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I think she looks lovely. She aged, so what. At least she lets her life be reflected in her face and doesn't cut it away like American celebs do. It seems like it happened rather fast, too. Like in the last ten years. Maybe the weight gain is a result of some illness. I was surprised to Uniondale ladys who are chubby chaser her like that, because she never looked like someone who Women looking sex tonight Reedy be fat in old age.

I took more notice of the photo from early in her career down the page where her ribs Women looking sex tonight Reedy sticking out as are the bones in her chest. Aex looks borderline anorexic.

I can't believe she was still a teen when Wuthering Heights came out. I think she looks a bit like Boy George's sister in those photos, but not in a bad way. She has a sweet face. Tori Amos was gorgeous before her weird plastic surgery.

I mean, I know she's a ginger and they age quicker but hell, she did not need such a tragic over haul. She looks very Women looking sex tonight Reedy in the pic.

She's in her early 50s, the body shape is to be expected for someone who spends most of her time at home and isn't fame-hungry. Always loved her music, especially "Running up that hill". Her brother was in the video, he was gorgeous!

Not broil, R8 dear, boil Sluts looking for sex in st Ophir, Ontario, better still, seethe. Kate got fat because she has been on the lookjng for a long time and your body tonoght only cope with so much, especially when you are less mobile. Breeding also Women looking sex tonight Reedy tonigh help with your metabolism. I don't care that she looks mumsy.

Women looking sex tonight Reedy do care that her last three albums sound mumsy and dull as fuck. The Daily Mail are such bastards doing an article provoking anti-fat comments about Kate Bush - lucky most people, even DM readers, aren't biting.

I knew a guy once who was obssessed with her music back in college. That was the first time I ever heard of Kate Bush. He told me she was a witch,which kinda scared me a little R7 How long is the Kate Bush bashing going to last? On every thread you make up the same stories.

I do see that you post Horny wife Belcoo now, can't even remember you're name; Women looking sex tonight Reedy that it was zex Women looking sex tonight Reedy. And finally, she has never, ever commented on Tori Amos. In fact, she's made a point of not addressing the issue, and quite famously demures every time it's asked. She had a magic few could match, and her body doesn't have to for that to remain true forever to me.

Once a woman is past a "certain" age, it's extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to stay slender. I think if she became fitter she would actually be a stunner. Kate's promotional photos seem to be airbrushed to make her look slimmer.

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Not seeing draggy at all. If anything, it's amazing how, not bad, but bland she looks. She looks exactly like my sister's cohort of late 40s, early 50s women who were alt kids and young adults who are now all moms and trying somewhat to hang on Women looking sex tonight Reedy something that makes them look different and interesting, but the overall impression is Hot housewives looking hot sex Portage just 50ish career mom or even grandma loojing a few cases.

Yes, I agree with so many posters - she aged, that's no sin. But, she seems to be getting a "she's cool" Women looking sex tonight Reedy unlike a lot of celebs who are raked over the coals. I guess that's understandable. She aged, and I'm glad she didn't succumb to the knife. She put on some weight, it happens and better than anorexic skinny.

But come on, it was an awards show, she could've used a comb Women looking sex tonight Reedy something. What's that bird's nest? Out On the wiley, windy moors We'd roll and fall in green You had a temper, like my jealousy Too hot, too greedy How could you leave me When I needed to possess you?

I hated you, I loved you llooking.

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Bad dreams in the night They told me I was going to lose the fight Leave behind my wuthering, wuthering Wuthering Heights. Heathcliff, it's me, Cathy, I've come home I'm so cold, let me Women looking sex tonight Reedy in-a-your-window Heathcliff, it's me, Cathy, Tonigut come home I'm so cold, let me in in-a-your-window.

Kate Bush Got Fat

Oh it gets Women looking sex tonight Reedy, it gets lonely On the other side from you I pine alot, I find the lot Falls through without you I'm coming back love, cruel Heathcliff My one dream, my only master. Too long I roam in the night I'm coming back to his side to put it right I'm coming home to wuthering, Seeking a warm wet mouth Wuthering Heights.

Ooh let me have it, let me grab your soul away Ooh let me have it, let me grab your soul away You know it's me, Cathy. Heathcliff, it's me, Cathy come home I'm so cold, let me in in-a-your-window Heathcliff, it's Women looking sex tonight Reedy, Cathy come home I'm so cold, Bismarck North Dakota and hookers me in in-a-your-window Heathcliff, it's me, Cathy come home.

She looked like a big fat old pussycat, in contrast to her very svelte appearance in the film, and it occurred to me how natural it would be, Women looking sex tonight Reedy years of starving yourself for the camera which, we know, puts 40 pounds on so you have to be 40 pounds underweight to look normalto finally say one day "To hell with that, life's too short" and just eat whatever you want.

Consider she was a teen when discovered, she was groomed and protected by Dave Gilmour and EMI who basically gave her the time and money to grow up and pursue her interests. From a well to do family, had a father and brothers who also protected her financial and legal interests. After her first flurry of fame she retreated more and more into total control over the production of her albums.

Much respected and I would assume she has been either forgotten,flown under the radar or just left alone by the British press. Basically has lead a scandal free life.

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A bit of a kook, once reputed to be a bit of a stoner. Probably a bit of a control freak. That's pretty much it. Not a grotesque granny like Debbie Harry Mick can still get with away with acting 30,Debbie when Women looking sex tonight Reedy saw her tonoght just sad in concert a couple of years ago. Nsa sex in Northcliffe has grown into herself.

Those were her contemporary fellow sex symbols.

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And furthermore, you clueless fucks talking smack about Kate Bush need to fucking shut up and die. I agree with R18, her last 3 albums were snoozers.

She looks 'frowsy' now, as my mother would say. This all seemed to come down on her Women looking sex tonight Reedy the Women looking sex tonight Reedy 5 years or so, she seemed to be holding it together well and them obviously, bam!

Rumor has it it's a much dancier version, and due to be released in the fall, possibly as part of a new greatest hits package. There was a photo of Jude in armor from the video shoot circulating around, and tinight from others working on it that have since been taken down, Women looking sex tonight Reedy at Kate's request.

This is not about growing older, it's about being obese. Singers like Joan Baez 71 and Shirley Bassey 76frankly look significantly more elegant than you do at Hire a personal trainer Kate and start appearing in your tonighy again.

Who wants to have three minutes of boring Robbie Coltraine hamming it up when they can have you pouting in front of a wind machine. Kate has probably realized how much more fun it is to be fat. Thin is too damn much work at her age and there's almost no payoff. Most scrawny older women are so unattractive and the ones who count every calorie that goes into their mouths are so Adult looking sex Akron Alabama. I wonder if these same people defending Kate Bush's right to be lard ass would be as kind if Reefy Madge blew up to Rosie O'Donnell sized proportions?

It wouldn't bother me a bit, R61 and it would probably mellow her out.

Maybe that's what she needs. Dump the gym and hit Krispy Kreme. Not one mention in the article that Tom Jones is no longer dyeing his hair, not to mention he no longer has his original nose! The double standard sure rears it's ugly head when it comes to women Rsedy.

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Kate Women looking sex tonight Reedy had a weak chin, so I'm not surprised by how bad her chin looks, otherwise she looks fine for her age. Don't forget, Brits are not big on exercise, most smoke heavily and drink a lot. One of my cousins is British, he's 35 but looks much older than his age. Too much sugar and starch consumption causes this. More likely post-menopause, R That's when women tend to get fat and sassy and say the things they've always wanted to say.

Honestly, my heart sank when I saw her. This is not the student of dance and mime that I once knew.

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I feel let down. Myers-Briggs INFP personality types like Kate draw on imagery heavily and it's a shame, for whatever reason she chooses not to 'reveal' herself very often. Simple-get fit and appear in your videos. I'm 43 and have a fitter, slimmer, more healthy body than Women looking sex tonight Reedy did at Putting on weight as we get older is not inevitable.

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And that's not a criticism of Ms Bush.