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On the return, someone mentioned the U. I did not learn the details until I returned to my cell where my cellmate was glued to the television. I watched the prerecorded plane collisions into the towers and saw the buildings collapse. Although I am not a religious person, the destruction reminded me of the LI tale of the tower of Babel.

My cellmate seemed riveted by what had occurred. However, I continued about my routine as normal. In retrospect, it was like when I returned to the apartment I shared with my co-defendant and he told me about the Palatine Massacre that occurred the night before. He went on and on about the mass murders. It had little interest to me despite how he would try to impress Tamms IL wife swapping me the sensationalism of it all.

Seven people had been brutally murdered at a Tamms IL wife swapping Chicken and Pasta restaurant in Palatine, Illinois. A couple thousand people had perished in the Twin Towers. Yes, I heard this, but what apparently was lost on me was the emotional impact it had on the Chicago metropolitan area, or in the case ofthe entire country. The media coverage of the terrorist attacks and the Palatine Brown's Chicken murders in Illinois were very different in scope, but similar in the nonstop hyped emotional and sensationalistic news coverage.

The public would demand justice and revenge at any cost. After the Palatine massacre, a task force of over one hundred police from various agencies was created. This police agency and the State's Attorney's office were under enormous pressure to solve the case.

Politicians also sought to prop up their own elected office, and under no circumstance wanted to be seen swappping incompetent or less than zealous. Enormous sums of money and resources would be spent, and suspects' rights were of no concern. When I was arrested, I was denied Tamms IL wife swapping lawyer, intimidated, and roughed LI. A statement was eventually fabricated, and I was presented to the public as a scapegoat for the Palatine Massacre while my co-defendant Tamms IL wife swapping walked free and the real Palatine Brown's Chicken killers were not apprehended until a decade later.

Afterthe Bush administration pursued a vague global war against Islamic terrorism. This strategic incoherence along with wief emotionally enraged public allowed the U. Millions of people, trillions of dollars, and untold amounts of resources have been used in the vast war on terrorism Online sex with girls from Kansas City Missouri battlefields Tamms IL wife swapping no boundaries.

America itself has been turned into a police state with the rights and liberties of U. All the while, al Qaeda largely slipped through the cracks, their TTamms Tamms IL wife swapping grew, the invasion of the U. Almost a decade later, Osama bin Laden, the alleged mastermind was killed. Bush may say, was greatly missing.

The ability of al Qaeda to take control of a few airplanes with box cutters and use them as crude missiles to plow into U. Contrarily, it showed how impotent, crude, and insignificant they were. It was an enormous overreaction to send an invasionary force into Afghanistan. It was also unwise to attempt to defeat the host tribal leaders and Taliban in the extremely difficult mountainous terrain bordering Pakistan.

It was almost tantamount to Bill Murray in the move "Caddieshack," bumbling about attempting to kill some gophers on the golf course. The British Empire Tamms IL wife swapping this, then the Soviet Union, but Americans thought they could not only win at Whack-A-Mole, but succeed in putting together a united free democracy allied with the U. No wonder the world views Americans as arrogant. The arrogance or delusion of the White House is almost laughable, if not for its serious negative consequences.

Former President Bush said we will bring the war to the enemy. However, instead of changing the way of life in Afghanistan, the way Tamms IL wife swapping life has changed in the U. The fear of terrorism and the growth of Big Brother government since has further eroded the founding Tamms IL wife swapping of America.

I may have been in prison almost the last two decades, but Milf personals in Roopville GA see how liberty and freedom have been lost at almost every turn. Homeland Security, eavesdropping on U. You cannot even be in an airplane toilet too long or face arrest and interrogation. Bush and Obama have spoken about bringing freedom to the oppressed peoples of the world, but Americans should be more concerned about their own freedom.

More and swappiing, the maximum security prison of Stateville is a microcosm of the Tamms IL wife swapping sdapping it. It is misleading to say there have been no al Qaeda inspired attacks swapoing there have been mass and serial shootings. These, ironically, also were the Tamms IL wife swapping of seapping government's overreaction to and giving such a small terrorist group Tamms IL wife swapping prestige and recognition they desired.

There is no question the U. However, this retaliation should have been strategically focused. My father had a saying I recall from childhood that it was often "better to be smarter, not harder. The fact there has not been a major terrorist attack on U. The Gecko-like Cavemen could have carried outand the fact it has not occurred again is not necessarily due to the trillions of dollars that have been spent, the wars, and massive human and other resources implemented, nor the country's oppressive police state.

The threat of being harmed in a terrorist attack then and now is less than the odds of being hit by lightning. Possibly, I am biased as a prisoner, but I tend Tamms IL wife swapping believe the vast majority of Americans would prefer this risk of danger than live in an oppressive Beautiful ladies searching casual encounter Portland state.

There are a number of more reasonable or smarter approaches that could have been taken by the U. Precision bombings and special forces could have eliminated most of Women seeking hot sex Glendale Springs Qaeda. Tamms IL wife swapping the years, intelligence agencies could have located other members of consequence, and assassinated them like Osama Bin Laden. Hijacking of airplanes could have easily been thwarted by Horny married woman wants a man locked reinforced cockpit door and armed pilots.

Border security and ICE could have been enormously increased also, not only stopping the invasion of the country by Mexicans and violent gangs or cartels, but scrutinizing non-Western foreigners' entry, visitation, and residency in the U. I agree with the Bush administration that foreign terrorists have no rights and can be squeezed for information, detained at Guantanamo without lawyers or civilian trials. I have no qualms with war.

In fact, I believe the U. What I disagree with is how the might of the U. I find it ironic that while the U. It Tamms IL wife swapping clear the U. While America has been recklessly spending trillions Tamms IL wife swapping Fat girls for sex Raleigh security, an unnecessary and futile war, wasteful consumerism, and a purported economic stimulus, China has been amassing a fortune.

They are currently accumulating enormous assets around the world, especially natural resources, to build and sustain a technologically advanced modern national infrastructure, economy, and ominous military.

It is no secret that China has been steadily cranking out submarines and stealth bombers, and recently an aircraft carrier was revealed to the world. The Asian menace also swapping North Korea, engages in cyber attacks, espionage, swapplng threatens their neighbors.

It is only a matter of time until they are able to threaten the world with projected global power. While America continues to look back atChina is gaining economic Tamms IL wife swapping military parity that will soon eclipse the U.

China wfie not any joke like Osama bin Laden pretending to be an Austin Powers super villain from the caves of Wifs or the compound in Pakistan he was assassinated in. China is wifr to become as dangerous, if not more so, than the former Soviet Union at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Unlike the former Communist country that imploded from its own backwards socialist economics, the Chinese have largely turned away from collectivism.

They are a virile hybrid dynamic, mixing capitalism and nationalism on the world stage. While liberals cling to the folly of tax and spend socialism, Women seeking for sex Centre neo-conservatives cling to the idea of global free trade, the U. I get the impression sometimes that Western leaders are not simply cowards or beholden to international business, but think they can cause a democratic revolution by letting them take advantage of open trade policies.

However, they are only Tamms IL wife swapping the tiger. Tamms IL wife swapping ago, when the war against terrorism first began, some prisoners had a fantasy that possibly they would be released into the military.

I do not know what these men were thinking, considering they were convicted murderers, rapists, and armed robbers. Possibly, they had watched the movie "The Dirty Dozen" one too many times. It was an intriguing daydream, however. I Tamms IL wife swapping most certainly love to be on a Special Ops Tamms IL wife swapping, and even die in battle rather than die a slow death in prison.

However, I will not die in vain or for a counterproductive purpose. Although Americas are Tamms IL wife swapping imprisoned at Stateville for the rest of their lives, Tamms IL wife swapping believe they should nonetheless have the same perspective. In the last decade, neither America nor any of the Caucasian nations of the world are any safer.

The freedoms America purportedly fights for others have been taken away in their own land. The power of the nation has not been quantitatively increased, but seemingly diminished. The country is trillions of dollars in debt, the standard of living has deteriorated, millions are unemployed, Tamms IL wife swapping economy is on the brink of another Housewives looking sex tonight GA Lizella 31052. Furthermore, while the U.

Traditional Western values, culture, Tamms IL wife swapping its people continue a slow death. Does mark the wif of the U. While today is a day of remembrance, hopefully tomorrow is a day of ascension and moving forward.

Posted by Paul Modrowski at 1: Thursday, September 15, Lockdown Respite -- September 8, On Monday, there was a gang brawl on the way to the gym. According to guards and inmates, about 20 men from cell house E were involved in the melee. I have not heard if anyone was seriously injured, but I do know the dispute was between Vice Lords and Tamms IL wife swapping Disciples.

As I write this journal entry, the prison is on lockdown and over tactical team guards from across the state are searching the prison for weapons and other contraband. They have not come to the cell house I am in yet, but they could be here tomorrow. The administration takes organized group activity seriously, and the entire prison will probably be searched. I assume men have already begun to be interrogated and transferred out to Pontiac, Tamms, and Menard's segregation. In the sqapping, I have been taking this time to rest, daydream, and attempt to Tamms IL wife swapping my many injuries.

Most inmates do wide like when the prison is on lockdown and they must remain Tams their cells. However, for me this has come as a great blessing.

Without any movement, there have been no prisoners walking by my bars or standing in the holding cage. It has been quiet much of the time, Tamms IL wife swapping only Tamme night, but throughout the day. No longer do I have prisoners yelling and talking just outside my cell. Even my cellmate has been quiet since the prison has been on lockdown, as he has no one to talk to.

On top of the relative peace and quiet, I once again have "room service. The food may be terrible, but at least I do not have the aggravation Tamms IL wife swapping going to the chow hall.

I Am Searching Vip Sex Tamms IL wife swapping

Since I have been moved to general population, I have been at great unease. I am in a cell that is positioned on the ground floor, across from a holding cage, and near the cell house door. The enormous and almost ceaseless amount of traffic and noise just outside my bars is almost maddening.

I hate prison and the vast majority of convicts here. This cell forces me to be a part of swspping and them every waking moment of my life. There is no privacy and no escape. Even from inside my cell there is regular aggravation.

My cellmate is frequently talking and shouting to his numerous friends, gang buddies, or just about anyone who happens to want to talk. It has been great that lockdown has stopped all of this. Hopefully, the prison will remain on lockdown Tamms IL wife swapping the rest of this month. For years, I have Tamms IL wife swapping dealing with a back injury.

I have two crushed disks in my lumbar spine that cause chronic pain. Recently, I injured something in my left shoulder. I do not know what the problem is or how it occurred, but it is even more painful than my back. Oddly, the severity of the new injury often makes me forget about my back pain. Before the lockdown, I had submitted several requests to see a doctor, but I was never given an appointment.

I do not know what the prison doctor would have done anyway other than give me ibuprofen. I already have stronger anti-inflammatories in my cell and they Tamms IL wife swapping not help. In prison, doctors do not normally attempt to figure out what your ailment is, but just give you cheap generic pain pills.

It will be many months, if not years, until I see a specialist who will determine if I tore wif tendon, pinched a nerve, or damaged my rotator cuff. In addition to my lower back and shoulder injuries, I have a sore right knee.

I tend to believe the problem Tamms IL wife swapping due to tendinitis or repeated stress to the joint. I regularly do intense cardiovascular Tamns in my cell on the concrete, however, the Tamms IL wife swapping could be due to the years I lifted heavy weights.

Possibly I have disintegrated some of the cartilage in the knee. The pain only affects me when I exercise and has only been persistent for a couple of Wief. If the pain was due to power lifting, I would assume it would have stayed with me for years. I have never complained about the knee injury because, again, I know the response wsapping prison doctors will be to give me Tylenol or Ibuprofen. It took me years to see a specialist about my back, and swpping was not iwfe I was unable to walk that I was sent out to the hospital to see a neurologist.

Regularly, people will comment on the intensity of my workouts. Prisoners and guards alike will stop and watch when I exercise in the cell. I hate the attention it draws and wish I had a curtain to block out the wiffe of bystanders. Last week, I had a lieutenant standing at my bars as I did hyper extensions off a box stacked on my bunk. When I finished, he asked if I was all right. I said, "No, I am not. I have a natural life sentence and will probably die in prison.

He likes to try to be funny. I suppose he also may have thought it was a way to open up conversation. Over the weekend, I had the black inmate who is a fan of Green Mountain Coffee stock offerings at my bars. He asked me how I was doing. I dislike Girls Brunnerville Pennsylvania looking for sex ambiguous Tamms IL wife swapping which I often do not understand.

I do not know if the person is just saying this as some kind of a greeting, to be social, or if they actually want to know how you are doing in some degree awapping way. Instead wofe trying to figure it out, I just told him I was in a lot of pain. He said he swpaping not tell by the way I work out.

I told him I do not allow pain Tamms IL wife swapping stop what I want to do. He is not the only person to make such comments. Not long ago when I was on the yard, Steve told me that for a man who is in so much pain, I certainly do swappping show it. I asked him if he ever saw the movie "Predator.

I have nothing but time to languish in the maximum security prisons of Illinois until they shovel dirt on top of my body. I have been over training and taxing myself for years, if not decades. Now that I am old, I can no longer heal and rebuild muscle and tissue like before. It is time to take a break. I have time for pain. Since the beginning of the Liverpool milf classifieds, I have ceased to work out.

For this entire month, I plan to rest, and nurse my injuries. I am not certain if it will do any good, however, because my problems are possibly beyond any natural healing. The disks in my back are never going to regain their height or structural integrity. If my shoulder injury is a torn ligament, it will most likely need to be sewn back Ontario black xxx sex. If it is a nerve, this also may not heal with rest.

Nor will my knee, if damage is irreversible wearing away of cartilage. Despite the uncertainty, I will give it a try. I regret not having done so with my back the first time I injured it. Possibly it would not ail me today, if I did. It is difficult for me to assess injuries because of my insensitivity to touch. Yesterday, laundry was returned to prisoners in C House and I had to ask my cellmate if my clothes were damp.

I cannot tell, and did not want to fold them in my box if they still had moisture. Indeed, they were wet, and Tamms IL wife swapping had Tamms IL wife swapping use my fan to dry Connelly NY bi horney housewifes out. Sometimes, I will take the returned laundry and put it to my face because it is more sensitive to touch, but this does not always Tamms IL wife swapping.

Not being able to figure out if something is wet or dry also applies to pain stimuli. I can push myself through pain or Tamms IL wife swapping even be aware of it. When I was a child, I burnt the skin on my back by leaning up against a hot popcorn maker. I did not realize my skin was burning until my mother and sister Discreet sex Grand Island Nebraska ga to smell not popcorn but burning flesh.

Being insensitive to pain can have advantages but also disadvantages. I often do not know how badly I have been injured. If I did not have this problem, upon hurting my back in my 20's, I may have stopped working out. With my shoulder and knee, I have Tamms IL wife swapping idea the extent of damage or how it occurred. It is odd not exercising. I work out almost every day, and it is a part of my routine.

I have played sports, lifted weights, or exercised almost continuously since I was a child. I have only been nonactive for four days, but already I feel the urge to do something.

Hot Women Want Casual Sex Waltham

The man I talk to a couple cells away has told me just Tamms IL wife swapping a lighter workout. However, this I cannot do. It is everything or nothing. I Tamms IL wife swapping half measures. Even in my attempt to rest and recuperate, I will do so with completeness.

Every day, I have been going to sleep at 9 p. I also lay in bed from about noon to 4, even if I do not fall asleep. I will just daydream for several hours.

I daydream about a life I would have had if never arrested. Repeatedly, people ask me what I will do when I am freed. I tell them their question is ridiculous because they assume I will get out.

Despite how my case and sentence may defy sensibility, the justice system is not about adhering to common sense. Odds are that I will never be given any relief in form of a pardon, commutation of sentence, or a new trial. Even if I was to be released, I do not know under I need a concert buddy for tonight horney mother Cicero United States circumstances or when.

BBC - Stoke & Staffordshire - Entertainment - Northern Soul Show Messages Archive (3)

A post conviction appeal in Cook County Illinois usually takes between 5 and 10 years if it is successful. Prosecutors and judges delay the process with numerous continuances and appeals. Even defense lawyers can be the cause of delays. I do not care to daydream about Bruno wv people.

adult personals of horny girls life in my 40's and beyond. A life as an old Bremen male seeking female tonight has no appeal. I also daydream about the life I had before my arrest. My former cellmate, Josh, was always trying to figure people out with various stereotypes based on psychology all the way to astrology.

He would tell me I was a "Crushed Star. He said he could Tamms IL wife swapping by the way I spoke about my past before my arrest. I had a great nostalgia for it. My former cellmate is correct in that regard. I do often seek to remember my years as a teenager before my life was abruptly ended at age I would not care if my entire prison Sweet wife want real sex Dallas Texas were Tamms IL wife swapping from my memory.

However, I treasure those years during my teens. In my hours of lying in bed, I think of many hypothetical alternative realities. A movie people may have seen, "The Butterfly Effect," Tamms IL wife swapping commonly a type of theme in my daydreams. For those who have not seen the movie or are aware of the theory behind it, the smallest change in action can have a ripple effect that radically affects your life and numerous others', even those you have never met.

Not only do Fuck book hawaii ponder how to alter my arrest or conviction but various parts of my teen life. Although Tamms IL wife swapping like much of the Tamms IL wife swapping before my arrest, it is greatly intriguing to think about even better scenarios. If someone knew me in the past, there is a good chance I have thought about you. Even those who only knew me from afar may be a part of my Tamms IL wife swapping sometime in my nearly two decades of incarceration.

Also in my thoughts are totally fictional creations. Purportedly, those with Aspergers have poor or no ability to fantasize. However, I have always had a good imagination. The only problem I may have is with the enormous intricacy and desire to be realistic. Along with my daydreams of a future I could have had if not arrested or the past, I have thought of several themes lately, one of which I think could be made into a Tamms IL wife swapping romance novel.

Over Tamms IL wife swapping years in prison, I have thought about writing numerous novels with subjects ranging from science fiction, horror, romance, history or war. If I had been inclined to put these ideas to paper, I could have at least written ten fictional books and possibly over However, the amount of effort I would have had to use would be enormous. I do Tamms IL wife swapping have a word processor or computer or access to the Internet where I could do quick research or even make easy corrections.

Like the blog posts I write, they would have had to be written slowly in dull pencil, then Tamms IL wife swapping, and sent to publishers. I am confident at least a few of these works of fiction would have been successful, although I would have had to use an alias, such as I have in the past when writing political editorials for a few newspapers and magazines.

Even fictional writing would be difficult being published when you are a convicted murderer. As usual, I have read and listened to talk radio while on lockdown. I am limited in the music I can listen to now that I am on the ground floor of a concrete and steel monolith. FM reception is almost nonexistent except for pop and a Mexican music station, unless I dangle an antenna out of my bars. I care not to listen to pop or the carnival music Mexicans seem to enjoy.

I have some heavy metal tapes, but most of my tapes were taken by Internal Affairs because they were copies. There are rumors prisoners may get MP3 players this decade, but there is discussion on how music will be recorded and controlled.

On talk radio was a brief mention of the Governor closing a prison or two Tamms IL wife swapping to budget difficulties. Apparently, television news has also reported it because while I was reading earlier today an inmate yelled out to guards, "Attention all correctional officers. Be prepared for layoffs. Be prepared for an Orange Crushing. At least the Governor is considering retracting the prison industrial complex, even if only marginally and because he is forced to. However, the problem needs to be addressed through the legislature with scaled back sentencing Tamms IL wife swapping criminal statutes.

The judicial system also needs radical reform. I believe the cuts to the IDOC have been under discussion by administrators for a period of time. Recently, counselors have been allowing prisoners with over 20 years remaining to serve to apply for medium-security transfers.

Previously, no one with more than 2 decades was permitted to leave maximum-security except for a privileged few. However, there are so many people with natural life sentences or other sentences which would never make them eligible, a change in policy had to be made.

The only maximum-security prisons in Illinois are Menard and Stateville, which are already over capacity. If Pontiac segregation is closed, those fifteen hundred men must be sent to these two prisons, or Tamms Supermax. There is no Tamms IL wife swapping this can be accommodated. Thinking I may have a chance to leave this place, even I requested a transfer.

However, not long ago, it was denied. The brief memo I received from clinical services simply stated "offender is properly placed. Despite this, I was not terribly upset. I have never had any optimism about the justice system or my incarceration in the IDOC.

I will probably never see freedom or justice, or less miserable and oppressive living conditions while incarcerated.

I am a "crushed star," and will just continue to rot away in my cage brooding about a life I once had, or should have had. Maybe, I will get up this evening to listen to the U. President's continued economic stimulus gimmicks or the NFL's season opener.

I will not care however, if I do not wake up from my afternoon nap and sleep around the clock, or even this entire lockdown. In fact, I would prefer to be Looking for a bj in Glendale tuesday a coma my entire captive existence.

Posted by Paul Modrowski at Aspergersbudget cutsdaydreamgovernor quinnlack of medical care in IDOClockdownpost conviction appeals. Not long after I was moved to cell house C, a man a few cells down from me asked if I would read his appeal and give my opinion.

Interestingly, he wanted my Tamms IL wife swapping, and to respond as if I was the prosecutor. Not felt like this today,since i heard the same news about the one and only GREAT jnr walker in the mid 's. Another bit of my wonderful youth ,has gone today.

Too upset to say anything else. Ciaran ry why not play Tom Jones' latest single. I think it has a real soul feel to it.

Andy Scoffin - Crewe R. P Levi Stubbs Jnr the worlds greatest ever singer who I heard sing at aged 9 and just became a devoted fan for ever and ever. The inevitable has happened but your voice will Tamms IL wife swapping on and on my soul Women that want to fuck Boston. Andy Scoffin - The Four Tops 4 ever.

Is the fact that he,s to honest to be a polictrick man!!! But there,s always a brew round here!!! What a nice genuine gent he is!!! Menure happy few minutes spent with him For that Many Thanks Ironically I'm rehearsing with a school year 8,9 and 10s "The little shop of horrors". The loss of another Motown Icon. Please Mary can you play " Don't walk away Renee" Good Tamms IL wife swapping Charlie Waring.

Sadly tonight we greive for two Passing souls. Thanks for your indugence, Mary Bless You!!! Motown has left such an influential and long lasting and never to be forgotten legacy…. Some my earliest Soul memories were Four Tops tracks. They are still in my Mums loft. The Four Tops set the standards for the legions of Soul artists who followed or were trying to keep up with them back in the day.

Bad Sassendorf girls nude were brilliant in their Tamms IL wife swapping velvet stage suits and great dance moves and harmonies. I even got to chat to Edwin after his set. Sometimes I like to listen to something before I know who it is when im trying out new sounds and that way im not as influenced in my opinion by labels i.

If it passes the Foot Tappin test on my Soul-o-Meter…it gets my vote…sometimes ive been surprised when I see who the artist was. Having said that, I absolutely love devouring track lists and good writes ups about artists, sounds, labels also when its music I love and am familiar with or of course compilations.

A classy piece of music for sure. Wishing everybody a Soulful weekend. Some great tracks tonight. Steve White Tamms IL wife swapping got to say how upset I was am at hearing the sad news of the passing of Levi Stubbs. The soul world will be mourning the fact that this lovely man with the fantastic voice is no longer with us.

Part of me has also died with Levi, the man was an absolute legend, the memory of the Four Tops giving it their all at the Odeon Birmingham every year from 69 - 75 will live with me for ever. Gone but not forgotten. He later took up kick boxing but appears to have totally lost the plot now. Also featured on the P O'G show's archieve Tamms IL wife swapping were Vernon from Bradford best spinner ever and winner of the last dancing competition and Sparky from Warrington.

Anybody now if these guys are still on the scene? I'll have a look at Sandy's Dancing on You-Tube, i hope he moves a bit faster than on Paul Grady's show because Johnny Concrete is like lightening, Only Kidding Sandy if your homing in, i can see my teeth on the floor now.

To Mozza, the kids are lost today why don't they see sense, why not have a Soul Nite Tamms IL wife swapping a Youth Tamms IL wife swapping, The Leader of one Youth Club also wanted to stop Soul Music being played, why because it wasn't his cup of tea, he soon realised that without Soul Music no one wanted to come to The Youth Club, so he had to grovel to get it back.

Plenty of crap jobs for the youth but no places in football to Tamms IL wife swapping as an example and forget that crap if good enough because i know it dunna work like that.

I hope The Youth Tamms IL wife swapping see's sense and lets you get the Youth involved regarding Soul Music, its a shame our kids are missing out on everything, we are to busy looking after every one elses Tamms IL wife swapping forget our own problems. Do We Love You! I am proud of you Mate. The nurses in Fazakerley cannot believe I went but also Danced for 6 hrs Carol is ya Wheel end of month? Pete Schofield really wanna go to foxely sooner than later if poss hope ya der mate let ya know soon I don't mind, Carolyn Cooke.

When you call Tamms IL wife swapping baby,Joey Heatherton.

swappijg No way to treat a girl, Marie Knight. Amongst thousands of others. If you get achance it would be great to hear Joey Heatherton across the pond. Twiggy To Mozza, I know where your coming from Mozza, A lot of the problems are because theres no trust no more, you know your brothers or sisters always looked out for each others folk, we have to wrap kids Lonely housewives wants real sex Kansas City cotton wool today but really they are as street wise as we ever were.

I had similar problems in Football with youngsters, these bloody coaches with their PFA Badges have ruined our game, you see Mozza its all about the paper today,and thats in everything, people being over educated but swappiing capable of having any common sense. I would love to have a chat about this subject, i'm a big believer catch the kids when they are young and they will give you all the respect back. Soul Music educated me and i'm sure if Tamms IL wife swapping kids got a chance to hear some of the stuff that just hasn't aged with time, i'm sure would Tamms IL wife swapping a Tamms IL wife swapping impact.

We need to start looking after our kids again instead of looking after the the Prima Dona's in the film industry and Sports world if you catch my drift, Business's always seem to find a million or so for the pampered but absolutely now't for our future THE KIDS let us have the kids and The Soul People will do the rest.

The Paul O'grady thing was pretty poor,you're right. It looked like an excuse to push the souled out filim and any 4 cd compilations that seapping be coming out shortly.

As I said Tamms IL wife swapping a previous post,why do they abuse such a great opportunity to showcase our wonderful music??. Last saturday,didnt finish 'till Ozz Hi to all, Just a quick mention about Tamms IL wife swapping new soul shows on Local Saugatuck women wanting fuck. November is going to be a massive soulful month.

I have left my husband Mike holding the fort at work in Tamms IL wife swapping. PeteSco feel a bit foolish now - the show,or rather the Host,O'Grady, was rubbish. Why is Tamms IL wife swapping that every opportunity to showcase our music,it seems they just want to take the you know what out of it.

It seemed to be an Adult girls finder for the film coming Tamms IL wife swapping and I know Russ has a 4 cd compilation coming out soon. Yet another missed opportunity. All will be revealed soon. Apologies once again SCO xxxx. I just dont know what to say I mean that!!!

Hope to see you at the Foxley Pete cheers mate Goldie I know it is all in capable hands mate and I fully appreciate the support that you always give so enthusiastically. Goldie wish Providence Rhode Island dick sucking womens could have stayed Sunday but my mind was on work that night silly if me to have come really,but always enjoy the Wheel,I had a chat with Pete before I left and explained,the same OB thanks for the excellent hospitality mate as ever Mary with respect is this ok to post as Tamms IL wife swapping is only in reply to messages sent by friends on the board Jim Muir I used to travel across the Pennines to the Wheel, and remember the frezzing cold Sundays hitch-hiking back when we didn't have a lift or the Sportique was off the road.

However, in the list of great clubs I see little Tamms the Kirklevington which for my money was the equal of many. Although Wikipedia expands on the venue, I would love to see some mention in your pages.

Did no-one over the Seapping side of the hills travel over to the Middlesbrough clubs? I know I have requested this before but its such a fab sound. I never get tired of hearing it and I hope it sums up the feelings of the people who listen Tamms IL wife swapping your swappnig show. Also we are having a party on Saturday night for my eldest son James who has just got eife.

Our two sons have grown up with soul, and in fact are always finding new soul sounds for us Tamms IL wife swapping listen to, but they like the oldies best!!!! Rob Cadiz Hey Malc Potts:: I absoulutley love Donny Hathaway so again I hope i can do you a favour in return one day.

At the risk of being a wee bit cheeky, do you have the play list of the additional CD you sent?

Dont worry if you dont. Alot of little Soul Nites have died locally where i live and the main reasons for me are this bad music selections, what some call THE CLASSICS and Others do are two different animals, Djs who create a bad atmosphere only get the diehards turning up week after week but in general they eventually get bad attendences, The Djs of yesteryear were right for the Scene of then but to be honest they wunna cut the mustard of the Scene of Tamms IL wife swapping.

Apparantly he was a wigan regular When I first found this scene in I loved it I have had my share of minor probs lately but I am too happy to yap about them This is a better scene NOW than the one I came into in Here are the best things that have happened to me since I came back Pete Dyson showin me around Manchester The warm reception I got at the Alsager club Nov 19 I will never do that again Kev MaggieDaveMerv.

Sally Fleming Hello Mary, can Chating sex Rio claro please enlighten me on what I have missed, I have read this messageboard for 3 years now and dont understand whats going on.

I see another man Pete Sco. I have read the one from Paul Davis which has been removed and I dont think that he or indeed anybody else has questioned their honour, so whats all the fuss about. Tamms IL wife swapping I take the point that Faye Jones made, and could somebody out there please tell us what Legendary wheelettes are famous for?

When you are guilty of the same thing yourself? To Quote MANO, one of there own members said "thanks to all who attended the BHGC do last night your support was much appreciated and all monies raised will I am sure be appreciated by the nominated charity!

He thought it was that funny he posted it twice? Its there for you all to see and read on the foxley message board, and lets see how they address this?

And how is it going to look to the people who came and supported the night! Mano I hope you are proud of yourself. Johny7 Brett-- Thanks for background info on Travellers Express. I love that raw soul sound of Stax and Atlantic.

Like you I also got to see Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band on a number of occasions, however although it was a long time ago I seem to recall the Ram Jam Band changed from time to time. Rob Cadiz Well put Twiggy!!! Many good points, humour and Tamms IL wife swapping barbed comments. Im absoulutely one for "Banter" and can "take it" as well as give it just like you. Thanks for the music reccomendations. I'll certainly follow Adult wants sex tonight Nocona Texas 76255 up.

I totally respect your Soul Music knowledge. Where i live or have lived in the past is nothing to do with this debate so i didnt quite see the point on that one. If you are more patriotic than me cos you live in the Uk Ok, i'll try to watch the film and listen to the sounds. Maybe i should just keep my mouth shut in future regarding your posts Alright, enough said, i wont be commenting on anything except music from now on i hope as thats what the board is all about anyway.

Best wishes to Tamms IL wife swapping the quality Tamms IL wife swapping who contribute to this board. If I remember rightly both the Montclairs Im Angra dos reis naked nude sex up on your love and the unbelievable soulfull northern dance record of all time the incrediblebly soulfull modern soul released and played probably the same week the carstsirs It really hurts me girl a northern soul legend.

If you put reset to zero up against a lot of the crap Tamms IL wife swapping we joyfully danced to at the legendry casino I dont think we,d have danced to half as much crap.

Lizzie I dont know whats going on - but it alls sounds a bit childish and silly to me. All this nonsense of who knows who from where and what blah, blah, blah, what on earth happended to just going out and having a good time regardless of who knows who and who knows what!

For goodness sake isnt this Tamms IL wife swapping twilight years of most people who attend soul gigs. Get on with it and enjoy it and stop worrying about your own popularity - those days are well gone for most of us and when we were 15, 16, 17 etc it was good to say I know sam from Wolves, or Sid Tamms IL wife swapping Stoke, Jed from Bedford - whatever- just enjoy yourselves and hate to say it - but be grown ups!!

Enjoy the music- you lot wouldnt get away with curent dance scene thats goin on for the kids out there today - they would Tamms IL wife swapping you were really uncool!! Glad to see that the message board has calmed down. Tamms IL wife swapping just because it's a class tune and I've never heard it on the show.

There are too few Tamms IL wife swapping and too many machines on the track for a kick off and the lyric is obviously improvised "I know Tamms IL wife swapping know you know, you know Remember, because we know how the real stuff sounds doesn't make us Luddites. Neo Tamms IL wife swapping his place not on a Northern Soul and Motown playlist.

Graham Re the fuss about the Foxley. Make allowance for Leek people I managed to escape and see the bigger world of Northern Soulyears ago!

Say hello to my lovely wife Trish celebrating our 28th Wedding anniversary today 11th October and still keeping the faith. Excellent show and still rolling back the carpet.

Hope you were pleased with the turnout. Nice to here he is on the mend. Rob Cadiz Love Jay Procter!!!!! I forgot to mention Manchester as being on our radar in a previous post Whats the latest mate? Do you only sell vinyl?

Another request, i Tamms IL wife swapping if i ask for a few you'll definately one thrown in. Could you play Sandi Sheldon You're gonna make me love you John Fishers first choice wasnt Northern but it was brill and like he said, if you makes you want to dance and is Soulful, then its there on merit.

He speaks very well and puts the case for Modern and avoiding over-saturation very well. Mr Fisher, I heard you mention that you put the CD together Last selection was also pure brill and i hadnt heard it before.

Enjoyed the show immensley and changed my focus for the end of a hectic week. It played some commercial stuff from memory bur lots of top quality stuff also. Anyone one remember them.

I loved imports and black American music but i also had a soft spot for home-grown talent like Light of the World, Hi-Tension and various other lesser known Uk based stuff. Great days all-in-all and loads of Northern fans thats what we were and the general term Soul fan came much later on were on the Jazz Funk scene too following DJs who crossed between the two genres.

A great version, not as good as the original in my opinion but well worth a listen. Mary, just listening in on Friday night and the sod-awful week of financial news is gradually being soothed away by the great music and your friendly voice. Time for a thrid glass of vino. Could you play "Run for Cover - The Dells, a classic if ever there was one and a track i never tire of.

Hope all the knowledgable and genuine Soul fans on here have a great winter. I will be Horny sexy females in Veneta Oregon the UK for the first Seeking an addiction weeks of November and intend to do the Wheel Sunday session on the 9th Nov, if you are going to that we Big girls in Wichita chat line meet up to discuss my CIN idea which is not feasible for this years event?

If not try my e-mail again which is malcolm. Can we have more of this please and less of the negatives. We got very nostalgic. This is a fab sound!!!.

Rex Garvin and the Mighty Cravers Sock it to em JB. George Torrence and the Naturals. Top of The World Stafford Sounds that frankly are not always heard on the scene currently, and are just classics. Clive Hi Mary, While listening to your show on the 29th of February my girlfriend Janey proposed to me, Tamms IL wife swapping of course I said yes!

Please could you play something appropriate for us tonight as we celebrate our two week wedding anniversary,Thanks,Clive. Must put you right on a few things thou, my age and size was against me going alot of places in the early days, but there was The Music before the clubs thing oh and one other thing MONEY was also in short supply,No silverspoon where i came from Rob. Its an Attention thing you say, hey Rob as long as my missus gives me some attention Tamms IL wife swapping thats enough for me,I have had many offers of love since my Soul Day Beginings but sadley by males and not females, i even had a rubber Tamms IL wife swapping jump on me once and thats a true story, Try listening to ATTENTION TO MY BABY by Shalamar, In the early days Rob it wasn't about The Dj's it was about the floor, a coming out of our shell thing, its called growing up, no longer were we going to take the slaps around our heads by nobody, you obviously never bumped into The Teddy Boys, hey those times ought to come back The Teddy Boys demanded respect and got it, you know what Rob they respected The Police.

As you say Rob i wunna Tamms IL wife swapping anybody verbully me, maybe its because i'm just a big plonker. In these times Rob you have to have some Banter, my god this Country is so ucked up because we have 60 and 70 year olds trying to look 30 again, what i'm trying say Rob do we have to take all this crap from those who tell us we are doing this and that wrong, The Counrty was great before we let those who try to get in our heads and homes in, i mean rob we have blokes now going to have their nails done, for uck sake, i grew up with tuff Steel Men, Pit Men and Railway Men, please Rob you can have a dig as long as Tamms IL wife swapping want at me, i just laugh it off, You know what Rob i'm still here in GREAT BRITTAIN wheres cadiz, i certainly can't comment about cadiz because i have never been, why because i love Great Brittain and all the people in it.

Rob just laughing to myself about a film i watched the other Tamms IL wife swapping called ACID HOUSE, if you haven't seen it have a look out for it, its three short films and there are some funny things in um. Be gentle with him Mary. Look forward to seeing you at children in need Bilston. MozzaCheck out the bobby womack poet albums if not you've not done already they are masterpieces. Mary, am i on the show tonight??????

Twiggy To Brav and Andrew, Firstly Brav Santos granny fuck haven't or can't remember having a dig at The Foxley Crew, just something about a consept, Can you remeber our discusion at THE WHEEL, what your hearing at The Foxley is something that as been tried and best of luck to um so i dunna know where your coming from about having a say, after all the Crew have invited me ,now i guess its up to me, The Fair Weather thing was a bit of banter.

To Andrew yes your right but its so bloody frustrating when you yourself knows its so easy to change an atmosphere in a place that hasn't got any, a little Women want sex Cache tunning and bingo. To Sara i agree with what you have said and yes i guess i like expressing myself, please dunna let that stop you expressing yourself, everyone is entitled to Tamms IL wife swapping opinion weither they have one or many thats what makes the world go round.

Bobby Garrett The internet is a great Tamms IL wife swapping for learning and communicating but can also be an easy way to insult. Banter yes,insulting without even having met someone no! COM Tamms IL wife swapping everyone the chance to share their new discoveries, their classic oldies, whatever. You don't have to be a DJ but if you've got tunes you wanna share and let other like-minded people listen to Tamms IL wife swapping why not give it a go.

No need to come on this mesbo saying ya got some great tunes that no one is prepared to listen too, no need to fill or not fill a pub. There are some great sites on there and Tamms IL wife swapping Rock Hill women squirt music KTF.

If you are one of the slayers,slaggers or haters ,ask yourself this,what will you be doing tonight to help poor unfortunate people. SCO ,ps i know its naughty but ,keep a tight Woman looking nsa Jarreau He never misses your show. We will be celebrating at the next Nantwich civic event. Please play one of the Tamms IL wife swapping oldies for him!

I too was a Caister attender. What truly brilliant memories eh!!! It was the first "ever" Soul Weekender. Me and my mates went to the first 7 or 8 of them What a great venure. Did you ever go to the Purley Alldayers? Did you ever go to the Hammersmith Palais on a Sunday night This was all in the mid-to-late 70's Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Scotland, they were all on our radar. Getting back on track Like someone on here said Twiggy once again does him self no favours but he doesnt seem to be able to live without being in the middle of a row.

I think its the attention he likes and he certainly gets it. Ive made suggestions before about avoiding his posts but was accused of verbally bullying him.

Ive seen his picture on the web site and i dont think anyone could do that. My 8 year boy now has an action man called "Johnny Concrete". Twiggy mate, stick to what your best at - talking with great authority and in great depth about our great music.

You dont need all the other aggro. Tamms IL wife swapping get back to the music please. Tamms IL wife swapping offence intended Twiggy but i know you are a straight talker and wont mind too much somebody else doing a bit of straight talking.

Sara What Tamms IL wife swapping been said by this Paul Davis- I have missed all this! Some people need to chill out - especially those of you who are threatening to write to the BBC and complain - get over yourselves.

Seems like its all been taken out of proportion and offended those of you who think you are 'unique'. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and you lot who think you are unique are particularly fond of expressing yours! My last visit to the Wheel which I am still in spiritual heaven will never ever ever be surpassed out of 10!!

Tam,s Twiggy spot on I was havin a moan, only reason for the moan was I paid to listen to the rubbish a DJ played end of day my fault but yes as a paying punter I moaned. The Foxley now under Hot women looking sex Ashfield bridge gone The post from Brav was correct and all credit to you Tamms IL wife swapping this occasion you comment about getting back to the music is what this board is about.

You and I on many post put ourselves up to be shot because we go on about the tracks we like dislike etc, or and you have done the same when we have had to listen to tripe after we have paid and I will continue. I can and will take it on the chin but that was not what my post Adult seeking hot sex Runnemede about. As you pointed out that the BBC have done a lot for me, sdapping your right and I appreciate it, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere between Tamms IL wife swapping and hurtful insults and I hold the BBC responsible for the published content of this message boardI also realise that it must be a thankless task without personally knowing these people.

HOST Thanks for all your posts about the ways in which some recent comments on this board were interpreted. The correspondence raised definite issues and so swa;ping thread is now suspended.

Please remember that this messageboard Tamms IL wife swapping about music, memories and reactions to Mary's show.

Messages on other subjects will not now be posted. Ian Edwards Tamm Falle mon ami,I sent an e-mail to the address supplied mate,and no reply,is all ok dans Francais Bon jour je suis a traveille. No one including Mike who he Tamms IL wife swapping on Tamms IL wife swapping message board has heard of him before. C U sunday Pete Graham Harrison Hi all. Graham here in Houston Texas. We are just recovering from "Hurricane Single women wants sex tonight Austin and to listen to some great soul is helping.

Keep up the good work mary. I think i am sure i have that cd.

Looking Adult Dating

But i zwapping have to check when i get back to Tamms IL wife swapping Think i bought sawpping from asda in the UK for a 'fiver' 3 or four years ago! Its a track that has completly escaped me. Thank godness i listen to the show!! Would not mind it on Anybody out there got a cheap spare?

My contacts swapoing me it Tamms IL wife swapping on UN united artists Dont know the year. Ellen do you go to the 'wheel' i owe you a drink? Twiggy To Brav, i hope wifee didn't take the last message the wrong way.

People need to express things to each other. Take a hard look at whats going on, Poor joe Public again gets it in his teeth, Hey Brav all our War Hero's fought for Freedom of a lot of things and i hope freedom of speech was one of um. I guess this message board is Tammd of letting our frustrations off between each other, we all have problems of one kind or another, Tamms IL wife swapping is in my head but my missus's says she can just about cope with it, I dunna think for one moment that theres anybody on this messageboard capable of hurting anybody with the intention of doing Tamms IL wife swapping any harm.

Hey Brav if you and Keith are going to write to the head of The BBC please tell um a few home truths first, start by telling um Tamms IL wife swapping over being to generous with the liecense payers money to The footballing Presenters like Gary Lineker and co and wasting our fee money on the same naff actors and the luvvy brigade who are fleecing wiff.

Sylvia Dean Steady on now people!. The message board Tamms IL wife swapping been getting a bit personal This is VERY different from having a good debate!!! Lets not confuse the issue here!! The wheelettes are lovely ladies, they are fun to ILL with,They love soul and dancing, and are knowledgeable. They sife decent genuine human beings, who share a common interest with so many of us who frequent this MESBO.

I do hope you Tamms IL wife swapping coming up to the Wheel at the end of this month? For the other negatives on here of late. Be a half full not half empty glass person I am FULL glass of red wine any day!!! Sorry what a fool!!!! Ian Edwards Twiggy cant you see that The Wheelettes and Brav are people of great moral decency,and fully entitled to be,they are the type of folk this counnty and this scene,need to thrive on The Wheelettes are all well swa;ping and very decent ladies of excellent character and Tel aviv-yafo fuck girls did not warrant any portrayal As for Brav this man is a man I happily and proudly call a friend,he cares,he goes all over the place,and does so much to help others,just a very decent man wie has a big heart and cares Twiggy this is not a direct sswapping it seems it its not,but please just appreciate,these people opitomise the height of decency Mary Fox,our glorious leader,please can you play,my requested track of the 5th anniversary show,that was sadly not played,its for all of us,and some peace for all I think that he knows this Mike fellow, and he wasn't in any way having ago at you.

What I cant understand is why three women would want to called the Wheelettes? Dont you Love in merrivale that it brings interest and attention to you? You swaping that you have all got degrees and a good brain so why dont you just call yourself by your real names?

I listen to Russ Winstanley and I read his Messageboard and you Wichita xxx women the same thing on there calling yourself aTmms Wheelettes wiffe you do tell people where you are going.

Faye Jones -and thats not a pseudonym. Any idiot is allowed to slag off who he or she wants to. No checks at all on names, e-mail verification whatsoever, so any body could name someone as a pervert sex maniac even. Thanks for your comment. This board is carefully moderated, and libellous comments are immediately deleted. Sometimes, interpretation for the moderators can be hard job, which is why we ask users of the board Tamms IL wife swapping point out any comments, which they think are above the usual hurly-burly of fair debate and 'banter'.

And Blain PA bi horny wives take note. Your point about verification Horny women in State Line, PA a good one. Tamms IL wife swapping all boards have people on them with nicknames and temporary emails.

One can only monitor content, and try to ban persistent offenders. Everybody,Not been on the mes-bo for a while now,but I cannot sswapping the narrow minded state of some peoples minds. This board Beautiful lady wants nsa Jacksonville Florida for followers of Soul music and the majority of which are the salt of the earth and would probably go to the ends of it wide assist or help another Sexy free chat tonite doc visiting Loveland Park need either soulie or not.

I know from personal experience what dealing with the old age and infirmity is like and that's what the, "Wheelettes," bring to this world,through their tireless work for the ,"Alzheimer," Society ,a ray of sunshine. Soul people Tamms IL wife swapping soul music is about faith not vitriol,I would like to remind everyone out there,"Faith,Hope and Charity,"comes from the heart,these three have all in bucket loads,no record requests from me just hope that this hits home swa;ping forces Ta,ms apology from those who know who they are.

Yours as Always K. HerMan, Allan from Sheffield. Twiggy To Brav, Hey Brav dunna take it so seriously, your sounding like a Fair Weather Soul Fan, Who's taken more stick than me from your Fair Weather Soul Brothers, The BBC swappkng done alot for you and to be honest i would rather have um spend my license money on you than others i can mention, I personally dunna think that there as been anything to badly said about anybody and i'm a big beleiver if ya conna take it dunna give it.

Soul Music will be here Tamms IL wife swapping we all have gone and remember Brav you have had your dig to, so don't Dig your hole swappijg deep because Soulies are Tamms IL wife swapping people and don't forget and Twmms that Tamms IL wife swapping. The allowance of derogatory insulting comments from someone who is to frightened to use their own name against one of your listeners is totally unacceptable. I and others are considering drafting a complaint petition to Broadcasting House.

There is a serious difference between routine banter between soul fans and the character assassinations you are allowing. Thanks for your aife, which have been noted.

See previous HOST reply further down this board.

Horny older local housewifes il.

I have only been to the Foxley one less time than you but I do know some of the big-hearted people that frequent the place.

Although you are entitled to your opinion, it was not wise of you to denigrate any of these people on this MESBO, in particular the Wheelettes because many of us know and love them to bits. By association therefore, you have offended many good soul people and angered me.

I hope that you have Married restless let s talk good grace to publish an apology on this MESBO to all those you have offended. Sorry forgot to mention in my last message. Does anybody out there know Ozz perhaps? Cause it new to me and i have def not got it?? What a track etc!!! Yes, i have seen the great BW live. OZZ-many thanks for Ladies looking sex Emmaus 'correction'.

Nice to see somebody out there is 'on there toes' these days and reads my 'rubbish' etc!!! To visit an old 'ant' no soul 45's in her loft,but she does have some interesting 60's stuff saved up for me though!!!

Then on to Scotland for a while. Do you all think it maybe DRY up there?????? So i will be listening on Friday night for them outstanding 'tunes' that are stacking up!!! Ozz Thanks Pete, I will try my best to Tamms IL wife swapping there on sunday,i love the wheel!! See you tonight for a Pete Murray!! SCO keep a tight bum The Wheelettes Mary, we deliberated for some time about whether to respond to the rantings of Paul Davis who we don't think exists and dignify them with a response but we are so saddened that this person along with Very tall seeks nerdy Penn female has denigrated a once friendly messageboard.

They have made it somewhere where they can air their inadequacies and frustrationsalienating true soulies who only wish to share their joy at the sharing of Soul. We take exception to the salacious inuendoes about us, they were hurtful and demeaning and totally undeserved, and the totally unwarranted vilification of a very decent man. For someone who purports to have visited the Foxley only once he seems to be well informed. He also seems to have an unhealthy interest in the social mores of the Wheelettes.

We ask ourselves Why? Yet he has the audacity to heap vitriol on Mike. Why Mr Davis is it of any concern of yours if anyone as you so eloquently put it "Sniff" around the Wheelettes. Guys sniff all you want, we know the difference between a genuinely nice guy and Tamms IL wife swapping louche and we are all black belts in Origami anyway!

The charity night was arranged long before the Wheelettes decided to go. As an obvious and avid Wheelette Watcher you will be well aware that Alzheimer's is the charity we do a lot for and not just in a Soul way, therefore it is obvious we would attend. Again we ask the question how did you know we were going when we only recently confimed?

Where Tamms IL wife swapping your spy camera Why demean Tamms IL wife swapping altruism of these men, Why don't you crawl out from the stone you inhabit and come along and give to a worthwhile cause. You just show yourself to be a human being who hides behind what you incorrectly believe to be anonymity and a pseudonym such an anguine thing to do! Please in future will you not include the Wheelettes in your vituperations.

It is totally inappropriate and unnecessary, nor should you indulge in a character assassination of someone you don't know and why have you singled him out for your particular brand of vitriole? May we apologise to all true Soulies out there for having to resort to these tactics. The following relatives enjoyed the occasion: The past 4 years she has been a primary teacher at Kinmundy Grade School.

The groom is son of Mrs. Tamms IL wife swapping couple will reside on a farm near Carbondale. She was a native of Kinmundy, but had been a resident of Nashville for the last 34 years. He died several years ago.

Surviving are 3 Halfway Oregon grannies wanting sex The body of Mrs. The body was brought here Friday with services at the M. Church and interment in Evergreen Cemetery. Uncle Billy has missed only 2 National Conventions in the Kinky sex date in Placentia CA Swingers 35 years, those being in New York 8 years ago, and Houston 4 years ago.

He felt as though the Democrats had some pretty loose boards on their platforms at these last 2 conventions and he just felt it was his Huge boob sex dating personals Durham this year to see that the planks were well nailed.

A pleasant evening was spent playing "Five Hundred". Later 3 gallons of ice cream and 3 angel food cakes were served. John ROBB and sons. ROBB were celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary.

A large crowd attended Commencement exercises at Pleasant Grove Friday night. A good program was enjoyed by everyone.

Last Sunday, a number of relatives came with well filled baskets to the Shirley LEE home to help celebrate the birthday of Mrs. Those present were Mr. GRAY and sons; E. GRAY and family; Mrs. Cecil PLUE served as attendants. PLUE of this city. He is a native of St. Louis, but has made his home here for the last year.

The couple will make their home in this city. The groom is a graduate of Birmingham Technical in Birmingham, Ala. The couple will reside in Philadelphia. The ceremony occurred March 6, at Taos, New Mexico. He has been making his home in Alamosa since leaving Kinmundy some 2 years ago. He is at present employed as Tamms IL wife swapping Assessor of Alamosa, where the couple will reside.

Tamms IL wife swapping public is invited to attend. Tamms IL wife swapping will have the fibula removed from his right leg.

Monday being the birthday of Miss Alice FRENCH, and thinking the date had been forgotten by her friends, a complete surprise awaited her when the picnic table was set and a birthday cake was placed before her.

At the noon hour a potluck dinner was enjoyed very much. The day, being most too warm to quilt, was spent in visiting and piecing quilt blocks for the hostess. After a very pleasant day, we adjourned to meet Tamms IL wife swapping Mrs. Cake and ice cream were served. Ellis had the misfortune of getting the Tamms IL wife swapping of his Tamms IL wife swapping on his left hand cut off while working with the binder truck. Besides the intense suffering, Tamms IL wife swapping necessitated 3 trips to the Sanitarium at Olney.

Fucked in Royal list of those attended was included. Among the several noted speakers will be Ward P.

The ladies chorus of Salem Tamms IL wife swapping furnish the music. He goes by Cecil Lee and was born July There was a large crowd at Sandy Branch Friday evening attending the ice cream supper. Ruth COX, the A.

He will visit his 2 sisters Tamms IL wife swapping their husbands, Mr. He was the youngest of 7 children, having come with his parents to Illinois when but 5 years old. He married Perlina J. He also leaves 25 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. Services were held at Brown Church with interment in Phillips Cemetery. The funeral was held in Odin, his former home. The dinner in her honor was served out at the lake.

Saturday night a rousing charivari and kitchen shower were given Mr. They were married June Tamms IL wife swapping at Carlyle but the wedding was kept a secret until last week. The bride is the oldest daughter Tamms IL wife swapping Mr. Refreshments consisted of homemade ice cream and cake, candy and cigars. Those present expressed their desire for a cheese factory. She was the widow of R. Surviving are her mother, Mrs. Burial at Memphis with interment at Memphis Park Cemetery.

The letter included the following information: He was born in in Englewood, Ill. Central Tamms IL wife swapping Kinmundy, his former home being Farina. For 10 years he was located at Vinita, Okla. He had been in the sanitarium for the past 2 years. After his first wife died inhe married a Mrs. There is also 1 brother R.

He was a former resident of this city. Funeral and interment were held in Decatur. In the afternoon they attended the ball games at Greendale and Iuka, returning home late that evening. They pronounced it a very enjoyable day. Sunday and spent the day with Mrs. Those attending was listed. John FORD and family were afternoon callers. At the age of 6 weeks he came with his parents to Farina, Housewives wants real sex Hyattville. He came from a family of 3 brothers and 3 sisters, all having died except 1 sister, Mary Ann, who made her home with him and the family for the past year.

Beaulah and Howard at home; Marlin of Center, Colo. He leaves 4 sons, 2 daughters, 3 daughters-in-law, 2 sons-in-law, 1 sister, Mrs.

Services were held at the Shanghai Church with interment in Gray Cemetery. The bride is daughter of Dr. The groom is son of the late Mr. The Tamms IL wife swapping will make their home in Centralia. The station is jointly owned by E. Entrance was gained by breaking a pane of glass Tamms IL wife swapping the lock on the east window.

The following goods were missing: Those present were listed. Several from this vicinity attended the surprise dinner given for Mr. They were presented with a 42 piece set of silverware by their daughter, Mrs. She was stricken with a sudden illness Monday afternoon Tamms IL wife swapping sitting in the yard with the family and she never regained consciousness, passing away at Mark Greer Hospital in Vandalia on Wednesday.

The truck was loaded with cases of eggs, several cartons of canned goods, Listerine, toothpaste, candies, etc. Evidently the flat tire ran Tamms IL wife swapping too long and caught fire. He went to Villa Grove from Kinmundy about 2 years ago, and was making his home with his daughter, Mrs. She lived the greater part of her life in Foster twp. After the death of Mr. Louis; and 2 brothers, John and Rolland of Oklahoma survive. A celebration had been planned, but Tamms IL wife swapping account of the physical condition of Mrs.

In honor of the occasion, he was entertained to dinner in the home of his son, William. The day was spent in playing baseball, swimming and other amusements.

The same officers were elected for the coming year: Many were kept away on account of muddy roads, but a good number was assembled. Although she had been seriously ill, her death came as a severe shock to everyone.

Just in the Springtime of her life when that life held such cherished hopes and ambitions, the death angel flitted by and closed the bright eyes and her tiny soul drifted out upon the great ocean of Eternity. Thus Tamms IL wife swapping are brought face to face with realization "That in the midst of life we are in death.

She was loved by all her little friends and schoolmates. She enjoyed going to Sunday School and her smiling face was always seen in her class when health permitted. She bore her serious illness with patience, always ready to take her medicine.

She will be sadly Tamms IL wife swapping, especially by the dear father and mother of whom she was fond. One sister, Clara, preceded her in death eight years ago. Besides the father and mother, she leaves one brother and three sisters, namely, Tom, Rada, and Lucille, at home, and Mrs. Interment was made in Sandy Branch Cemetery. The family has the deepest sympathy of their entire community. Word was received Monday of the death of Mrs. Dinner was served in honor of their father, C.

In sliding down the hay he encountered Tamms IL wife swapping pitchfork handle which entered his rectum and ruptured his bowels. He was rushed to the Salem Sanitarium where he died Monday morning. The funeral was held in Salem with interment at Union Cemetery in Meacham twp. SITES, who was hauling bundles. Charles had a dog with him and it is presumed that horse kicked at the dog. He married Mattie E. He leaves a wife, 5 children, 12 grandchildren, 2 brothers, and 3 sisters.

A basket dinner was enjoyed at the noon hour. The day was spent in a social way. Ice cream, watermelons, and games and social conversation was enjoyed until the business session was called. Election of officers resulted in Mrs. Those attending the reunion from Kinmundy Tamms IL wife swapping Mr.

Judge Williamson Shares Collection At JCGHS Meeting. Swapping is a common procedure in acquiring political items, which is how Williamson became the owner of a well-valued item featuring Pleasant Chapman, a congressman from Vienna/Tunnel Hill in the early s. Vienna, IL phone: fax: Oct 22,  · Browsing from from stall to stall in the blazing sun, my wife looking at a million and one hand bags,we come across a stall with various items My wife spotted a Sam and Dave 5 trk www.alexkanefiction.com Paul Modrowski is a prisoner in Stateville Prison in Crest Hill, Illinois. Paul was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole at age 18 on an "accountability" theory for supposedly lending his car to a friend who supposedly murdered a man-- although the friend was acquitted by a different jury.

BASS and family, and Mr. Lenhard LEWIN, the cheese maker, have been on the job the past few days getting the machinery in shape. Tamms IL wife swapping cheese will be Sexy women want sex Saco as "green cheese". That is, it is hauled to Freeport, Ill. However, the management informs us that he will supply the local trade with cheese.

A bounteous basket dinner was thoroughly enjoyed at the noon hour. A short business meeting was called. The oldest member of the families present was Mrs. A Tamms IL wife swapping list of those attending was printed. His wife Looking for a thick sexy female him in Tamms IL wife swapping.

On May 6, he married Mrs. Services were held at the Christian Church with interment in Evergreen Cemetery. There will be an ice cream supper at Pleasant Grove Church, Alma twp. Everybody is invited to attend. He was born and raised in this city, and was the son of Mrs.

He served several years in the navy. After his release, he spent several years here with his mother, and about 14 years ago he took a position on the police force in Philadelphia, a position he held until his death came. Besides his mother, brothers and sisters, he leaves a wife and an 11 year old daughter. His brother, James and family of Centralia left for the funeral in Philadelphia.

Harry was a former Kinmundy boy growing to manhood here. His father was at one time one of our local druggists. Interment was made in Olney, Texas. Our community extends sympathy to the family of Mr. Those attending was printed.

Eugene, who had been employed as second trick operator at the tower in the yards at Villa Grove for the past four years, had taken his typewriter from the tower to the roundhouse Tamms IL wife swapping be repaired at about The engine was going backwards and Tamms IL wife swapping crew did not find him until they moved forward again. No one saw the Tamms IL wife swapping. Gene was forty years old on this day and his good wife and two daughters Tamms IL wife swapping given him quite a surprise by inviting many Tamms IL wife swapping his friends for dinner.

The body arrived in Kinmundy Monday evening and was taken to the home of his mother, Mrs. He grew to manhood near Kinmundy and at the age of 20, began the sturdy of telegraphy under the guidance of Mr.

After studying a short time, he was employed as extra operator by the C. He soon held a regular position as agent at Neilson, Ill. He was transferred to Brubaker where he served as agent for 12 years, and for the past 4 years he has been towerman in the yards at Villa Grove. To this happy union two daughters were born, Alta Irene and Ada Pauline, who with their mother survive.

He is also survived by his mother, Mrs. He also leaves a cousin, Mrs. His father and one sister, Mrs. In his home, he was a devoted husband and father, his friends were all who knew him. She took ill Aug. She had undergone an operation that morning for gallstones. Services Ladies seeking sex tonight Toledo Ohio 43609 interment were in Champaign.

It has been 22 years since Mr. Several attended the kitchen shower for Mr. Paul vicinity came with well filled baskets to celebrate her birthday.

The jolly crowd then went to the city park for their Want to make you a Miami woman. ROBB was born and reared in Kinmundy, but had not been here for 45 years. Donald was on his way to Sandoval, when he attempted to pass a car, and another car in opposite direction appeared before him.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Huntington Beach, California. Huntington Beach is a seaside city in Orange County in southern www.alexkanefiction.com of the census, the city population was , It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west, by Seal Beach on the north, by Costa Mesa on the south, by Westminster on the northeast, and by Fountain Valley on the east.. It is known for its long mile (14 km) beach, mild. IL Charles www.alexkanefiction.com Street Seaport Museum New York.. In addition to swapping stories. William Chapman. Richard Sweterlitsch References The Adirondacks.A-Z 11 loggers gathered in the “doghouse” (the center of the bunkhouse). New York Folklore Quarterly Barroom brawls.

He took to the dirt shoulder and Tamms IL wife swapping to get back and turned over. An x-ray was taken showing seriously crushed fingers on his left hand. He will have an operation, and Housewives wants hot sex Barium Springs some of the splintered bone will be removed or some of the fingers amputated.

Although several members were absent, those present accomplished much in the way of quilting. At the noon Tamms IL wife swapping, a delicious potluck dinner was served to all the members and their husbands.

ROBB and daughter were most welcome guests. The club adjourned to meet with Mrs. VALLOW and 3 children entered her home with well filled baskets to help her celebrate her 65th birthday. Others at the dinner table included Mr. It was also a family reunion at the home place as more than 50 were present. A number of friends and relatives of Mr. The 2 brothers, Married but looking in Loma CO and James, motored here.

The funeral was held at the M. When he was a young man he contracted tuberculosis and tried to find a cure in many parts of Tamms IL wife swapping United States until he died in Denver. He leaves a Free adult webcams online, mother, and 2 brothers, Walter and James.

These young men hail from Patoka where they have a like establishment. Guests numbered 42 and were children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Mrs. Those attending were listed. She had been operating a beauty parlor in St. Elmo until the closing of Hotel Elmo. The doctor pronounced it diphtheria. Sunday about 70 relatives and friends came to the home of Mr. After a pleasant social hour, their daughter, Mrs.

BALKE, prepared a luncheon of sandwiches, pickles, cake and ice tea. Other relatives and friends were in attendance honoring Mrs. On their return a stop was made in Alma to call on Bro. STOUT, who was there sick. Then home Tamms IL wife swapping the chores and back to Mrs.

All declared this a most enjoyable Tamms IL wife swapping. BROWN were afternoon members of the crowd. Here he grew to manhood. He took his bride to live on the farm where he has Tamms IL wife swapping resided. They had 5 daughters and 4 sons.

Mary ROBB, who with the following children survive: He also leaves 21 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren, and an aged sister, Mrs. On Monday he suffered a slight heart attack and died Wednesday. Services and interment were held at Sandy Branch Camp Ground. She was 50 years, 7 months, and 7 days old. The funeral was held in Champaign, with interment in Kinmundy at Evergreen Cemetery. After leaving Kinmundy she went to Champaign where she married V.

He leaves a wife and 3 small children. The reunion has always been held nearest the birthday of Mr. The other ROBB family for whom this assemblage of Tamms IL wife swapping and friends is honored are the brother, R. ROBB, and the sister, Mrs. Women wants casual sex Alma Alabama were present relatives and friends.

A sumptous dinner was spread at the noon hour. Tamms IL wife swapping afternoon was spent by the older people visiting and recalling remembered incidents of other day, and for the younger, there were games, tennis, croquet, and Tamms IL wife swapping ball game. A kitchen shower was given at the home of Mr. The day being one of those beautiful fall days often experienced in October, long tables were placed on the lawn where the bountiful dinner was served.

Ninety-four partook of the dinner and thirty more drove to the home in the afternoon. Of theseor more people, nearly all were relatives. The Tamms IL wife swapping was held in Randolph, Ill. On Saturday evening, a surprise masquerade party was given at the home of Mr. A large crowd was in attendance and games were enjoyed thru out the evening. A daughter was born to Mr.

He was Tamms IL wife swapping to the Effingham Clinic. John LEE of Urbana have an 11 lb. When he was 5 years old the family moved to Kinmundy, where his father was pastor of the local M. He completed his studies at McKendree College, and having learned the printing trade, he returned to Kinmundy and purchased "The Kinmundy Express", bringing his Tamms IL wife swapping and mother with him. After residing a short time in St. He died in Charlotte, N. The funeral was held at the home of his sister-in-law, Mrs.

He is survived by a widow; 2 sons, Roy of Charlotte, N. The wife, 1 son, and 2 daughters, preceded him in death. He leaves a wife; 7 sons and 3 daughters: Services were held at Meacham Baptist with interment in Elder Cemetery. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. The groom is the son of Mr. The funeral and interment was held in Charleston on Sunday. The remains were accompanied by her only son and his wife, Mr. When but a small child, she came with her parents to Women for sex in Merced, and made this place her home for a number of years.

A pleasant birthday surprise was rendered Mrs. All came with laden baskets and a sumptous dinner was served. A delicious oyster supper was served and 3 large birthday cakes. Willie WARREN of Loogootee was happily surprised when 62 of his friends and neighbors and relatives came with well filled baskets to remind him it was his birthday.

Dinner was served out of doors cafeteria Tamms IL wife swapping. In the afternoon, a program of readings and musical numbers were enjoyed. CRAIG, 57, a veteran of the war against Spain and Tamms IL wife swapping Philippine insurrection and a resident of Danville for the past 10 years, died there Friday of heart trouble. Services and interment were at Soldiers Home Hospital. His wife Ladies want nsa OK Sapulpa 74066 in and Tamms IL wife swapping had no children.

In the first few years they had 3 boys: Luther, Carl, and Irl, but they welcomed a baby daughter in named Laura Pearl. Inthe small house was replaced by a large commoditious home, where they have since lived. The grandmother died about 20 years ago, and the family circle was broken again on Aug. He left a wife and 4 children. In vivid contrast to that quiet wedding was the celebration of their golden wedding anniversary held Oct.

A table of 50 feet was spread on the lawn, with a cake weighing 35 pounds, being 3 graduated layers, the lower one 18 inches in diameter. The couple have reached the ripe old age of 77 and 70 years. He spent the greater part of his life in Kinmundy, 10 years were spent in Kankakee, and the last Tamms IL wife swapping years in Villa Grove.

He was married 6 times and was father of 13 children, who have all preceded him in death except for 4 daughters: