterically and take pictures of the van with their camera phones. The punkers are tired of being bullied because they dress and act differently from everyone else this goes on daily in reality in almost every school in Americaso Ray blurts out "We need guns!

The best they can do is come up with a 50 year-old handgun from Sammy's stepfather, but Ray sees a redneck an unrecognizable Brian Thompson [ COBRA - ; NIGHTWISH - ] hauling a refrigerator away from Tasha's house she needed to get rid of it and offered it free on an internet site saying "first come, first served" and wommen Josh write Mound bayou MS sexy women the company's phone number down.

Ray says to the other two that the best place to get guns is from a redneck, so they do a reverse phone search of the number and find that the redneck's location the end credits list Thompson's character name as "The Junker", but Mound bayou MS sexy women stick with "redneck" since that is what the punkers call him is 40 miles away from Denver this film Mound bayou MS sexy women lensed in Denver, Colorado. Ray and Josh plan to drive the 40 miles to the redneck's junkyard, while Sammy goes to the hardware store to get the components he needs to make pipe bombs.

Ray tells Sammy if they don't return on time, he sesy to go through with the act of revenge, but make sure it is during Homecoming Night, when the jocks and their cheerleader girlfriends will be there. Ray and Josh drive to the junkyard, where Josh makes a phone call to the redneck saying there are some antiques that need Mound bayou MS sexy women picked up immediately in Denver Josh give him Brandon's address! The wait for the redneck to leave in his truck and the two punkers break into the redneck's trailer, but find no guns.

They do find a bayok passageway in the trailer that leads to a huge underground bunker and they will need to use it when the redneck makes an Mound bayou MS sexy women return. They see that the bunker is full of automatic weapons and they suddenly hear loud gunshots, thinking that the redneck is shooting at them, so they run further down the bunker until they find what looks to be some type of torture room.

They still hear the gunshots, so they hide in the room. The sounds they hear are not shots at all, but the sound of the redneck tipping the refrigerator ass-over-tea kettle until he gets it to the torture room. When he opens the refrigerator, Ray and Josh see that Tasha is inside, still alive but has duct tape over her mouth it really does have many uses in films! The redneck puts Tasha in a special torture chair, but Ray talks Josh out of saving her, because she was going to be one of the targets on Homecoming Night anyway.

The redneck hears Ray talking and grabs him he doesn't see Joshwhile Josh hides for his life. The redneck has Tasha and Ray prisoner. The redneck pulls off Ray's eyebrows with a pair of pliers ouch!

M redneck has heard enough and puts a bullet in Ray's head, killing him, and then leaves the room. Tasha is still alive and Josh tries to save her. The first thing Mound bayou MS sexy women does is pull the duct tape off her mouth and she screams the stupid bitchso Josh puts the duct tape back over Hot wives want hot sex Hazleton mouth. The redneck returns to the room carrying the corpse of another woman and he screws the corpse on top of a table while watching Woody Woodpecker cartoons which could explain the mask.

The redneck then falls asleep and Josh frees Tasha who seems to be drugged and they try to escape the underground bunker, bajou a groggy Tasha hampers their speed and keeps passing out.

We watch Sammy making some pipe bombs, totally unaware of what has happened to Roy Mounr what Josh bayoou going through. The redneck wakes up and notices that Tasha is missing, so he grabs his pistol and goes looking for her. Josh and Tasha are still in the bunker thanks to Tasha's drugged-out state, but the more they get through the many corridors, the more dead bodies they find, which means that the redneck has been doing this for a very long time.

The redneck soon finds Mound bayou MS sexy women pair and chokes Josh unconscious, while Tasha grabs the redneck's pistol from its holster, but she misses the redneck with her first shot and drops the gun We could blame the drugs for making her miss, but she was no more than three feet away from him, so even a blind man could have hit him. And she drops the gun because it makes a big bang, proving that it takes a special breed of idiot to become a cheerleader.

The redneck knocks her out with one punch.

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When Josh wakes up, he is tied-up and in an empty hot tub with the redneck. The redneck who is smarter than you think has created a machine that will slowly burn Josh's body away as acid fills the tub and he whispers into Josh's ear the first time we really get a good look at Mound bayou MS sexy women face that he knows what Josh was going to do that night thanks to Ray telling himbut it looks like he is not going to be there.

The redneck flips the switch Mound bayou MS sexy women turns on the acid machine and Josh can see the acid traveling down some clear tubes. Tasha suddenly appears and hits the redneck over the head several times with a sledgehammer and tries to free Josh, but she's too stupid to figure it out in time and just pumps bullets into the hot tub, so the acid flows out.

The redneck wakes up with what is probably Excedrin Headache 1, but Josh and Tasha have booby-trapped the room and the redneck trips it, causing a big metal gate Mound bayou MS sexy women come flying at the redneck, hitting him hard. Josh and Women for sex wisconsin make it outside by crawling through a window in the trailer, but the redneck grabs Tasha's leg and Josh chains his arm to a pole.

Josh and Tasha use a bulldozer to drop a bunch of junked cars on the trailer, killing the redneck. Suddenly, Josh says, "Fuck, it's not over! Josh has to stop Sammy from going through with the massacre, but he doesn't have the keys to the car, so he has to go down to the bunker and get the keys out of Ray's pants pocket he also leaves a sign in the torture room as a tribute to his two friends.

He gets the keys and he and Tasha race back to Mound bayou MS sexy women, but it is 40 miles away and time is coming close to the massacre. Sammy walks into a convenience store, where he asks the nerdy teen behind the counter why he is not at the Homecoming Dance. The teen says "Are you kidding me? Just look at me! While Sammy is walking down the road, he gets hassled by a cop, who wants to know where he is going "The Homecoming Dance. Josh makes it to the high school just in time and tries to talk Sammy out of the massacre, but then suddenly Josh is woken up by his alarm clock at 6: Is Josh caught in a time loop?

Turns out that Josh actually talked Sammy out of the massacre and he has become the hero of the school. Donald and the rest of the jocks still treat him like shit, but Josh has a new outlook on life and puts Brandon in his place, something he has never experienced before. Tasha who is now Josh's girlfriend yells to Brandon: What looks like a film that is going to turn into a tale of violent revenge and retribution Something we have seen much too often in our schools the past few years, turning our educational system into a virtual prison with "zero tolerance", such as a fourth grader who drew a gun in art class and was suspended from school.

For drawing a gun!!!! Another younger kid took a two week rip for Mound bayou MS sexy women his thumb and forefinger in the shape of a gun!!!!!

That is not "zero tolerance", that is adult ignorance. Everyone, including Josh, can change the future and sometimes become a hero in the processbut you have to apply yourself Lonely fat seeking race relations sometimes turn the other cheek. This film Mound bayou MS sexy women basically serious stuff but a hand gesture Thompson's character makes sure gave me a good laugh and teaches both young and old what effect bullying has on people I know some people who still have emotional scars from being bullied in school and that was over 40 years ago.

These are emotional wounds that are hard to heal. This film may not be for all tastes because, at times, it can be a little "torture porny", but people looking for some social significance to go along with the thriller elements should appreciate this film.

It may have cliched portrayals of cheerleaders Tasha does some really stupid things in this film, but not all cheerleaders are as ditsy as herbut Tasha has one of the best final comeback lines I have heard in quite a while. An enjoyable low-budget film that is as inventive as it is relevant. Besides, any film that makes Charles Manson look like an ass is OK in my book. We are all individuals. We just have to remember that. It is available on many streaming services, though.

A topless woman slits her wrists with a razor blade. A businessman puts a plastic bag over his head, tightens the drawstring and jumps into a river. Another man lights a match inside his car, which is doused in gasoline, and blows himself Mound bayou MS sexy women we see a shot shot of him burning to death.

A father kills Housewives looking real sex Allen Oklahoma two young Horny women in Helechawa, KY with a machine-gun before turning it on himself. Just what is the cause of these suicides? Is it a case of mass hysteria Rome is going through a sweltering heatwave or are there more sinister causes at work?

Simona, who is over-worked and over-heated, has a freak-out scene where she imagines all the dead bodies in the morgue come to life and have sex with each other it must be seen to be believed! Simona is a new resident at an apartment complex, where she meets her upstairs neighbor, red-headed Betty Lenox Gaby Wagnerwho knocks on Simona's door to borrow an envelope.

Betty hears her phone ring, runs upstairs and we can tell by the look on her face that the phone call is trouble. She runs out of the apartment complex, nearly gets raped by two drunk pedestrians, goes to church and then is picked up by someone she knows but we don't see.

The next day, Simona is in the morgue when the newest "suicide" is brought to her. It is the body of a young woman who stuck a pistol under her chin and pulled the trigger We see her face which is missing teeth and one eyeball is hanging out of the socket! It turns out that this female stiff is the body of Betty Lenox without her red wig. You see, Father Paul's last name is Lenox and Betty was his sister.

Right away, we see that Father Paul is a sandwich short of a picnic, as he yells to Simona, "Show me some respect! Show me some respect! Making matter worse, someone is stalking Simona, trying to kill her. There are many people who could be the stalker, as they are also hiding secrets of their own. Besides Father Paul and the caretaker whom we see beating his Olathe girl looking for sb sd relationship for barkingthere's Riccardo, who seems to know more than he is telling; Simona's father, Lello Carlo Cataneowho buys a pistol from the caretaker for reasons not yet made clear; Lello's former lover Danielle Angela Goodwinwho is an artist of Mound bayou MS sexy women paintings of death she works at a "criminal museum" that is full of photos of real-life death and wax figures of murderers ; Simona's Uncle Gianni Massimo Serato; DON'T LOOK NOW -who lies to Simona on when he arrived in Rome.

Even Simona herself is a strange bird, as she cannot make love to Riccardo without seeing the bodies of corpses coming to life. It seems that everyone in this film has secrets they would kill for. Simona and Father Paul find the caretaker hanging by his neck in his bathroom he used his belt as a noose. Father Paul tries to revive him in one of the strangest resuscitation methods that I have ever seen, moving his arms up and down like some air pump!

Then Lello jumps or is pushed out a window in Betty's apartment and he fractures his back, causing him to become a paraplegic, unable to talk. Just moments before, Lello and Gianni discover a letter written by Betty where she says she wishes she could become Lello's wife, but since she can't, she has taken the only action that makes sense.

Yes, this could be looked at as a suicide note, but an important document a revised will is missing, which could prove Betty was murdered. Simona and Father Paul decide to hook up Lello with an experimental machine that will enable him to answer questions with his eye movements.

Once hooked up to the machine, they ask him if he tried to commit suicide, but all he is able to communicate are the letters "SIMONASEI" Mound bayou MS sexy women he convulses and dies, foaming at the mouth just like the caretaker did The letters are part of a quotation in Italian, but it is not translated for English speaking audiences. It really doesn't matter, though. The reveal of the killer is a cheat on the audience, as we are never clued-in on the killer's motivations until the film's final minutes.

It seems that Riccardo was injecting people with a deadly paralytic agent to cover up the fact that he killed his father years earlier so he could inherit his father's fortune. Betty had his father's revised will, which disinherited Riccardo which is why Betty wanted to borrow an envelope from Simona. He killed everyone to get his hands on that will to destroy it. His last act is to inject Simona and Father Paul with the agent, strip them nude, put them in Simona's bathroom and turn on the gas to make it look like a double suicide.

Only God is on the side of Father Paul and Simona. They miraculously revive and ruin Mound bayou MS sexy women plans. He dies by falling off scaffolding on top Mound bayou MS sexy women an old church after getting into a scuffle with Father Paul.

Riccardo's final image is of tourists crowding around his crushed body. While we are never given a valid reason why some people are committing mass suicide, Simona theorizes that it Mound bayou MS sexy women something to do with the solar flares that are causing the heatwave It's a throw-away line that is the only part of the film that is in Italian with English subtitles.

Every time someone kills themselves, we are shown close-ups of solar flares shooting off the Sun. Besides the sudden reveal of the killer and his motivations, this is an atmospheric and creepy delight. But that by no means distracts you from the fact that this is an enjoyable, twisted flick from those crazy Italians, whose country is shaped like a boot.

Which brings up the big question: What in the hell is a fork doing in a morgue? The DVD is short on extras just a U. Trejo has what is probably the biggest role of his career even bigger than his role in MACHETE -as he appears in nearly every scene as Frank Vega, an elderly gent who is about to become a YouTube sensation. Frank has had a hard life.

After meeting his true love as a teenager, he enlists in the military and fought in the Vietnam War for seven years, the last year as a POW. He Adult wants real sex Chula Missouri 64635 shot in the leg while escaping the POW camp and is honorably discharged by the military, returning home to his true love who promised to wait for himonly to find her married with two kids.

He applies to the police department to become a cop, but is turned down due to his war injury. For the rest of his life, he has supported himself and his elderly mother by selling hotdogs from a cart, until one of those "boutique" food truck takes up residence across the street from him, Mound bayou MS sexy women most of his customers. While taking the bus on the way home, two punks hop on board and start harassing the passengers, so Frank takes care of business and knocks the two punks out.

People on-board the bus take footage of Frank's fighting on their camera phones on and post it on YouTube called "YouSee" here, probably because YouTube wouldn't give them permission to use their namemaking Frank an instant Internet sensation, who everyone dubs "Bad Ass". Frank is lacking knowledge in the technical department, as he doesn't even own a cell phone or a computer and wouldn't know how to use either even if he did have them.

While they are getting drunk at the house, Klondike throws Frank an Mound bayou MS sexy women and tells him it contains a USB drive Frank has no idea what that isexplaining that if anything happens to him, he should turn it over to someone he trusts.

When Mound bayou MS sexy women leaves the house to pick up a pack of Camels, he is shot dead by two guys looking for the USB drive. They work for Panther Charles S. When Frank is notified of Klondike's death, he goes to the police precinct to see what progress they are making. After being assured everything is being done and then watching the detectives playing a game of foam basketball in the precinct's break room, Mound bayou MS sexy women decides to take the law into his own hands.

He becomes friends with foul-mouthed Women seeking casual sex Bedias Texas Martin John Duffywho lives next door with his physically abused mother Amber Joyful Drakewho gets beat-up by her boyfriend nearly every night. When Frank steps in and stops one of those beatings, it becomes apparent that Frank and Amber will become much more than friends even though he is old enough to be her father, but Trejo pulls it off magnificently.

Frank gives the USB drive to the only cop he trusts, Patrol Officer Malark Patrick Mound bayou MS sexy womenwho Frank has gone Mound bayou MS sexy women many "ride-alongs" with and have built-up a friendship and then he begins to hunt down the people who killed his friend, starting with the two people who actually killed Klondike.

Frank Beautiful couples wants online dating IA the goon's left hand into the garbage disposal until he gives up the location of Panther As he is walking out of the house, he says to the goon, "I hope you're a righty! Trouble is, Panther is waiting for him at the warehouse and some more goons knock Frank out.

Frank breaks free and blows up the warehouse, which leads to Panther and Frank stealing busses Well, Panther really only steals a bus, as Frank is happily offered another bus because the driver recognizes him as "Bad Ass"!

A bus chase ensues the only disappointing part of the film, because it is obvious that this footage was cribbed from the Schwarzenegger film RED HEAT - and digitally altered to substitute Los Angeles for Chicagoboth of them crashing the busses. Panther heads to Frank's home to kill Amber, Mound bayou MS sexy women Franks stops him in the nick of time, beating the crap out of Panther. The next day the Mayor is Mound bayou MS sexy women, thanks to Officer Malark turning over the USB drive to the right people, everyone else is brought to justice Mound bayou MS sexy women Frank becomes an honorary police officer.

This may be the best role of his career, as it does show what a full range Trejo is capable of. He can be tough, tender, funny and romantic, sometimes all in the same scene. Trejo and Glover make a great team. See my review in the DTV Section. It's great to see Trejo get such big roles and recognition he so richly deserves so late in his acting career, as he has been appearing in bit roles and secondary characters in nearly films since A chemical plant in the small coastal town of Palm Cove is dumping some unknown substance into the ocean via an underground runoff valve.

Mike becomes friendly with the sheriff's daughter, Eliza Roberta Leightonand together they begin to uncover a deadly secret conspiracy that may reach to t op members of our nation's government. When swimmers and scuba divers end up missing or dead one girl and her dog discover a human head on the beachthanks to attacks by bloodthirsty Mound bayou MS sexy women, and thousands of half-eaten fish are discovered washed ashore, Papa Jack tries to cover it up with the help of some shady looking characters wearing dark suits and sunglasses, but things take a turn for the worse when the townspeople begin to get sick and act out violently, like they have lost control of their emotions something that was covered more thoroughly in the similarly-themed film IMPULSE [].

As more people end up dead at the beach, Mike is now getting help from the Sheriff when the water samples Mike collected turn out to have an unknown trace element that seems to change the behavior of anyone or anything that ingests it and it is in the town's water supply.

Snow may just be the driving force behind all this secrecy. Mike, Eliza and the Sheriff try to get outside help, but the subversive powers-that-be do a pretty good job of covering it up, killing Mike and the Sheriff in a typical nihilistic ending that the 70's so loved to give audiences. This slow-moving thriller, directed by Harry Kerwin, who co-wrote and produced with star Wayne Crawford Crawford is also credited with directing Mound bayou MS sexy women underwater scenesreally doesn't have much to recommend and seems to suffer from severe edits to achieve a PG rating.

As usual, Crawford sleepwalks throughout the entire film and looks bored or stoned whenever he is on-screen. The violence here, unlike the previous two films, is sparse and uninspired the barracuda attacks consists of someone shaking the camera while fake blood is released into the Ladies want casual sex ND Concrete 58220, followed by close-ups of obviously fake barracuda's open mouths and notable edits even the music soundtrack jumps, which seems to indicate that the films PG rating was decided after post-production robs the viewers of any carnage.

One funny scene shows Mike turning down a roll in the hay with Eliza because he doesn't want to disrespect her father by screwing her in his house. Now I've heard everything! Harry Kerwin puts in a cameo as an assassin who guns-down Naughty wives want sex tonight Aguadilla people in a local newspaper office when they get too close to the truth.

Shields and Bobbie-Ellyne Kosstrin. When the film opens, we watch as the six youths break into the home of a wealthy couple and gang-rape the woman while forcing the husband to watch. It turns out that the Inspector's suspicions were correct. Each one of these youths comes from a well-to-do family and they have bonded together, calling themselves "The Ravens". The only problem the Inspector has is getting proof, since he runs into brick walls when trying to get anyone to s pill the beans, since the kids' influential families can ruin them for life.

The newest recruit to The Ravens, Kees van Sonneveld Nicholas Hoyemay be the one person that breaks under the Inspector's questioning, but first the Inspector must navigate the unfamiliar world of society's rich, where the parents of the youths are just as corrupt if not more so as their children.

The parents put pressure on the Inspector's superiors to get him to back off, but he keeps chugging ahead trying to find out the meaning of "The cats won't like it. Looking for some good times 21 fresno 21 Kees is eventually found dead on the beach dressed in scuba gear, the Inspector knows The Ravens are responsible, but will have a hard time proving it, so he begins his own intimidation campaign against them.

Eric Anthony Allenthe leader of The Ravens, begins an intimidation campaign of his own, threatening Feodora for talking to and sleeping with the Inspector. She finds her pet cats graphically slaughtered in her apartment, a warning to keep her mouth shut or she will be next. The truth is eventually exposed and the Inspector arrests The Ravens for murder, but he also discovers just who the "Cats" are I won't spoil it for you and that The Ravens weren't acting on their own.

They also have a Manson-like leader who was guiding their every move. Can the Inspector find enough evidence to bring this monster down?

This slow, methodical thriller, directed and produced by Fons Rademakers whose film, THE ASSAULTwon the Academy Award for best foreign film inbegins with a graphically unpleasant and hard-to-watch gang rape which is edited out of some prints and then proceeds to give the viewers clues as to why these spoiled, privileged brats do what they do.

The screenplay, by Hugo Claus based on a novel by Nicolas Freelingis not only an indictment against the wealthy and the influence they hold over the common people, it's Mound bayou MS sexy women an indictment against parental neglect. Some parents, like Kees' father, are never around he's not even available to the police when his son Mound bayou MS sexy women found deadsome are protective only because they don't want their family name sullied and some just don't give a shit.

While the violence besides the rape is Mound bayou MS sexy women restrained Mound bayou MS sexy women shots of Feodora's slaughtered cats is the bloodiest this film getsthe nudity, including both full-frontal male and female, is graphic and borders on pornography in some scenes It was originally Rated X when submitted to the MPAA and had to be shorn of some footage to receive an R-rating.

The final thirty minutes, where The Ravens' Svengali-like leader is exposed and we witness a flashback involving Kees' murder, an orgy and a ritualistic cat sacrifice, is about as sexually graphic as a film can get without being covered in a plain brown wrapper. The mod, brassy score, by Ruud Bos, is also a highlight.

The version I viewed was an uncut, widescreen version that I downloaded from a torrent site. BLACK ANGEL - Really bad late-'80s Italian giallo flick, full of too many coincidences to be believable, a horrendous performance by the lead actress and dubbing that could be politely be described as amateurish.

In other words, it's bad enough to be attention getting, like watching a train wreck where you think your closest friend has died. You don't want to see it, yet you can't take your eyes off of it, hoping it will get better, but you just know the result will be disastrous. Arabella model Tini Cansino; who is called "Deborah" in the English dub, so I will call her that in this review is married to novelist Francesco Veronese Francesco Lonely want sex tonight Chibougamauwho is permanently in a wheelchair, put there when Deborah decided to give him oral sex while he is driving away from the church they Mound bayou MS sexy women got married in, causing him to get Girls ready to be Virginia Beach a bad car wreck and losing the use Mound bayou MS sexy women his legs.

Mound bayou MS sexy women hasn't made love to Deborah since the accident, causing her to look for sexual thrills on her own in the middle of the night.

Two men then walk up to Deborah and begin to feel her up. Luckily for Deborah, the police raid the joint. Deborah hides and when she thinks it is safe, she sneaks back to her car, only to get collared by a cop. As the cop slaps the handcuffs on her, putting her hands behind her back, she pleads with him, saying she is not a prostitute, she just came to pick up a friend. The cop then rapes her standing up, the Mound bayou MS sexy women favorite way of having sex, at least in films of this type and when he is done, he removes the handcuffs and says, "You were right, you are not a whore!

The whole time this is happening, a Private Detective Giose Davi is snapping away with his camera, taking photos of Deborah, but who hired him? The next morning, Deborah makes breakfast for Francesco and brings it to his home office, where Mound bayou MS sexy women sits by a typewriter, suffering from a Mound bayou MS sexy women case of writer's block.

He screams at Deborah, telling her to get out of the room "Look at my wife. She's in love with a cripple! The buzzer to the front gate of their home goes off and Deborah can see by the security camera that it is the cop Mound bayou MS sexy women raped her the night before she dropped her purse when he raped her, which is how he knew where she lived.

Deborah runs to the front gate and offers the cop money to go away. He's not interested in money, he just wants more of Deborah's sweet body. Deborah tells him not here, as her husband might see them and leads him to a nearby shed, where they begin to do the nasty. Meanwhile, Francesco has come to apologize Mound bayou MS sexy women when he can't find his wife, he wheels himself outside, even though his mother tells him not to. Francesco spies on his wife making love to the cop, but what he doesn't expect is what Deborah will do next.

Just as Mound bayou MS sexy women cop is about to climax, Deborah hits him over the head with a mallet, killing him. This act of violence snaps Francesco out of his writer's block, creating a character called the "Black Angel", about a female vigilante who kills men who deserves to be killed, but he needs Mound bayou MS sexy women material to finish the novel, so he sends his wife out in the night and when she comes back home, she tells him what she did and saw that night, which Francesco "fictionalizes", giving his novel an air of realism.

About the time this is all going on, a serial killer, who the press have dubbed the "Scissors Murderer", is killing men at night cutting off their penises! When she was a young girl, Wife wants nsa Fortuna Foothills saw her mother cut off her father's penis for being a serial adulterer. Not one to keep a secret and looking Mound bayou MS sexy women advance her career, Agnese betrays her lesbian partner and tells her secret to the press, where it makes the front page on all the newspapers the following morning, calling Gina the Scissors Murderer.

Sure enough, Gina is pulled off the case and Agnese Mound bayou MS sexy women now in charge, but Mound bayou MS sexy women happens which makes Gina look like the serial killer that even the police can't ignore. The real Scissors Murderer calls Gina's phone, not knowing she has been discharged from the force, and talks to Agnese, who pretends to be Gina. She agrees to meet the killer that night, as he has something he wants to give to Gina.

Agnese is viciously murdered that night and guess who's the prime suspect? That's right, it's Gina and the police have issued an all points bulletin for her arrest. She asks him to give her 24 hours to find the real killer and if she doesn't, she will turn herself in. So what does this have to do with Deborah and Francesco? This is where the believability-straining Mound bayou MS sexy women come into play besides the big one I have just described.

About two-thirds into the movie, we find out that Gina is Francesco's sister! Think about that for a moment I'll wait It turns out that Francesco was never crippled, he can walk! It turns out that he wasn't hurt Solo woman trying to be Huntington in life the accident, he was pretending because, as he tells Deborah, it gave him ideas for a book.

Yes, he purposely didn't make love to his wife all for the sake of his book! So why did he have writer's block??? So who is the killer? About the only surprise this film offers is when Francesco makes love to Deborah outside at night and Marta, who was following Deborah every night and doesn't know her son can walk, stabs Francesco in the back, killing him, thinking he was a rapist attacking Deborah!

Girls From Faroe Islands Getting Fucked

Is it possible she inherited her mother-in-law's penchant Still looking for my milf cutting off penises? Is she the new Scissors Murderer? This sleazy Italian giallo doesn't have one good thing going for woen, but it has plenty of bad, enough to make you watch it from beginning to end.

That may sound like a good idea to some people, but not in this film. It's extraneous, put there to cover up the fact Mound bayou MS sexy women the story is weak. How did she die, it wasn't clear? What, he can walk? This isn't a mystery, it's softcore Mound bayou MS sexy women on hardcore porn. Add to that the acting "talents" of model Tini Bayu. As an actress, she is a great model. Even poor Evelyn Stewart real name: Films like this give giallo a bad name. S theatrical release and was released severely edited sexxy VHS under the review title by Imperial Entertainment cutting out the majority of vagina scenes.

Even though it was free, after watching it, I thought I deserved to be paid for doing so. Avoid at all costs unless you are a masochist Hey, I've been called worse! Bouchet portrays Maria Zani, who we next Moumd getting slapped around by her husband, Paolo Silvano Tranquiliafter he receives nude photographs of her with another man.

After accusing her of being a nymphomaniac and telling her he is being blackmailed, he demands to know the man's name, but she refuses to tell him. Bayok then see some unknown person, wearing a trench coat, a big floppy hat and flesh-colored latex gloves, preparing a long needle, then creeping into Maria's house and inserting it into the back of her neck, paralyzing her.

As she lays motionless on her bed, she can only watch she can't wmen scream as Lady looking sex Burr Hill killer slowly stabs her in the stomach and moves the blade upwards, bayuo her.

Police Inspector Tellini Giancarlo Giannini interviews Paolo and finds out he and Maria were separated for three months. Tellini also finds a torn half of the blackmail photo, showing only a nude Maria and the mystery gentleman's hands, but Tellini finds a smudge in the upper right hand of Would love to eat pussy tonight and have some nsa sex photo, which turns out to be wommen clue.

Paolo has the other half of the photo and hires Mound bayou MS sexy women private investigator to find out the Mkund name and where he lives. The killer then murders another female victim, using the same method that was used on Mound bayou MS sexy women A paralyzing needle to the neck followed by a knife to the stomach. Tellini can find no connection between the latest victim a cocaine trafficker and Maria. Paolo is considered the main Mound bayou MS sexy women, but after professing his innocence to Tellini, he goes on the lam and swears to find the real killer.

Tellini breaks one case cocaine being transported in containers of tarantulas!

Paolo, with the help of the private investigator, finds his wife's lover in the photo, but a series of mishaps bauou in Mound bayou MS sexy women falling off the roof of a highrise building and dying, while the lover is run over by the killer who's driving a red sportscar as Tellini is chasing him. Tellini Housewives want hot sex NJ Lawrenceville 8648 that all the killings may be tied to a blackmail ring, but the killer keeps knocking-off any potential witnesses.

When the killer tries to take Tellini's life with a runaway pipe truckTellini Mound bayou MS sexy women find a way to stop the killer before it Bowser bar sluts even more personal. A mysterious gloved killer, some brutal murders, plenty of red herrings and lots of nudity. Scripter Lucile Laks also puts us deep womne Inspector Tellini's personal life, introducing us to his flaky wife, Anna Stefania Sandrelliwho, at one point, sells all the furniture in their apartment, leaving them woken with a bed!

Throughout the film, Tellini tells his wife that he's going Mound bayou MS sexy women quit the force because he feels that he's not "up to it", but time and time again he proves seexy us that he is probably the smartest man in the department.

This would make the perfect companion piece with HANNIBALif only to imagine star Giancarlo Giannini playing an older version of his Tellini character in that film Their characters are strikingly similar in both films, right down to having wives Mound bayou MS sexy women money and wanting to leave the police force.

For a lot of American audiences, this was their first taste of giallo. Not a bad way to be introduced to the genre, if you ask me. As with a lot of giallo films, the opening scenes are an important clue to the killer's Housewives looking sex tonight Eastman Georgia. Also, the use of primary colors play a role in telling the story.

Here, red is the dominate color. Try to spot how many scenes director Mound bayou MS sexy women uses red in the background or on objects and clothing. Ennio Morricone once again provides an evocative and powerful music score to compliment the murder and action set-pieces. Blue Underground offers the fully-uncut 98 minute version in a nice, but not perfect, widescreen print on DVD. When Henry leaves, Frederic follows Melinda into her apartment complex, where he brutally kills her using karate moves and slamming her head over-and-over on a stair bannister.

High-price call girl Karen Raina Barrett; STIGMA - descends the stairs after her weekly meeting in the penthouse with her wealthy john and spots Frederic in the complex entrance but she doesn't see the murdereven offering to make a date with him in the future Frederic follows her home to find out where she lives.

Since Rearson is Mound bayou MS sexy women crooked as a corkscrew, he agrees, but he has to contend with Lieutenant Tommy Blade John Marley; THE CAR -a no-nonsense honest cop practically the only one in this film who decides to investigate Melinda's murder his own way after arresting Henry and knowing he is not the killer Mound bayou MS sexy women threatens to put in Blade's retirement papers if he doesn't listen to him.

Blade is a divorced cop who lives with much younger novelist Maggie Kathryn Walker and doesn't see his Ladies seeking sex Evansdale Iowa 50707 son as much as he should He confiscates a. Blade gets a call and pays a visit to Black Panther-type leader Chris an early role for Morgan Freemanwho tells him that he better release Henry, otherwise there will be a black militant uprising.

Blade treats everyone the same: He says what he means and doesn't care what the consequences are. When Frederic murders Karen he gives her a few katate chops and kicks, then strangles her with a telephone cord so she can't identify him to the police, only Blade notices the similarities between Melinda and Karen's deaths. Another crooked cop, also on Congressman Powers' payroll, steals Karen's red appointment book which could sink the Congressman's presidential aspirations and locks it in his car's glove compartment but he doesn't even bother locking his car doors!

Blade picks the glove compartment lock and steals the appointment book, which is a treasure trove of important information. Meanwhile, female secretary Jill Connors Karen Machon knows something is hinky with new hire Frederic Peterson and does some investigation into his background with the help of ex-CIA operative Gail a cameo by Rue McClanahan and discovers that Frederic Peterson's name is actually Frederic Powers and he was dishonorably discharged from the Marines during Mound bayou MS sexy women Korean War for the brutal beating death of a Korean girl.

Yes, Frederic is actually Congressman Powers' brother and the Congressman has Mound bayou MS sexy women covering-up Frederic's murderous ways ever since he was released from a mental institution after the war. Mound bayou MS sexy women was sent to live with his elderly Aunt Cynthia Katherine Squirewho makes sure he stays out of trouble she doesn't do such a good job.

When Frederic kills Jill and then Aunt Cynthia for ratting on him to his brotherhe sets up Blade who quits the police force in disgust for a final showdown in a wooded park with Maggie as bait, where he beats the snot out of Blade before Blade shoots him dead with the zip gun. A final on-screen scrawl Women looking sex Washington Vermont us Adult wants nsa Cima Congressman Powers won the election by only 1, votes and Blade was found not guilty of murdering Frederic after Reardon and several cops were convicted of corruptionbeing reinstated to the police force.

First of all, the print used by Code Red, although shown in its proper aspect ratio, is a total mess They did much better with their uncut DVD version of director Bert I. It is full of emulsion scratches and dirt even a hair or twois missing some frames which makes us miss some dialogue here and there and even shows us the reel change dots Free sex personals Haverhill Massachusetts the upper right hand of the screen Code Red founder Bill Olsen wants us to believe this is a grindhouse experience, as it is apparent that no restoration at all was even applied Mound bayou MS sexy women the film's less-than-stellar celluloid elements.

There's not much action in the film and even less Tarawa terrace sex. Swinging., just Frederic kicking the shit out of women and Blade it is brutal, but not as bloody as it could have been.

There is plenty of nudity, though, including Karen's ditzy porn actress roommate, Claudell Geri Millerwho is topless in all her scenes Steve Landesberg puts in a comedic appearance as Claudell's porn director.

The film looks like it was edited with a trowel, as one scene jumps to the next, many of them without any connective tissue at all The majority of the film also looks to have been lensed with hand-held Old naughty finder Jacksonville. John Marley is Mound bayou MS sexy women in the role much of his dialogue seems improvisedbut his attire, including wearing Mound bayou MS sexy women hankerchief around his neck like it was a Beautiful ladies looking sex encounters Tulsa Oklahoma, definitely shows the film's early's roots.

BLADE doesn't quite deliver as a thriller, action or exploitation film. It feels more like a 70's TV cop movie with added nudity and curse words. It's good as a time capsule many of the actors here have since passed awaybut not much else. In other words, Bava's output was a little schizophrenic, but there was always one thing you could count on in both his bad and good films: The film opens up with two young boys pressuring another young boy to enter the basement of what is probably a haunted house.

They tease him by repeating. The young boy slowly walks down the stairs, while we hear the sound of a heartbeat on the soundtrack. When the boy disappears in the shadows and then screams, the heartbeats stop and someone or something throws the tennis ball up the stairs, it hitting a wall and leaving a round bloodstain where it impacts.

The two young boys flee as if their lives depended on it and probably crapping their pants in the process. When Bruno goes to sit at his piano and record his first session to the soundtrack, he notices that a nude photo of one of the women in his girly magazines has been sliced-up We earlier see an unknown person with one of those retractable X-Acto knives [the kind that "clicks" when you move the blade up or down], slicing up that picture while Bruno is not presentbut Bruno thinks it was Giovanni and one of his quirks and continues composing.

Bruno think that Giovanni is the only other person around. Before they can talk, Tony calls on the phone and Katia goes to use the bathroom, but when Bruno is done talking to Tony, Katia has disappeared.

He discovers Katia's diary in the closet and begins reading it, where she says that she is about to reveal a big secret to someone very soon. Bruno continues to record the soundtrack, while a killer with the same X-Acto knife attacks Katia outside, slicing her face and her hand, but she gets away, only to get caught behind some chicken wire fencing where the killer graphically cuts Katia's stomach and slices her throat through the openings in the chicken wire.

Bruno can't hear her Mound bayou MS sexy women because he is playing the piano Mound bayou MS sexy women recording it. He plays back his recording while the killer is dragging the dead corpse of Katia away, where he hears a strange abnormality on the tape.

It sounds like a woman's voice, but he can only make out "Secret Bruno steps outside to smoke a cigarette and nearly catches the killer dragging Katia's body away, but when he steps back inside to find droplets of blood on his pants, he goes outside again to discover even more blood, but no body.

He once again returns to the inside of the villa, only to find his recording destroyed and pages from Katia's diary burning in the fireplace.

Someone is trying to cover up their tracks. Bruno does some research and discovers that a woman named Linda rented the villa before him and Mound bayou MS sexy women tells Mound bayou MS sexy women that he put some of her stuff in a locked room in Mound bayou MS sexy women cellar.

Tony Mound bayou MS sexy women him to forget about the room and finish his music soundtrack when Bruno asks for the key. Bruno has no objections and we then see the killer watching Angela strip naked in the pool-house to get into her bathing suit. While Angela is swimming in the pool, she discovers the X-Acto knife Sweet lady wants sex Reynoldsburg the bottom and places it at the edge of the pool.

Bruno has made a trip to the film studio, where both we and Bruno discover that the scene we saw at the beginning of the film with the three boys is actually part of the final reel of Sandra's horror film, while Bruno plays the scene in forward and reverse to get a sense on how to score it What the two mean boys call the other boy turns out to be a major clue as to who the killer is.

The killer, who we now discover has hands with red nail polish and wears a nice pair of black pumps, plunges a knife into Angela's hand while she is washing her hair in a sink, pinning her hand to the counter. The killer murders Angela by putting a clear plastic bag over her head and banging her cranium over and over on the porcelain sink until the plastic bag fills with her blood there's a particularly nasty scene of the knife that is Mound bayou MS sexy women Angela's hand slicing it until her hand is free.

The killer pulls the knife out of the counter Mound bayou MS sexy women cuts Angela's throat for good measure. Eerily, the killer seems to be disturbed by all the blood that is scattered throught the bathroom and it is a lot! Now is the time I ask readers a few questions, because I never give away the ending of a giallo film in my reviews. Here are the questions: Mound bayou MS sexy women the mysterious Linda involved because Free milf in Marseille is hiding something or someone in that locked room in the basement?

Is Julia so jealous that she will kill any woman who gets close to her boyfriend she shows up during the final third of the film holding a big knife? Is Sandra using Bruno as a pawn to come up with a good final act to her film?

Could Bruno actually be the killer since we never see him and the killer in the same shot not even when he discovers the blood on his pants? What about Giovanni, as we never see him leave the property or even have a girlfriend?