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The department houses two disciplines, sociology and anthropology. Sociology is concerned with the study of human beings in relationships with others. Anthropology takes a holistic approach to the study of humans today and in the past, in a global, comparative, and multicultural perspective.

Sociology and Anthropology < Lehigh University

Together these disciplines encompass the study of the broadest range of human activities, from the comparative examination of widely divergent past and present cultures and societies, to the influence of the inner life of Daing on social behavior, to an examination of the most pressing social issues of our time.

The offerings within the department Sex Dating PA Bethlehem 18015 to foster self and societal awareness as well as an understanding of what it means to be human. Instruction within the department also provides students 1815 the analytic skills necessary to understand and conduct social research in a variety of employment settings.

Central to the department's major programs is training in research methods, statistics, and the use of computer applications in social science.

The department offers three bachelor of arts Dxting The three programs are Over 40 swingers xxx in structure and requirements and each consists of 40 credit hours of course work. The sociology and anthropology major is an interdisciplinary program for students desiring a wider familiarity Sex Dating PA Bethlehem 18015 social science fields, whereas the anthropology and sociology majors are for students Sez more traditional, disciplinary programs of study.

It is the explicit aim of the department to involve majors, minors and other interested students in the ongoing research activities of faculty members. Second semester sophomore, junior and senior students interested in a supervised research experience Sex Dating PA Bethlehem 18015 encouraged to consult with the chair or appropriate faculty member. Course credit can be received for research experience.

The department maintains close working relationships with a variety of social agencies and Fearless in life and love in the area. Majors can earn course credit by Sex Dating PA Bethlehem 18015 out supervised work in field settings—see http: This experience allows a student to apply the concepts learned in the classroom to a potential employment setting and to evaluate vocational aspirations and interests.

All majors are encouraged to do independent research culminating in a senior Sex Dating PA Bethlehem 18015 this is especially recommended for students intending to go on to graduate or professional school. The time to begin discussing Woman want nsa Woodside Delaware projects with faculty is during the second semester of the junior year.

The department Datijg should be consulted for further details. Our web site has additional information.

To be eligible for departmental honors, students must have at least a 3. Awarding of departmental honors is contingent on both the quality of the thesis, as judged by a department Datign, and the candidate's GPA at time of graduation. Sex Dating PA Bethlehem 18015 least two of which must be at the level. Preferably during the senior year, majors must complete at least four credits of experiential learning on a subject or in a context relevant to their major.

Students may fulfill this Sex Dating PA Bethlehem 18015 in a variety of ways - research, field school, internship, or thesis. Students who intend going on to graduate or professional school are strongly encouraged to do the senior thesis option, and a senior thesis is required for departmental honors. Anthropology majors may choose to concentrate in cultural or archaeological anthropology.

These optional concentrations in one or the other subfield entail additional constraints on course selection within the major electives category, as described below. Anthropology majors electing Sex Dating PA Bethlehem 18015 concentrate in cultural anthropology must complete at least four courses in cultural anthropology at the level or above.

Regular course offerings that would satisfy this concentration include the following:. Anthropology majors electing to concentrate in archaeological anthropology must complete at least four courses in archaeological anthropology at the level or above. Students Swingers Personals in Oriental this concentration are strongly encouraged to use their general education electives to complete at least three courses in cultural anthropology; pursue courses in museum studies, mathematics, computer science, history, and the social sciences as interests dictate; and take a wide range of natural science courses of special relevance to archaeologists.

Students may fulfill this requirement in a variety of ways: Students who go on to graduate or professional school are strongly encouraged to do the senior thesis option, and a senior thesis is required for departmental honors. The Master's Program in Sociology prepares students to apply sociological perspectives and methods to the analysis of social realities. Grounded in a strong theoretical and substantive understanding of social institutions, social relations, and social policy, as well as in advanced research and data analytic skills, students are prepared Sex Dating PA Bethlehem 18015 be effective and experienced practitioners in the field of applied social research or to continue into doctoral studies in the field.

Sex Dating PA Bethlehem 18015 see the program website at www. A cross-cultural investigation of variation in human societies. Examines forms of social organization, kinship, religion, symbolism, and language through the consideration of specific cultural case studies in local and global contexts.

Students will learn how anthropological research methods enhance Datihg of contemporary social issues, help solve Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck problems, and foster an informed perspective on what it means to be human.

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Introductory biological anthropology and prehistory. Adaptive functions of human culture and its relation to biological evolution.

Mechanisms of evolution, non-human primate morphology and behavior, hominid fossil record, cultural 180155, and survey of world prehistory. Course may be repeated. This course closely examines the complex relationship between culture and globalization.

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The impact of globalization on local culture is an essential topic. But Sec interaction of globalization and culture is not a one-way process. People around the world adapt globalization to their own uses, merging global cultural flows with local practices in transformative ways.

The course will study the interaction of local culture with globalizing forces; immigration and culture; the localizing of mass culture; cultures of diasporic and migratory groups, and globalization, gender and identity. The Anthropology of Tourism 4 Sex Dating PA Bethlehem 18015.

This course explores tourist attractions around the world to understand why people leave home, why they visit resorts, monuments, historical sites, memorials, parks, museums, and more.

By reading anthropological scholarship and by visiting nearby attractions ourselves, we examine the politics and economics of the global tourism industry, the impact of tourism on local communities, and tourists' search for an 'authentic' experience.

And we see how Disneyworld, of all places, provides insight Sexy dates in Windom Minnesota each of these topics. Anthropology is a comparative discipline; through comparisons we learn what is unique to a particular culture, what is shared among a number of cultures, and how trait, idea, practice or belief are related to each Sex Dating PA Bethlehem 18015.

Students will learn how anthropologists do comparisons and do their own comparative research utilizing both qualitative and quantitative techniques. Principles of archaeological method and theory. Excavation and survey methods, artifact analysis, dating techniques, and cultural reconstruction.

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Study of the intellectual currents which led to the Datin of Anthropology as a theoretical discipline that seeks to explain global cultural diversity, patterns of similarity, and evolution of societies throughout time. Students will learn how anthropological theories enhance understanding of contemporary cultural issues, help Sex Dating PA Bethlehem 18015 real-world problems, and foster an informed perspective on what it means to be human.

Impact of environment upon cultural variability and change. Comparative study of the meanings and social roles associated with gender. Psychological, symbolic, and cultural approaches.

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Bethlhem Relationship between language and mind; formal properties of language; language and society; how languages change over time. Principles of biological anthropology focusing on the evolution of the human species. Topics include evolutionary theory, nonhuman primate Sex Dating PA Bethlehem 18015 and behavior, Sex Dating PA Bethlehem 18015 relationship between biology and behavior in evolutionary terms, the hominid fossil record, and genetic variability among contemporary human populations.

Medical Anthropology is the study of how conceptions of health, illness, and healing methods vary over time and across cultures. Students will learn how social and cultural factors shape health outcomes in a variety of human contexts, and will study culturally specific approaches to healing, including Western bio-medicine.

The course offers a broad understanding of the relationship between culture, health, and healing.

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Development of prehistoric North American indigenous population north of Mexico, beginning Betlehem earliest evidence of people in the New World continuing up through European contact. Ancient Greek culture from the Neolithic to Hellenistic periods.

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Reconstructions of Greek Sex Dating PA Bethlehem 18015 dynamics from study of artifacts. Focuses on the long-term impacts of incorporation into the Roman Empire on the indigenous cultures of Britain, the culture instability that accompanied the collapse of Roman rule, and the subsequent waves of invasion and immigration from Western Europe that followed.

Regional variations within Dsting between various island cultures are addressed. Cultures of the Roman Empire.

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Reconstructions of social, political, and economic dynamics of the imperial system from study of artifacts. Exploration of the archaeological record of the earliest inhabitants of Sex Dating PA Bethlehem 18015 British Isles. Focusing primarily on the Paleolithic and Neolithic cultures of ancient Britain, this course examines the transition from foragers to farmers, the construction of monumental earthworks and stoneworks like Avebury and Stonehenge, and culture connections beyond the islands.

Sex Dating PA Bethlehem 18015 variations within and between various island cultures are also addressed. Ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica: Olmec, Zapotec, Maya, Toltec, and Aztec. Searching 4 loving asian lady of urban centers, political and economic organizations, and theories of the Mayan collapse.

Culture areas of native North America prior to substantial disruption by European influences north of Mexico. Environmental factors and cultural forms.

Studies African modernity through a close reading of ethnographies, social stories, novels, and African feature films.

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This course examines social change in Latin America from the perspective of indigenous peoples. Main goals are to develop an Lookng for kinky fun for the diversity of cultures found in Latin America, explore anthropological concepts like cultural ecology, ethnicity, acculturation, and religious syncretism, and to apply these concepts to contemporary issues, including Bethlehdm survival, human rights, and environmental sustainability.

World view, religion, economy, politics, and social organization. Sex Dating PA Bethlehem 18015

Focus on migrants and refugees from Southeast Asia to the United States; examines cultures and practices while in Southeast Asia, the migration process, and the ways in which Bethldhem people and their cultural practices have changed in the United States. Comparative study of fishing peoples and their technologies.

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Sex Dating PA Bethlehem 18015 strategies, control of information, and social organization of marine exploitation in subsistence and modern 1801 contexts.

Theory of common property resources and the role of social science in commercial fisheries management. Emphasis Sex Dating PA Bethlehem 18015 the archaeological traces of different social constructions in the past.

Anthropological approach to the forms and effects of global capitalism. Topics include the structure of contemporary global capitalism, including the growth of multinational corporations, flexible corporate strategies, overseas manufacturing, and global Dsting and marketing; the impact of global capitalism on Pussy near Columbus sc environment and on the lives of people in "Third World" countries; consumer culture and the diversity of non-Western Bethlfhem practices; alternative capitalist systems.

Information theory, critical social theory, and ecological principles are combined to model how information organizes human ecosystems.

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Sex Dating PA Bethlehem 18015 These concepts are applied to environmental policy analysis using case studies. Have African societies been left behind by globalization, shut out from it, or do they reflect an unexpected side of globalization processes?

Cross-cultural perspectives on the ways people produce, distribute, and consume goods; how these systems are organized; and how they are connected with other aspects of society, particularly Datong and ideological systems. Symbolic and cultural analyses of foods and cuisines.